Borg Housing

Borg2Borg Board Containment

Lego® Borg Board Housing
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Need to start our own @LEGO_Group. Anyone? Anyone? The goal of the group? Lego + Tech, bring the two together… Those of you who enjoy SciFi or StarTrek? You might appreciate the Borg references. So, Legos… IoT boards… BAM! I want to introduce the #starTrekBorg, #theBorg.

Although small, the Lego BORG housing takes the cake. Literally, this is my version of the BORG spaceship. This one, this particular BORG housing holds two IoT boards, both the @Raspberry_Pi #RPi4 And @Qualcomm #Snapdragon410C. Including a picture of the original Snapdragon case by Arrow – SnapDragon. Two, if you get a chance, look at the touch screen housing as well Arrow – Touch Screen Housing…both devices are running the latest version of Ubuntu IOT OS. Now, I can flash/re-flash Android and Ubuntu if ever needed. Pretty cool.

Borg Knows Bo
Battle Borg
Battle Borg
SnapDragon Arrow Case