Lego Base Mod(s) #2

Workshop Side Projects (2)

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Lego® Base Mod update… it’s been awhile since I’ve posted any information or updates on the tablet/device base, so here it is base mod 2.

  • Situation – think fast, tablet housing. Need a handsfree, desktop friendly table housing.
  • Challenge – build a tablet housing (landscape orientation only) to house an iPad. Regardless of what model or make, we had an iPad, make something that will work in 5 mins.
  • Accessible materials – Legos®, Toothpicks, Pipe cleaners, various
  • Go!

While base mods are for prototyping only, we recommend getting your hands on the Brenthaven.

Pulling this content forward, second edition accounts for ‘tipping’ and/or stability issue, number of bricks, screen angle and orientation. Issues, devices would tip or fall forward/backward depending on how the user might set the device. Reduced a few bricks, however most were repurposed as support columns or ‘feet’ which helped acute screen angles. Moving forward, mod features portrait and landscape viewing. Caveat, charging cord need was nixed, user will have to set the tablet down when charging or charge in landscape only. There will come a point, at some point, we will include a charging cord mod down the road.

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2nd Edition Lego Base Mod

Lego® Train Depot

AF Train Depot

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BOOM! Lego® Train Depot

Lego® Train Depot, always good to have Legos handy… especially since this train has a big smoke stack and weird oblong, unstable shape. Most of the time, the ‘casing’ was upside down where the electronics are housed.

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