New ’22 Merch

New Midyear Merch

Worth the wait… production times remain a factor

New Sallee Technology LLC Merchandise

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We’ve been busy, new for this year, we’ve got new drink ware, throwback snap-backs, fitted dark-camo and spring/athletic caps. Full zip fleece jackets and polos with pockets.

Drinkware options are about 2 weeks out – design, production and shipments around the corner. We’ve got the Yeti® Ramblers – 10 (10oz) and 20 (20oz). Two, The Game® collegiate hats are due by the end of ~September (depending on which user portal status holds true). Great throw-back hat option, Polos and Columbia® Fleece outerwear are a week out; sew outs are also in production now. We’ll get some gear pictures up here shortly, but in the meantime, we are at the mercy of time i.e. production, inventory and logistics… Stay tuned, We will post an update with pictures shortly.

Sneak peek up in the post featured image section… Call for details, sizes, quantitities etc.