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#Elon #SpaceX Back in SPACE Sat. 5.30.2020. Sharing a little venture across the FL peninsula to the Space Coast. We had a chance to see #spaceX #NASA back in the game here on US soil. Great to be apart of it from a distance, if only for a brief min…

(( SHOUT OUT )) spaceX/NASA Return to Space here on the Space Coast. We will keep our ears and eyes peeled for other launches in ’20 – ’21 and beyond.

Need My Space //

Need My Space //

NASA - Need My Space

Re-post, move in process, still moving items over from various websites and social media etc. Obviously, sticking to the basics here, coffee, coffee and more coffee… Thought this would go nicely with the more recent SpaceX | NASA launch here in the states. Plus, the coffee cup is simply massive, rather large compared to the ‘norm’ coffee cup. I would argue, argue that you buy one today… or tomorrow. But, I digress.

Also, please see below. See there, right here(pointing to the stack of books)… near the bottom of the cup. The Stand, Stephen King… Tommyknockers, Stephen King… Added a few more books to the collection, The Stand, Tommy Knockers, It, Shining, Doctor Sleep, Insomnia… (more)