Gimbal Issues, Gimbal Motor Replacement

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Back To The Field FIXED

Airfield day is here… After 25+ days or so, received this beaut in the mail. A package arrived with some sense of anxiety. What was fixed? How long would it take to get the drone fixed if this didn’t get fixed the first time? What was added to my drone? Is this my drone, or some other drone? IS THIS MY DJI P4ProV2, and is it in working condition… are the gimbal, gimbal motors fixed. Will the gimbal motors fail again? I hope not, cause it is field day.

Update to come, will include video of the airfield, highlight different maneuvers and views. Or just check the above post… Also a repost.

DJI Gimbal Grumble

DJI Blunders, Days Wasted Away

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Diagnosis, bleak…camera, camera gimbal inoperable, the 45° gimbal tilt, right of center is a known issue coming out of the factory…

Gimbal alignment, gimbal motor trouble(s). So, I thought I would re-post this ‘dm’ which included a 24+ day duration from workshop-to-DJI and back.

Keep in mind, ‘repair days’ are only calculated as ‘days in repair’ when the device is received by a DJI facility here in the US (CA? Maybe) or abroad (** the total # of repair days do not include ‘in transit’ days and not included in the UI status tracker **). Bummer! What malarkey! Good to know now folks! Yes, from a customers perspective, this was a nightmare. ‘Hey, we don’t count the time it take to and from customer to DJI and back, sorry about that…’ Also, assuming most of you, me included, we just don’t have a second Phantom 4 ProV2 just laying around the shop. Say, something like a defective gimbal, defective gimbal motor(s)? Moreover, a brand new drone was shipped back to DJI for repair. A nightmare I would prefer to not have again.

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