Cut & Fit EMAX FC

Cut/Refit: EMAX & Flight Board

Re-Solder Emax THS
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Thought I would follow up the previous post with a few more shots to cover the disassembly process, cut/solder, refit and test flight. Again, soldering/replacing EMAX AIO FC… Here are the photos…

New Parts - EMAX THS & TH2
Compare EMAX THSs
Un-screw Drone PC frame
Cut/Add Connection to Board
Re-Attach New Power Connector w Battery Carrier

Barbones Torch

Barebones Torch //

#SideProjects’s #BarebonesTorch #Flashlight //

Side Projects – Working on this little widget… cleaning up some old solder welds… #reskilled. Thought I would put a little video together, something simple, little and it lights up the room. A torch? Flashlight requirements – 2 large paperclips, D battery, flashlight bulb and two solder points(a. solder two paperclips together b. one on the negative side as a larger touchpad). Simple right?

Barbones Torch 1
Torch 2
Torch 3


Hacker-A-Thon (2)

#AirfieldFodder #TinyHawkFodder #SolderingSham #Solder_101//

Back from the airfield, part 2… practice makes perfection. Not in my case. Soldering these nano/micro drones takes serious patience. However, got into some trouble, minor issues:

  • 2 LED strips out, severed
  • Antennae, severed
  • Power lead loose (+positive lead)
  • Burned/malformed poly frame
  • Fix – clipped and prepped for new wires, new led strips, new poly frame ordered, replaced antennae, re-soldered leads and shrink wrapped wires were applicable.

EMAX TH2 Flight, LED resolder
LED ReSolder
LED ReSolder 2
LED ReSolder 3