B.B. | The Thrill Is Gone //

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Where are you BB fans out there, love Blues? How about a little “Thrill is Gone” by BB for ole’ time sake? What’s your fav BB King Song, Album, Concert? Are you one of those fortunate to have seen BB and Lucille? Anyway, ((Shout Out)) to this Blues Legend.


Crossfire //

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Nothing like a little Steve ((Stevie)) Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble show… Of course, I would have to imagine a live Double Trouble show. Unfortunately, I was not around for Steve’s Blues Rock shows nor was I able to hear more than a tribute played by his brother Jimmie V., Eric Clapton and Gary Clark Jr. at the RR_HOF Induction ’15. May not be your cup of tea or Gentlemen’s Jack #JackDaniel’s. However, you can appreciate this legends ability to rip an @fender. #SRV Music Lives On #rocknrollhalloffame