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Web, UX, SEO, Hosting, IT/Technical Services & Analytics

Design, Desktop Publishing, Subject & Aerial Photography

Web Related Services
  • Full Service UX (Low/Fi to Hi/Fi Web Design, UI, Full Implementation)
  • Development, CMS (WordPress, Drupal, B2Evolution, WIX), Custom, Bootstrap 3/4, eCommerce, Social Media/Media Management, Usability
  • SEO/Ranking Influence, Analytics(GA/Web Master Tools, Clicky)
  • Web Services & Hosting – Shared/Dedicated (On-Prem./Cloud):
    • Hosting Services Experience – SiteGround, DreamHost, GoDaddy, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, AWS Web Services
    • CPanel, Migrations, Back/Restore Services, Site Security (SSL)
    • MySQL DB, PHPMyAdmin, Domain Management (New/Existing, Addon, Subs, Redirects, DNS, CDN – CloudFlare Integration), Webmail, Redirect services, Payment Systems (Paypal, Stripe)
    • AEM, ALM, Git, HP Quality Center, Atlassian, MS Dynamics, Pivotal Tracker
IT Related Services
  • Certified Professional – Apple MacOS/iOS Technician, Google IT Support, AWS Cloud Practitioner, Agile Development
  • Technical Support – Systems(MacOS/iOS, Windows, Linus and Cloud)
  • Linux(varietal), IoT &amp VM Devices(Android, Ubuntu Snap, Raspbian, Qualcomm Snapdragon)
  • Consulting, Agile Leadership(Scrum, Kanban, Agile)
  • Passion for Electronics, Drones and Digital Media
Creative Services

Check out our work on ‘Explore Projects & Services’. We are always on the hunt for new clients, building loyalty with our existing engagements, exploring new products and services (implied areas of opportunity and growth). Leave us a comment, drop us a line, call! Please don’t hesitate to reach out, connect with us.

Additional Work and/or Other

For a full listing of design, artwork and other creative services check out ‘Explore Projects & Services’. Works are presented in no particular order, however we cover logo design, print/advertorials, acrylic, oil, pen and ink and mixed media. Very few oil paintings remain. Also good to note, a few are not stretched nor under-glass. Take away, there are pieces available for purchase… If something peaks your interest, or you’re interested in our work for the office, home office or living space, please see what we have available! Additionally, if you are interested in a piece of work or would like to use our services for a new project… Reach out, connect with us via phone or email.

IN THE MEANTIME, like our work on the web… Some accounts are used more often than others. Just a heads up, full transparency… Clearance Jobs (*Profile requires credentials) and Acclaim remain.