Samsung Galaxy S215G

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Our S21 Experience – More performance, less pain to privacy with optional dual sim card capability. Choose wisely young Skywalker; Pain-to-Privacy, Cost-to-Performance, our take on the matter.

Update* The decision was changed, while the S205G over iPhone11/iPhone12/S21/S22 idea worked in theory… The reality here is dual sim cards are a ‘go’ on S10 and S22, not on the S20. Quick U Turn here as the s20 swap takes place, swapped out for the S21. Ultimately, the choice is the standard size, S22+ or Ultra not an ideal size for our needs. Again, the device is not the latest, nor the greatest; it’s the best for our needs.

Galaxy Series 22 | 22+, here is the comparison page that’s nice to started with –
S Model Comparison – 22 Ultra, 22+ and S21

After many, many, many months of testing; many… retesting and learning more about eSims or electronic sim cards, allowing for us to maintain ownership of the latest software, hardware etc. Again, ultimately pulling the ripcord based on performance/cost and decided on the S21…. better battery life than the S10 (w dual sim option or hybrid sim option allowing for multiple numbers on a single device), 5g cellular service, upgrades to the hardware – display, camera, when comparing other S Models, None Samsung devices – Pixel, Xperia, iPhone and other Samsung models like the Flip or Fold. S Model remains affordable in tough device saturated market, top of it’s class as far as usability, user experience, control, privacy* and blot…

Moving onto the ROI, comparable ROI in the market when comparing price/performance. An *asterisk on privacy, goal is to maintain/secure the device as much as possible without relying on Samsung, Google or other third party hacks to maintain security. A lot of work, but worth the pain/privacy ratio.. this pain/privacy is quickly becoming the ‘elephants in the room’.

Anyhow, check out comments, do you research… iOS 16 is out now, good luck!

WEBP Format

Search Engine Optimized Assets

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Google WEBP Image Format – Reduce image ‘weight’, search friendly; WEBP assets. Need more from the WEBP folks, Google? It’s not a one size fits all, some browser compatibility issues as you can imagine.

Working on the site, performance specifically. Almost finished, but still more to go. More pictures are coming, more stories, more trouble… however, conversion is next inline in a long line of backlog items. First, we recently groomed up ‘picture conversion’, and there we are on the backlog. #FFFFF or #FormatFilesForFutureFandom, has a nice ring to it… Like any backlog ‘debt’ it was time to cut the rope, move away from PNG’s and JPG’s where we can, pulling the images forward. Hopefully we can gain some speed, increase performance while taxing services less as we move into 2022. Of course, you too can have a look at site performance and benefits of a conversion effort, here at PageSpeed Insights. One of many Google Dev tools used in and around our work as part of an ever growing tool kit.

The use of 5f’s #FFFFF here, it’s reminiscent of our days of old… A constant reminder, that reminder that we love what we do; the question becomes this: if you don’t love what you do, today is a chance to change it!

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