AppleTV 4K, MagSafe Battery Pack

AppleTV 4K, MagSafe Batter Backup

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Update: AppleTV 4k

Running an older AppleTV 4K to compliment the 4k monitors; time for an upgrade. Today is that day… I’ve decided to update the office AppleTV to AppleTV 4K so to match resolutions, color etc via dual screens, used as separate displays. The purpose, MBP has some shortcomings, as you may or may not know, first is the limitation of dual-monitors or multi monitors NOT Apple branded. Again, a new limiation per say, not sure why this might be the case; you might be able to guess. So, I’ll leave that to your imagination or decression to suss out. The goal really is to use the new (4K) version so that I’m not required to adjust resolutions 3840 x 2160 over multi monitors (more than one) while reducing resolution/reducing pixel space via MBP settings for desktop views, apps, windows etc. That said, the new MBP still needs some work, I will be frank… I’m not a fan of the limited HDMI connections without Apple specific dongles or Apple Monitors. Ultimately, I need to do something about this at the hardware level while desiring to run dual screens without Apple branded screens, monitors, tv’s. Again, this is self imposed limitation without dongles. Unfortunately, I’ve tried multiple dongles or HDMI extender hardware/software without issue. iCreate products have their own limitations, screen observations etc. meaning Apple OS updates create software problems by iCreate device for months… when the idea is simple, simply run multiple screens, as separate screens with the same resolution. More on the AppleTV 4K to come. In the meantimed, let’s cover the MagSafe Battery Pack

Trips, Travel in your near future? Tired of shorterm battery usage, removing apps and settings to preserve battery life? Add a Apple Mag Safe Battery Pack. I(we) added the Apple Mag Safe for long-term battery needs, away from the office, travel, to the store… This is a great idea for those of you running ‘hot’, you know, those of you running Netflix, Peer to Peer Gaming etc. those kinds of things while not tethered to a wall jack. Let’s start there, buy one… I’ll give you my final ‘verdict’ in a couple weeks, check back soon.

As usual leave a comment below. Have feedback on the MagSafe Batter Pack? Apple TV 4K, MBP? Let us know what you’re thinking?



Apple iPhone 12, Work Phone Upgrade

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Need an upgrade? Make the jump, follow along with our own iPhone8/iPhone11 upgrade – iPhone 12

Let’s start with this, no, the need didn’t meet the demand for an ‘upgrade’ per-say… this is more about keeping up with the other Apple products in house. Want/Need ended up being more of a test like anything else… Don’t judge the messenger here, simple cost/benefit, over want/need, So, the choice was made to go with the newer iPhone 12. Not the latest, but newer than the iPhone11. Here is the meat and potatoes; with a recent move to the SG215g for our personal ‘stuff’ it was time for a work update. That said, the move was set forth, the Apple iPhone 12 was in-hand just before the hurricane…

Not ideal, but I’ll make it short. A need to do work, work phone needed an upgrade… As stated above, iPhone 11 to 12 was a quick and dirty upgrade with it’s problems. The goal was to buy a hardened, newer device, keeping it old school, bare minimum, limited data share, no health or home IoT software etc etc with the iPhone 8. Might be the best phone made by Apple by the way. Don’t let this lead you astray, I’ve used the iPhone 8 since it came out for work, travel etc. never let me down. Thus the high mark. This is pre 10 and the XR garbage with AI/Face AI not a fan, at least this is our thought.

Making the jump from 8 to 11 was a good jump sans Apple Bloatware – Health, Homekit, Siri (again, very annoying to have bloat-ware on the platform) now iOS requirements. Short-term feedback processing power, better screen time, hotspot support and what seems like manageable privacy/security ‘settings’ provided to the user. Seems like this device is always on, sharing data which in my mind is not a good thing. More power, more is better; to do what? And does that benefit the customer? This iPhone 12 is our work option, couldn’t justify the move to the 13 or 14.

As usual leave a comment below, let us know what you’re thinking?

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Apple Mouse

The So, So-Magical Mouse

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Work mouse; and more on it’s back up/EDC Logitech M525, cause the Apple Mouse has been all but useless at times

Welp. It’s time to finally share a few things about the Apple Magic Mouse… First of all, we love the design, slimline, usability (like touchscreen gestures and the like). Second, it’s got a nice weight to it, not to light and certainly not to heavy. The problem that we are having, after a few hours of work… we have to stop everything and charge the device; and we have to do it more often lately. I’m not sure of any bugs or ‘battery’ issues, but it’s a world of pain when you have to charge it. SO, as we are charging the Apple Mouse at this very instant (seriously, I’ve got the Logictech mouse on, clicking away… Thirdly, we got the Magic Mouse – Multi-Touch Surface a few months back and are increasingly learning to not want to use it. Again, love the gesturing, touch surface options, but every 8 hrs I’ve got to plug this thing in. What about the next 4 to 6 hours? We are talking paperweight for a good 1.5 hrs while the device charges up.

Onto the M525, no gestures, just a plain Jane type of mouse… bluetooth/usb, heavier I’m assuming cause of the batteries and a handy little internal storage area for the usb dongle when not in use. It’s got a wheel, laser for tracking and it works. It’s a stalwart of a mouse and remains in my EDC bag/desk for work.

Final Thought, if you want to over spend on an Apple mouse, get the trackpad, skip the mouse… always carry a secondary pointer device in a pinch. We do, and that is the Logictech M525. Buy one today…

Charging the Magic MouseC Logitech M525 Wireless Mouse

iPad Mini4 – Screen (Digitizer) Swap

iPad Mini4 – Screen Swap

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Digitizer Swap

A glimpse under the hood, check out the iPad Mini 4 screen/digitizer replacement timeline. From tape to power-up, quick 20-30 mins and done. Please note make sure you remove the power flex connector first, and not the screen/digitizer flex connections. We placed a follow up picture in the timeline showing the preferred tools and method when removing those flex connections. Also, the button assembly housing, home button… be precise, caring for that button/button assembly housing and connections will go along way.

  • Packing Tape
  • Heating Element – Water Based, or Heat Gun
  • Pryor triangles
  • Suction Cup/Pry Clamps
  • Tech Screwdriver set
  • Curved Tweezers
  • Pressurized Air
  • Anti-static Wipes

Let us know what your thoughts are, ~20 mins start to finish. If you have issues, trouble or run into a snag. Give us a shout, as we are happy to help!

As usual leave a comment below, let us know what you’re thinking?

iPad Mini4 - Screen 
Swap iPad Mini4 - Screen 
Swap iPad Mini4 - Screen 
Swap iPad Mini4 - Screen 
Swap iPad Mini4 - Screen 
Swap iPad Mini4 - Screen 
Swap iPad Mini4 - Screen 
Swap iPad Mini4 - Screen