FAA Flight Over People

FAA Flight Over People

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FAA Training Notice – Notice Number: NOTC1758

Time for some training for you Part 107 license holders… Waiver updates coming April 21, requirements for flight at night and/or over people or moving vehicles still require waivers until said date. However, moving forward waivers and requirements needed additional ‘clarification’. My assumption after a few conversations with the FAA, licensing and testing is set to change here at some point. Additional assumption, licensing might be handled more like boat licensing here in the State of Fl. Class, cert… fly. Let’s see what makes it through as far as updates, updated regs. Not comfortable at this time speculating on what is going to change, how and when. You be the judge!

Side note, we continue to use and test Airmaps as described on Airmaps (lost some forum responses in a purge, hit by a spammer attack, posting below), FAA’s Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) B4UFLY App, FAA DroneZone, ring the ole’ FAA tele or email for clarification. Fairly straight forward.

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Airfield Bound

RC Airfield

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Airfield Bound – PH4V2 FIXED

Fixed Gimbal, freshly removed from the DJI packaging and repacked for the airfield… Airfield BOUND! Re-posted. Nice to see the drone back in working order, taking to the sky again. Must do, need to put the drone through its paces…

I don’t normally call out manufactures content or help videos, however, added a few drone shots, The Reveal, Panning, Orbit and Overhead Flight. DJI has nice article on drone shots, and how you might incorporate those shots into your flying arsenal.

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Fresh Flying Day #


Gimbal Issues, Gimbal Motor Replacement

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Back To The Field FIXED

Airfield day is here… After 25+ days or so, received this beaut in the mail. A package arrived with some sense of anxiety. What was fixed? How long would it take to get the drone fixed if this didn’t get fixed the first time? What was added to my drone? Is this my drone, or some other drone? IS THIS MY DJI P4ProV2, and is it in working condition… are the gimbal, gimbal motors fixed. Will the gimbal motors fail again? I hope not, cause it is field day.

Update to come, will include video of the airfield, highlight different maneuvers and views. Or just check the above post… Also a repost.