WORKHORSE – Nokia 3310 3g

Nokia 3310

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Backup Phone – Nokia 3310

#Samsung #S10+ lost to the world of damaged goods, to the land of lost ‘warez’ and broken devices. Video helps to explain various issues with the phone… And, yes, that is the flickering screen or what remains as usable screen. Although this is a rarity, got to give #BestBuy a ((** SHOUT OUT **)) not accepting new ‘squad requests’ B.S… However, the device is under warranty, remains under service warranty and that particular coverage extends out beyond 06/21. So time will tell. In the meantime, running the workshop with the old Nokia 3310, relying on a #barebones #3g #workhorse.

In the meantime, Nokia it is… phone backup to follow. Check out the used phone market, lots of choices assuming you know what to buy and not overpay for something out of ‘want’ vs ‘need’. Just saying, in this case we need to go with usability and toughness over latest or new.

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