Hosting 101 – Endurance ((Fail))

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Hostgator now Endurance

Hostgator owned by Endurance is not your same old hosting service

Horrible experience a year ago now, had to purge just a ton of PHPBB users, spam comments, PHPBB ‘fake users’ and restart a forum. Two, setup a few payee users, this allows for multiple payees on the account and lastly, had to An official PHPBB reset, following . Getting to the heart of the matter, PHPBB took a ‘dive’ for the worse. Being a longtime Hostgator patron for years, literally 14+ years… and 3rd time around, support is moving from generally bad to the depths of horrendous. CC payment portal, ‘billing’ doesn’t work, i.e. example, “payments for/by different payees doesn’t work” as intended. Not that a business wants to be in the habit of or paying on ‘behalf of’ payees, from time to time months would pass without a charge to the payee”. Time to right a wrong, up the ante some would say. Poor customer service caused further delay, service managers, ticketing system malaise; the whole bit. Ending this piece with, “Buyer Beware”. All seems to be falling apart over at the new Endurance co. Nevertheless, be aware…

Normally, we don’t encourage skipping services or tools, price might just be the defining factor when it comes to your hosting provider or hosting choice. Do your research, look for partnerships, ownerships, ‘overlords’ and you might think twice about Endurance products. Bogus. Be aware.

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