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Below, you’ll find a collection of various works, including Web, Development examples, Fine Art, Design, Mix-Media and more. Please use the “MEDIUM JUMP” (StarWars® reference) navigation to jump section-to-section if you so choose.

Offerings, Collaboration, Connection

New to the site? Second time through? Third time? Might we make a suggestion… We cover Acrylics, Oil, and Mixed-media first. Web, Web Development, IT Services second and lastly, graphic design, logos, press kits, etc. The ‘Medium Jump’ will get you to where you need to go. Go ahead, ‘Jump’ ahead.

Happy to field questions, answer specific questions on style, vision and/or types of problems/solutions that might be pertinent to your work. Like the style? We are happy to share what we can, e.g., use of color/color theory, space, dimension etc.. Are you interested in something net-new? How might we help?

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Quickly, one more item to note. While we do highlight work no longer available for purchase as it has been sold, donated, lost etc. We’ve cleverly marked ‘unavailable’ work with a slight opacity change and made a note indicating the piece is ‘unavailable’. Next, this doesn’t mean we can’t replicate or reproduce the piece in some form or fashion if necessary! If you’re interested in a particular piece online, please call us. Be sure to like us or share a comment; you get the picture, right!

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Anyhow, use the Medium Jump to find specifics, skipping the lines…

Acrylics, Krylon, Mixed-media, Oil & Pencil/Marker/Pen

Work is posted as it is created, similar to the comments mentioned above. However, if something peaks your interest, or you’re interested in a new piece for your office or home living space? Works can be recreated, net-new etc. Additionally, if you are interested in a piece of work or would like to use our services for a new project… Reach out, connect with us via phone, social media or email.

IN THE MEANTIME, follow me on Linkedin, like our work on the interwebs… Some accounts are used more often than others. Just a heads up, full transparency… (duh duh dunn) Instagram and Facebook are no longer utilized, just the site and Linkedin.

For a full listing of artworks available, please reach out. The works below are in no particular order, or based on availability. Most are acrylic, pen and ink and mixed media. Very few oil paintings remain. Also good to note, a few are not stretched, where most are no longer under-glass. Take away, there are pieces available for purchase… where others have been purchased, bartered, lost or burned. Way of the world I guess, please call if you have questions.

Systems Within One A Nomads Journey Thinking Of You Tigers Eye Through The Clouds The Great, Alexander '98 Sunset Series Sunset Series Aircraft Stationary Aircraft Stationary
Carrying Water Just Over There Backline &  Buttocks Amongst The Trees W/O Pearls Annuals As A Muse Squares Squares radio 0101
Clockwork Clockwork Gig Flick Pieces Of A Nautilus Shell Of A Nautilus Movement Structure Together - Series Together - Series Alpha Standard
Fall Trees - Series Fall Trees - Series Fall Trees - Series Fall Trees - Series Winter Trees - Series Winter Trees - Series Hand Study Spring Warmth Warmth Spring Warmth
One's Self One Who Emerges Water Reeds Island Sunset Pelican Study Pelican Study Pelican Study Pelican Study Pelican Study Tile Me Sea

Web, Development, UX, SEO, Analytics & Hosting etc.

Quickly, within this section you will find clients and customers in the more recent past, with specific needs from consulting to full re-design, back-end development and database work. In short, a list of specifics might help here to cover what we can do:

Website Design (Low-Fi & Hi-Fi) implementations, Development, CMS, eCommerce
UX, SEO/Ranking Influence, Social Media Management

Payment Systems – Paypal, Stripe

Web Services & Hosting, Shared/Dedicated (On-Prem./Cloud)
cPanel, SSL-Certs, MySQL DataBases, phpMyAdmin, Domain Management – New or Existing, Addon-Domains, Sub-Domains, Redirects, Name Servers – DNS
Webmail, Redirects, and Back/Restore Services

HostGator, SiteGround, DreamHost, GoDaddy, IBM Cloud, and AWS)

Lenore Treiman

Lenore Treiman // Web • CMS • Marketing • Analytics • Hosting • Webmail • SEO – Google Analytics, Webmaster, Clicky • Constant Contact

UCLA Cal Berkeley

UCLA CAL Berkeley // Web • Animation • Payment/Donations UCLA Alumni

Douglas & The Goodharts

Douglas & The Goodharts // Web • Social Media • Marketing • Hosting


CI2L // Web • Pro/AM Box League a• Hosting • CMS • DB • Social/Traditional Media(print • Marketing • Analytics

Although we don’t provide a full list of clients and services, here are a few notable clients: Lenore Treiman + Johnny Mouradian – AILA + Harvard University Alumni + Brian Wood + Berkeley Alumni + Douglas & The Goodharts + SHCC + Supreme Bar Review + The Xpat Desk + H Creative Landscaping + Once, Okay Twice + OHPASCO + CVLC.com + Cleveland Demons + Kennedy Lacrosse + Lefty Lacrosse + brandonsallee.com + rarerave.com + Greater Cleveland Lacrosse + Nicole Gerami llc + FIT.com + RGWay Painting Contractor + Sallee Farms + Beachwoodlegal.com + Shaker Heights Lacrosse + Talented Young + NEOUPA + AIGA Cleveland

Kennedy Lacrosse

Kennedy Lacrosse // Web • Hosting • Webmail • Social/Traditional Media • Marketing • Analytics

Lefty Lacrosse

Lefty Lacrosse // Web • Hosting • Shopping/eCommerce • CMS • Payment/Donations • Analytics

Talented Young

Talented Young // Web • Portfolio/Artist Affiliate • Hosting • Webmail • CMS • DB • Payment/Donations • Analytics

Shaker Heights CC

Shaker Heights CC // Web • Membership/Amenities Management • Hosting • Social/Traditional Media • Marketing

Supreme Bar Review

Supreme Bar Review – Exam Prep // Web • Backend/PHP • eCommerce/Shopping Cart

Design, Desktop Publishing and More

Check out the additional design work below. Please share feedback, any feedback besides the spam we might get on a week-to-week basis! We love hearing from you! Finally, we are always on the hunt for new clients, reengagements, products, services, areas of opportunity and growth. Leave a comment, drop us a line, call! Brings back fond memories. (( Joking )) Please don’t hesitate to reach out, connect with us.

Sallee Farms The Xpat Desk Nicole Gerami llc Giftherd GiftSimply BudgetFree Kennedy Lacrosse Lefty Lacrosse SHCC
NCRW Once, Okay Twice The Expanded Form The Expanded Form Acoustic Guitar Series Acoustic Guitar Series Garretts Railroad Tavern Brighton Road Spaaaah