Track N’ Field 1/2 NES, SNES NEAT-O!

Track N’ Field 1/2 NES, SNES NEAT-O!



I’ll start off by saying Track & Field I and II are some good games… I skipped the screenshots on T&F I, meaning just providing the one for Long Jump… And splurged on the T&FII Video and in-game screenshots. I mean come on, T&FII had Arm Wrestling, Kayaking, Archery, Clay/Trap, Tae Kwon Do, Fencing, Hang Gliding, Hammer Throw, Steeple Chase, Swimming, Platform Diving, Triple Jump… (Did I miss any?) Regardless, this is the game that made me want to ‘play better’. And by play better, I mean it caused so much heartache, pain and suffering over a ‘silly’ game. That I mark that one day, so many days ago… that I would get better at gaming… Not sure, but I will ask.. Did I convince any of you, convince any of you that I did any more than waste a bunch of my meaningless youth playing such a game? I’m not sure I convinced myself… ((SUPER TANGENT)) Watching the Super Super Castlevania IV Playthrough now… EPIC Konami Game. While we are on the subject of Castlevania, those of you who are Anime fans, check out the Castlevania Animated Series, it’s good. It’s got that Dante’s Inferno Animated Series feeling… at least a similar treatment.((/SUPER TANGENT)) More to come at a later time I guess.

Sit back, enjoy the NES/SNES NOSTALGIA! As usual leave a comment below, let us know what you’re thinking?

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