Conflict of Nations: WWIII


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CoN:WWIII – Conflict of Nations World War III is the new app on the street, our street… team up with a friend, make a friendly coalition and conquer the US or the World; long and short (4 hour) games available.

As usual, games are not at the top of the list, but when they do hit my list… it’s on. I’ve teamed up with the Ivy to conquer the world. This is my second go around, where Ivy has been going strong for weeks if not months. More on Clash of Clan shortly, I was just looking for a long term, Stratego type game wrapped up into a quick, easy to use war game. By the way, you can play more than one game at once, I’ve got two going at once now, one in the US as a long-term game and world as a short (4 hour). Give it a go, check out the game play photos below.

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