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Hungry? Prep, cook and service using an Anova Precision Cooker. Work up an appetite while you prep, cook and serve for an all day picnic. Fish, poultry, beef… Anova does it all

Skills test, put the Anova Sous Vide precision cooker to the test… Fish, shrimp, lamb, beef, chicken, pork… pork butt, all in a days time, prepare the feast for the masses or an all day picnic. 2+ pounds or more of our honey glazed, thick-cut bacon, a bbq inspired beef brisket, Italian sweet sausage with all the fixins’… chile, lime and garlic chicken and peppered beef burgers, and simple beef hot dogs. Although time is irrelevant when you’re having fun, new to precision cooking? Start early, early enough that the beef has time to cook, chicken prepped for a final sear; ready the offer prior to ‘game time’.

Typically speaking, a safe, four or five hour window, some of those who have more experience might choose a tighter window. With more experience, more time, the window would be much more refined(smaller). Duration aside, the options are limitless.

Try it all, reduce cooking times on the grill. No need to make a mess around with just the grill or stove top, whichever one you might have. Just be prepared, a precision cooker cooks to perfection. When finished on a hot griddle grill, you are your own chef at home. More on the griddle later.

For now, the feast is prepared, churning out smorgasbord after smorgasbord around that 130 degree mark. Give or take a few modifications, trial test runs… You’ll quickly learn how temperature and duration affect the outcome of your choice of protein or veggie alternatives. See what works for you. The most important thing to remember here is to seal your bags appropriately. Season your entrees with the freshest ingredients you can find, herbs and all the fixings as well. This is a great way to change up how, where and with whom you cook. What’s for dessert?

Can a sous vide precision cooker be used for desserts? More to come.Leave us a comment below, tell us what you’ve cooked via your sous vide.

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Sous Vide

Do You Sous Vide?

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Anova Precision® Series Sous Vide – Have you tried a sous vide machine? We cover the Anova Precision® Series Sous Vide. Say what? Sous Vide? What’s a sous vide? Give the Anova Sous Vide a go. A sous vide, you say? Have you used one yet? We went with the Anova brand sous vide cooker. Specifically the Anova Precision® system with the 16 liter container. (( SHOUT OUT )) @IHR, we got a tip from a local restaurateur (awesome guy, awesome stuff blasting out of the kitchen by the way), the sous vide is a great way to step up your kitchen game. These Anova cookers can be found at your local Anova. Listen, there are days when you need a little pick me up, special sauce; a little kitchen magic if you will… a little magic to whip up something special in the kitchen, and those of us who wish we had some real skills or talent in the kitchen*. The sous vide machine just might do the trick.

Taco proteins – Beef, Chicken, Pork, Fish, Shirmp etc., Briskets, Duck to Corned Beef, you name it, the sous vide does it. The only caveat is time. If you can set aside time for prep, create your entrees and sides, vacuum seal the pouches and done. Generally, we set aside a 30-60 mins for prep, 2 – 10 hours for cooking. This of course depends on the type of beef, we’ve tried the toughest, unfriendly kind and this sous vide machine kicks it’s *#$. Meaning, regardless of the time the meat took a bath, the result is what we’ve come to know as excellent.

We say kick the tires, have at it, the sous vide makes it easy to prep both sides and entrees, heat and cook dishes at an exact temperature. If you want, you can control the temperature home or away with the Anova app (we don’t use it now), helpful when starting down the path of bathwater cooking. Whatever meat, veggie, protein etc. is submerged will be kept at the temperature you want. This beast does it all. If you have time and the patience to learn how this thing works… May be a few cuts of beef or chicken, some cleaned/de-veined shrimp or a breast of duck. 3 easy steps, let the machine do it’s thing… you’re upping your kitchen game from zero skills to an arbiter of food stardom. This machine does require sealed packaging, from zipper bags to vacuum sealed bags – check out Anova’s Vacuum Sealer or Amazon – Anova Sealer.

World Changing for us. Listen, there are many kitchen gadgets, gimmicks, tricks, secrets, family recipes etc. that can spice up your game. We believe this sous vide machine is a long-term investment, and thought you might want to have a go at it too. We did and it made a whole lot of difference. We share a few shots of our kitchen setup, prep gear, finishing and clean up.

*Don’t beat us up in the comments, we are simply stating ‘we’ wanted to be better in and around the kitchen; we needed serious help LOL. So we found some!

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