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Shout Out – Lockpicking Lawyer

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The LockPicking Lawyer remains high on the list of tubers I watch on a month-to-month basis. Sometimes weekly or even daily. Depends of course on how long it’s been since I last viewed videos producted by the LockPicking Lawyer. I’ve not seen all the videos just yet, but definetely worth a few videos before you get ‘hooked’. Opinion, The LockPicking Lawyer top of the list, as part of my list of lawyer content creators on the interwebs – Rekieta, Law of Self Defense, Outdoor Boys(Luke is now a full-time Youtuber), I believe he is no longer practicing, however, Luke was a DUI attorney in the VA/DC area).

Starting with the LockPicking Lawyer, he covers just a ton of locksmithing stuff, tools – some self-made while others are industry standard, an indepth lock analysis, an insiders look at locks, locking mechanisms, how-to and the ‘safety’ one might provide. The list goes on and on, which is why I wanted to cover his content first. May be we will roll out a ‘Law Content Creators’ series where we can cover the online phenomon of law-tube. For now, and with all intense and purposes, the LockPicking Lawyer, his shop – Covert Instruments and now adding nearly 18k subs on Rumble – LockPicking Lawyer.

We’ll keep this one short as the LockingPicking Lawyers offers hundreds if not thousands (1400), 2 – 3 min walkthroughs, product overview, the ‘action’ to bypass a locks defense, his takeaways/thoughts;a sharp, quick video with a purpose. To me, it’s still ‘magical’ like an illusionist, to watch him work. It’s like street magic, I recommend the ‘cut away’ videos. I’ll wrap the post with a comment on the cut away series(not a great teaser, as there is probably a better description for a detailed look at the internal structure of a lock), the LockPicking Lawyers offers an inside look at a locking mechanism by cutting away metal, housing or wite materials might contain the locking mechanism. Very cool. This helps to demistify the illusion and see the talent this guy has when ‘picking’ a lock. Also, check out the tools over on Covert Instruments, as mentioned above; very cool offerings. Get yourself some swag, Covert Companion tools or Lishi tools. Check out the great deals over on Covert Instruments.

If you would like to learn more about the law content creators* (*all bs aside, thick skin required – as we would cover the full gamut) – Rekieta Law, Law of Self Defense, Law and Crime, Good Lawgic, Legal Mindset, DUI Guy, OutDoor Boys, LegalBytes, and/or Cold Beer Confessional. I’m sure there are more, again, it would be opinionated, coming from a good place, don’t hate the messenger.

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More Online Videos?

More Online Video Content?

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Would you be open to seeing more videos presented here? More content creators, more games, more learning opportunities; more video content? Share below:

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Scales, Guitar Mechanics, & Tabs

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Need scale work? Check out Steve S. or Justing S for basic guitar work, scales, music theory and advanced guitar session work.

All joking aside, the guitar has been a bear for me… 12 notes, sharps/flats, whatever that means. I’ve spent some 17 years trying to learn. Unfortunately, a majority of those years were spent sans guitar. I will admit, as tough is that is, it might have been a good idea to invest in a music teacher. But, since guitar ownership was never in the cards… Since then, guitar in hand… I’ve been using @GuitarZoom – @SteveStine and @JustinGuitar. Interested? If so, here is a look at one of my favorites for fretboard work.

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Sandercoe – Justin Sandercoe

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Guitar Lessons Online

A classic YouTube offering, YouTuber, guitar lessons online via Justin Sandercoe. (( SHOUT OUT )) to Justin Guitar… I’m sure there are far more to note here, but here are few I’ve been watching, trying out while tinkering around with my acoustic guitars. Of course, one of those videos shares a few tips on smoothing out the neck, waxing the sound box/body for SG’s (solid guitars) and others are more posh, vintage guitar history. In the next few months, I’ll post more videos, stories regarding my investigation into guitar building, tips/tricks and whatever else I can find amusing.

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