Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!

NES Punch-Out! (( IRON MIKE ))

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IRON MIKE – Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!

@SummoningSalt No words; childhood pain… SummoningSalt rips through this classic, Just Awesome. No #GameGenie or code book here. Side note, I only beat this game a handful of times maybe a few more. I don’t recall the issues with the other “Punch-Out” games in the series. But this game was and still is awesome. I just remember thinking, what is this? Who is Mac? Mike Tyson? What a game! Additionally, @SummoningSalt Punch-Out! is at 4.77M views or more by now. YouTuber doesn’t get knocked down until Sandman, some 11 characters deep in the game ~16:50 min mark. The Tyson bout starts around the ~19.19 min mark.

@SummoningSalt, great content, see more like this one over on the channel. Checking out the Mr. Dream bout as well.

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