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HamRadioExam – Technicians License. Those of you looking for Ham Radio study guides, licensing questions, study help etc. go no further… give Roy W.’s app HamRadioExam a try.

Although time seems to fly by, need to find time to study, test and pass this exam. Also, as with most secondary actions or things you might ‘want’ to do, don’t continue to push off the testing… Try the Ham Radio Exam App – Technician License for yourself. With a swipe of a finger, test your knowledge, take practice tests and practice quizzes on the side. Clash of Clans, Conflict of Nations WW3 aside… most of our time has been practicing for this exam. Overkill? Maybe, but like many certifications, licensing, there are times when you just need to know the basics. In this case, Ham Radio operators have to take a greater responsibility with their hobby per say. Why? The FCC fines…

Let’s start with ARRL membership, not needed… but have a look before you dive into the FCC licensing funnel. Anyhow ongoing testing is worth the days, weeks or few months to master the knowledge base required to pass your exam via HamRadioExam – Technician License now. Just took a peak at the local exam schedule – ARRL (Amateur Radio Assoc.) for our own testing time. More importantly, if you have not started the process, start here on the ARRL site, learn why you should earn your Ham Radio License.

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Learn & Apply

Learn & Apply

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Finally, Learn & Apply… What was your hypothesis, how did you test? What did you glean from your test results? Did you retest and test again? Do you need to test again?

Or is it time to apply those finding and make that change. Does it sound this simple? It does and it is. You, your business, your people, your brand can make a change. We start with a ‘doable’ change, we test… we test until testing is no longer needed. We learn from the behaviors, test results and analysis and apply those things to your change.

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On to our fifth message, this message is around ‘testing’… Test, test and retest. Retest as many times as you can; adjust your hypothesis, adjust your trajectory of change. Then we learn & apply our findings.

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Be Creative – Hypothesis – What’s Next You Ask?

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Fixed Ideas Need New Ideas, New People; New Solutions. Thinking inside and outside the box, critical thinking, deep learning, all skills customers alike feel that their voice is being heard.

We like this form of brainstorming, storming, testing and finding a result. Results are for another topic, thinking about what you want to do with your business is key. We want to have big ideas… building on big ideas and provide great solutions with

Representing our brand with a variation or spin on the scientific method is just another ‘way to cut the cake’… You’ll want to change, where do you start? How do you start? Who will do the change etc. etc? The point here is you have to change, when its time start with something you can change; small or large. You have to put it to words, this is why hypothesizing is key. So, change or not to change? Question might be at what cost, risks and benefits do we earn by making this ‘doable’ change? What costs are we deflecting by modifying this ‘doable’ change?