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Quickly, within this section you will find clients and customers in the more recent past, with specific needs from consulting to full re-design, back-end development and database work. In short, a list of specific services and support provided:

Website Design (Low-Fi & Hi-Fi) implementations, Development, CMS, eCommerce
UX, SEO/Ranking Influence, Social Media Management

Payment Systems – PayPal, Stripe

Web Services & Hosting, Shared/Dedicated (On-Prem./Cloud)

cPanel, SSL-Certs, MySQL DataBases, phpMyAdmin, Domain Management – New or Existing, Add-on Domains, Sub-Domains, Redirects, Name Servers – DNS

Webmail, Redirects, and Back/Restore Services

HostGator, SiteGround, DreamHost, GoDaddy, IBM Cloud, and AWS)

Long-Term Relationships

Although a full list of clients and services can be presented upon request, we wanted to tease a few notable clients, highlight on-going partnerships and the day-to-day work building those longterm friends, family, relationships, brand loyalty and concierge level service. Please reach out, let’s work together to find a solution for you and your needs.

Commercial, Public and consulting contract customers will also be shared upon request… We’ve represented single-person entities, small businesses, Global Corporate Fortune 50 businesses and Public services. Privacy is of great importance for our current and recent customers accordingly. Special thanks to the following personal friends, business entities and organizations abroad. Lenore Treiman + Fortune Meadows + NBRAN Framework + Lynch Family Ventures + Harvard University Alumni + Sarasota Tsunami Swim Team + The Pedal Militia + Berkeley Alumni + Douglas & The Goodharts + Supreme Bar Review + The Xpat Desk + CILL + Cleveland Demons + Kennedy Lacrosse + Lefty Lacrosse + Greater Cleveland Lacrosse + RGWay Painting Contractor + Sallee Farms + Beachwoodlegal.com + NEOUPA + AIGA

Shifting To The Web

Device Agnostic Approach, Hub/Spoke Model, Holistic and Iterative Development

Shifting to some of our web clients, let’s cover the digital assets and ever-changing web

Support Long Term Goals and Relationships

Below solutions are covered which highlight some of our offerings e.g. design, development, Domain Management, Hosting, Backend Work, etc.

So, see web examples below… looking for something specific? Please reach out, happy to discuss.


Lenore Treiman

Web • Print • CMS Content Management System • eMarketing Email Campaigns via Constant Contact • Business & Marketing Analytics • Hosting • Webmail • SEO Search Engine Optimization – Google Analytics, Webmaster • Performance Testing – Page Insights, GMetrix

UCLA CAL Berkeley

UCLA Cal Berkeley

Web • Flash – Flex Animation • Web Payment Services – Donations

Presented at the annual Alumni weekend celebration, this one being the 55th iteration of the reunion and alumni weekend festivities. Work included figure heads, prominent UCLA students, faculty, administration and more. All working together to make UCLA what it is today with financial support from alumnus, past, present and future classes to come.



Web • TWBS3 Twitter Bootstrap V3 • CMS Content Management System • Business/Marketing Analytics • Hosting • Webmail • SEO Search Engine Optimization – Google Analytic



Web • TWBS4 TWBS4 Twitter Bootstrap V4 • TWB Guide • Business/Marketing Analytics • Hosting • Webmail • SEO Search Engine Optimization

Lefty Lacrosse

Lefty Lacrosse

Web • Hosting • Shopping/eCommerce • CMS Content Management System • Payment/Donations • Analytics

Lefty Lacrosse, local business, bringing gear to the show, Lefty Lacrosse gear combined with a coordinated effort to share new teaching methods, gear and integral game play; gear, teaching methods, and game play.

Douglas & The Goodharts

Douglas & The Goodharts

Web • Social Media • Marketing • Hosting

Following the latest EP drop, DTG was looking to utilize a single-source design approach, delivering dynamic content both on the web site, social media and print. This omnichannel offering highlighted in-show media, tour dates, live show mix-media content, new music, music archive and more.

CI2L – Continental Indoor Lacrosse League


Web • Pro/AM Box League • Hosting • CMS Content Management System • DB Database Management • Social/Traditional Media(print • Marketing • Analytics.

This highly anticipated virtual or online league website was all that and more. While competing with juggernauts like Sports Engine, Team Unify (now subsidiary of Sports Engine), the league site brought live play, game clips, in-game video, marketing across ownership/franchisees, media and league updates. A push to present real-time content, pertinent location information and gametime(real-time) stats; a preview of what’s to come and archival for those items in the past.

This was an important, evolutionary step for the governing body, the organization including the introduction of new franchise opportunities, teams, communication stability across league resources management teams/leadership and inter-league play. This was the go to broadcasting platform spanning the intercontinental governing body, players, refs and fans both here in the US and Canada abroad.

Kennedy Lacrosse

Kennedy Lacrosse

Web • Hosting • Webmail • Social & Traditional Media • Marketing • Analytics

Local lacrosse business looking to advertise beyond local media paper limitations, expanding that new lacrosse business virtually both with a social media presents and website. The business focused on young athletes with a high-energy, high-rep plan, steps to execute, while delivering results on the field and in the classroom.

Shaker Heights CC

Shaker Heights CC

Web • Membership/Amenities Management • CMS Content Management • POS Point-Of-Sale • Membership/Payment System • Hosting • Social Marketing/Gorilla (less Traditional) Media • Marketing.

SHCC survives today, the club was looking to modernize ‘relations’ with club membership. Funding was secured and placed on club growth which included new amenities, POS point-of-sale system (which included club membership, management and amenities). All relative to a broader club initiative of club growth. These enhancements were not limited to the enhancement of the club, the golf course, pool and surrounding forestry improvements but structural improvements as well.

This omnichannel approach, boosted club involvement both onsite and within the virtual space of personalized club offerings – Golfer membership, Family etc.). All club enhancements and membership directives specific to maintaining that ‘old world feel’, refined improvements, amenities tied to that experience while being brought into digital structure across the club; an experience unlike no other, traditions steeply rooted in the rich history and traditions of the city, the club, it’s people and club membership.


Supreme Bar Review

Web • PHP(Backend) • eCommerce/Shopping Cart. A crowning achievement for Sallee Technology in partnership with Supreme Bar Review.

Supreme Bar Review remains the premiere bar reference resource both in print as reference materials, online lectures, tutoring options and workshops all within one learning platform. Owner, operator was looking to market the site differently while operating multiple parent and child sites concurrently, driven by WPD, PHP, plugins and eCommerce solutions for online book sales, reference materials, workshops, lectures and videos noted above… again, all encompassing.

This was a great time of growth, moving the traditional ‘reference materials’ and book products online while offering more dynamic resources, in-person learning opportunities with a more versatile, global, consumable product offering; second to none, solidifying the only source for bar examination preparation, study guides, lessons and more.