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Solder Kit //

Workstation 101
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Our pro-setup, solder kit and all; does the job… We’ve got a #Weller (soldering/welding) tool, #Jakemy (device care kit) #RedHatSticker brought to you by RedHat/IBM (once an IBMer, always I guess. ((Shout Out)) to #JimWhitehurst and the #RedHat Cloud folks. Working with those folks was a joy, #openSourceTechTitans). Included, a few spools of #Harris (solder), Rosin Core .062″ made in the US. Last but not least, #curvedHemastat, #SolderPad, coffee fix from #heartroasters, and various electro-tweezers



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Back from the airfield, part 1… what a day, got the TH2 out/up in the air no problems. The landing and the flight was another story. Damage report, minor issues:

  • 2 LED strips out, severed
  • Antennae, severed
  • Power lead loose (+positive lead)
  • Burned/malformed poly frame
  • Fix – clipped and prepped for new wires, new led strips, new poly frame ordered, replaced antennae, re-soldered leads and shrink wrapped wires were applicable.

EMAX Antennae Resolder 2
EMAX Antennae Resolder 2
Actively Soldering Antennae
Solder Power to Engines
Prep Work, Prepping Wires for Resolder
Actively Soldering
LED Prep, All corners prepped
LED Resolder