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MIGs, TIGs, Power, Power Supply… MIG’s | TIG’s, Power and More. Lighting axe? Lighting weld? Choose Lincoln Electric

Are we plugging the Lincoln Electric Pro 140? Yes… Specs screenshot below… The 120 volt, 140 amp MIG Welder? That we are. Now, pricing has changed, market availability, all the non-sense… But we are sticking to what we’ve been recommended here. I would say we are ‘large stock newbies’ when it comes to welding anything. And I mean anything. Crazy right? So, the question, with anything new… What is the best product for a large variety of steel stock, what’s the cost, what’s the warranty? I mean literally we could go on for days… So, what would you recommend? We are putting something out there for your feedback? What say you?

The Ask: Welding both MIG and TIG, complimentary plasma cutter? (Mitre Saw review to follow) What is easier to use, stick welding or auto feed welders? We need it all!

We may try a new series on welding, mitre saws and power supplies, specifically for more cumbersome jobs, scaling up -electronics to heavy stock steals… probably third quarter ’22. Stay Tuned.

As usual leave a comment below, let us know what you’re thinking?

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