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On The Bench – TH2

Back from the airfield, part 1… what a day, got the TH2 out/up in the air no problems. The landing and the flight was another story. Damage report, minor issues:

  • 2 LED strips out, severed
  • Antennae, severed
  • Power lead loose (+positive lead)
  • Burned/malformed poly frame
  • Fix – clipped and prepped for new wires, new led strips, new poly frame ordered, replaced antennae, re-soldered leads and shrink wrapped wires were applicable.

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EMAX TH2 EMAX Antennae Resolder 2 EMAX Antennae Resolder 2 Actively Soldering Antennae Solder Power to Engines Prep Work, Prepping Wires for Resolder Actively Soldering LED Prep, All corners prepped LED Resolder

Airfield Bound

RC Airfield

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Airfield Bound – PH4V2 FIXED

Fixed Gimbal, freshly removed from the DJI packaging and repacked for the airfield… Airfield BOUND! Re-posted. Nice to see the drone back in working order, taking to the sky again. Must do, need to put the drone through its paces…

I don’t normally call out manufactures content or help videos, however, added a few drone shots, The Reveal, Panning, Orbit and Overhead Flight. DJI has nice article on drone shots, and how you might incorporate those shots into your flying arsenal.

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Fresh Flying Day #

FRSky Taranis Q

Taranis-‘SAURUS’ QX7S ((ROAR))

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Time well spent over at the @GetFPV shop located in Sarasota, Fl. Always appreciate the help, good people and endless options for drone hobbyist/enthusiasts. After a few clicks, a few questions and some tinkering around… Added the @FrSkyRC Taranis Q X7S + Hall Sensor Gimbals to the drone arsenal.

Punchline – After dropping the remote, bummer… added a new switch, pretty easy switch remove/replace. Plus this particular model has the Ni-MH charger, so no need to remove the battery pack to charge. Handy, reduces ‘accidents’ or my case just a simple recharging. Again, a bummer… but it was good to get under the ‘hood’ and fix the switch. If you need to tighten or loosen up the gimbal pressure clips, you might crank on those while the cover is off.

Goal: price, serviceability, scalability – 1 to many, (fixed wing, hybrid – FV-31 Cypher micro quads including the @emax_usa TH2, 2 x @emax_usa TH S). Perhaps there are other Diatone Cinewhoop, tiny whoops or quadcopters you might bind to this remote. Have at it!

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Cover On Taranis Q Blown Top, Internal Guts of the Taranis Q

CompTIA 901/902

Test Time, Check Out CompTIA Digital

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Testing Time, get out the books, cramp for that test, come on… Let’s get after it.

@CompTIA, got to love study time… Need to brush up on your tech skills, want to dive into R? I do, a good day consists of computer challenges, terminal line commands, while sprinkling in a little R or Python? Sticking to the storyline, if your looking for A+ exam prep books… give CompTIA a chance.

CompTIA I CHOSE YOU! Quickly, although the article is old, the content is not outdated. Below you’ll find a screenshot of the various forms of discounts and how you can take advantage of those offerings. For the specifics, please check out the CompTIA Discount Blog post from Aug ’19.

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CompTIA Coupons

Borg Housing

Borg2Borg Lego Board Containment

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Lego Board Housing by Borg2Borg

Need to start our own @LEGO_Group. Anyone? Anyone? The goal of the group? Lego + Tech, bring the two together… Those of you who enjoy SciFi or StarTrek? You might appreciate the Borg references. So, Legos… IoT boards… BAM! I want to introduce the #starTrekBorg, #theBorg.

Although small, the Lego BORG housing takes the cake. Literally, this is my version of the BORG spaceship. This one, this particular BORG housing holds two IoT boards, both the @Raspberry_Pi #RPi4 And @Qualcomm #Snapdragon410C. Including a picture of the original Snapdragon case by Arrow – SnapDragon. Two, if you get a chance, look at the touch screen housing as well Arrow – Touch Screen Housing…both devices are running the latest version of Ubuntu IOT OS. Now, I can flash/re-flash Android and Ubuntu if ever needed. Pretty cool.

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Borg Knows Bo Battle Borg Battle Borg SnapDragon Arrow Case

Flight Test

Flight Test

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Fixed Gimbal, flight test sequence begin… need to put the drone through its paces…

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Gimbal Issues Fixed - Flight Test with New Lens Reveal - Lens On Landing Pad - Takeoff


Gimbal Issues, Gimbal Motor Replacement

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Back To The Field FIXED

Airfield day is here… After 25+ days or so, received this beaut in the mail. A package arrived with some sense of anxiety. What was fixed? How long would it take to get the drone fixed if this didn’t get fixed the first time? What was added to my drone? Is this my drone, or some other drone? IS THIS MY DJI P4ProV2, and is it in working condition… are the gimbal, gimbal motors fixed. Will the gimbal motors fail again? I hope not, cause it is field day.

Update to come, will include video of the airfield, highlight different maneuvers and views. Or just check the above post… Also a repost.

Other Lego ‘Side’ Projects

Workshop Side Projects On The Bench

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Repost – On The Bench with the Lego Tablet Base

Re-post, similar to the Gimbal repost (had to repurpose some content, goal was to better utilize material posted in various places around the web). So, I’ll start with the Legos®… Gotta love Lego®.

  • Situation – think fast, tablet housing. Need a handsfree, desktop friendly table housing.
  • Challenge – build a tablet housing (landscape orientation only) to house an iPad. Regardless of what model or make, we had an iPad, make something that will work in 5 mins.
  • Accessible materials – Legos®, Toothpicks, Pipe cleaners, various
  • Go!

In short, we were looking for a quick solution, accessible materials – allowing for various solutions, an iterative build process, and tabletop/desktop friendly. Additionally, the new iPad/iPad case purchased separately did NOT come with a handy, integrated stand. This too will be a future piece of content. Perhaps we can review a few cases which have integrated stands. Recommendation, I may… the Brenthaven.

Moving on, this case didn’t have any resemblance of a stand. FACT: Buyer remorse, buy a tablet case with a stand. Ideally, we should’ve purchased this case CASE. In conclusion, we had a few bins of Legos laying around the workshop, Voila! Presto! We have ourselves a fully functioning tablet stand/base (See Above). First edition in all its glory. There were other iterations, second and third iterations were canned due to instability and number of Lego bricks used… The forth iteration, coming soon… we will reduce the number of bricks used and adjust screen angle so that we can compensate for various viewers/users. Last, but not least, the featured Lego Housing needs to allow for both portrait and landscape viewing and charging cord integration.

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DJI Gimbal Grumble

DJI Blunders, Days Wasted Away

#DJI #GimbalGrumble #GimbalTroubles

Diagnosis, bleak…camera, camera gimbal inoperable, the 45° gimbal tilt, right of center is a known issue coming out of the factory…

Gimbal alignment, gimbal motor trouble(s). So, I thought I would re-post this ‘dm’ which included a 24+ day duration from workshop-to-DJI and back.

Keep in mind, ‘repair days’ are only calculated as ‘days in repair’ when the device is received by a DJI facility here in the US (CA? Maybe) or abroad (** the total # of repair days do not include ‘in transit’ days and not included in the UI status tracker **). Bummer! What malarkey! Good to know now folks! Yes, from a customers perspective, this was a nightmare. ‘Hey, we don’t count the time it take to and from customer to DJI and back, sorry about that…’ Also, assuming most of you, me included, we just don’t have a second Phantom 4 ProV2 just laying around the shop. Say, something like a defective gimbal, defective gimbal motor(s)? Moreover, a brand new drone was shipped back to DJI for repair. A nightmare I would prefer to not have again.

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Power Down DJI PH4 Repack For Repair - DJI PH4


Night Flight – EMAX TH2 Unboxing & Test Flight

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Unbox – TH2

Pulling this off the ‘heap of old’ posts, archive posts if you will. While looking over now decommissioned social media posts… thought I would share the (( GEM )), here is the EMAX Tiny Hawk 2 unboxing from early ’20.

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EMAX TH2 Night Flight EMAX TH2 Parts EMAX TH2 Night Flight