COLETTI Bozeman Camp Pot/Perc

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Big fan of my camp perc., used for everything coffee. Lifetime guarneeed. If your looking for a simple, no fuss coffee pot, look no further. We throw out the old Keurig, what a mess… The COLETTI percolator was the answer and has been now for a little under the year mark. Simple 5, 7 or 9 cup pot, stainless, no friles, glass perc. top. THE MOST IMPORTANT PIECE OF THIS CONTRAPTION! That makes this campPerc a go anywhere pot you might need in the office, outdoors or on your next campsite. This pot has been primarily used indoors, stove top, making no less than 9 cups a round. Of course you might choose the 12 cup for a few dollars more, ~$45 bucks w tax/shipping etc. Check out the link via Amazon –

We know, we know, not another appliance type gadget… Give this thing a try, you will not regret the purchase. We’ve used it nearly every day since the original purchase sans the days between perc glass top replacement. Seriously, one pot to rule them all. This is the one, the COLETTI Bozeman 9cup Coffee Pot Percolator. It’s fantastic, fire no problem, simple cleaning, easy care/maintenance… beats the auto coffee maker.