Sallee Technology llc

Sallee Technology llc

Analytics + Consulting + Development + Technical Support + User Research/Business + UX Design

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A Technology Company offering Web, IT, Design and Custom Works including Private, Public and Commercial ecosystems.


Web Services: Development, Hosting, Domains, Analytics


IT Services: Technical Support, Break-Fix, Consulting


Design: From Digital to Print, A Creative 22 Years Experience


Fine Works: Commercial or Home Installation

Trusted Services and Solutions

In Short, do Web, IT and Creative Solutions

Offering the following services and solutions – Web, UX, SEO, Web Hosting, IT/Technical Services, Analytics, Design, Desktop Publishing.

Give us a call, happy to help. We can cover the holistic process; Simple, Reliable, and Service Oriented
Web Related Services

Web related services: Full Service UX (Low/Fi to Hi/Fi, UI). Offering development services, custom work, CMS (WordPress, Drupal, B2Evolution, WIX), Bootstrap 3/4/5, eCommerce, Social Media/Social Media Management, and Usability.

Looking to improve web rankings, increase visibility and web traffic? We cover SEO/Ranking Influence, Analytics(GA/Web Master Tools, Clicky), Performance/Performance Testing (Selenium, URLFuzz), GMETRIX and more. Same for web hosting! We offer Web Hosting Services, Shared/Dedicated (On-Prem./Cloud) on the on some of our favorite platforms: SiteGround, GoDaddy, IBM Cloud, and AWS. Fully operational backend hosting integrations with cPanel or Plesk. Additionally, we offer Migration and Backup/Restore Services and SSL.

Finally, with more than 20 years Domain Management experience (New/Existing, Subs, Redirects, DNS, CDN – Integrations), Webmail, Redirects, Payment Systems. Utilizing the latest code management and version control on the market.

IT Related Services

From certified technical expertise, systems specificity and more… including a wide range of IT and Technical Services. Professional certified – Apple MacOS/iOS Technician, Google IT Support, AWS Cloud Practitioner, Scrum/Scaled Agile Development Frameworks. Technical Support covers the following system and OS configurations – Systems(MacOS/iOS, Windows, Linus and Cloud), Linux(varietal), IoT & VM Devices(Android, Ubuntu Snap, Raspberry Pi OS, Qualcomm Snapdragon). Additionally, excelling in IT Consulting, Agile Leadership(Scrum, Kanban, Scaled/Agile). For fun, how about edge cases? Looking to cover edge of market cases with drones, electronics and digital media. Follow Us on the web, sign up for our updates below.

There’s a there to unpack, we want to make it fun and easy to work with us… no matter the scale or time. IN THE MEANTIME, like our work on the web… Some accounts are used more often than others. Just a heads up, full transparency… Clearance Jobs (*Profile requires credentials) and Acclaim remain.

Question Everything…

“The Truth Is Out There…” X-Files

The truth is out there… Regardless, if you need help… Give us a call, happy to help.

Happy to walk you through the process; Simple, Reliable, and Service Oriented


Need Creative Talent?

Creative Solutions: Digital, Print and Fine Works

From Logos to Brand Management, solutions to fit your needs.

Give us a call, happy to help. Keep it Simple; Simple, Reliable, and Service Oriented
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Short and sweet, contact us via email… we will be in touch

    Creative Services

    Lastly, let’s cover design services. The full gamut of design services from Desktop Publishing, Digital Email Campaigns, Logos and Brand Development… Check out my work on ‘Explore Projects & Services’.

    We’ve shared a few pieces in the portfolio, a brief body of work in the following manner – Services – Web/Development, Print and Art Work. Our other work extends beyond the printed marketing materials, the analytics or technical consulting. Interested in a piece of art? Assuming interest, my work has been featured in art shows spanning the U.S. from University to Corporate America. Surreal artwork with distinction while ‘on the road’.

    New ‘subject’ photos are being snapped and collected, while building out new collections and creative ideas, local artwork, Gulfcoast Themed – Beach, Weather, Lifeguard Towers, Bridges, Parks and more. New work is great, new ideas, ‘on the hunt’ for new art pieces. Leave me a comment, drop me a line via email, or call! Please don’t hesitate to reach out, connect.


    Lenore Treiman llc + Fortune Meadows Inc + ARBORx Tree Services Inc + Ivy + The Xpat Desk + Supreme Bar Review – Marc Rossen + Gastronics – Bud Duggan + Larry Madorsky & Associates + City Year – Cleveland + NEOUPA (Northeast Ohio Chapter of the International Usability Professionals’ Association) + AIGA Cleveland (The Professional Association for Design) + OHPASCO + Shaker Heights Country Club + University School + Greater Cleveland Lacrosse + Cleveland Demons + Cleveland Lacrosse Club + FIT – Friendship In Teams + Shaker Heights Lacrosse + Nicole Gerami + Talented Young + HCreative Landscaping + Kennedy Lacrosse + RGWay Contracting + Lefty Lacrosse Company + Douglas and the Goodharts + Continental Indoor Lacrosse League + GStorm Marketing + Harvard University Alumni + UCLA Berkeley Alumni + Cincinnati Entrepreneurial Group + OINKPUG + Medicgeek + Clapboard Video + Once, Okay Twice, Garrett’s Restaurant and Railroad Tavern + The Expanded Form + Alexandria Commission for the Arts + Macky’s Bayside Bar and Grill + ORC-Worldwide (now Mercer) + National Cancer Registrars + Special Olympics – Marymount University



    Output – stories, quick snippets of code, shorts… learn about our adventures

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