EMAX TH2 Unboxing & Test Flight (night flight)

Base Mod 2
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Pulling this off the ‘heap of old’ posts, archive posts if you will. While looking over now decommissioned social media posts… thought I would share the (( GEM )), here is the EMAX Tiny Hawk 2 unboxing from early ’20.

EMAX TH2 Night Flight
EMAX TH2 Parts
EMAX TH2 Night Flight

PH4ProV2 Drone Shots

Views, Shots and Maneuvers

PH4 Flight Test - Overhead
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New Drone, new gear, ‘ENGAGE’ (Cap. Jean-Luc Picard)… StarTrek Fan? No? Look it up. Pushing the drone through it’s paces…

PH4 - Air Strip Front View
Air Strip, 75% View
RC Flight - In Flight
Flight Test - Flight Deck
Air Strip, Up in the Clouds
PH4 Overhead

Kung Fu ((( YES )))

Kick & Punch, Beat ‘Em Up

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@NintendoComplete (1M views) Known as Fu around these parts. Not the other, let’s keep it clean… (( Shout Out )) @NintendoComplete coming through for the series again. Never could’ve, never would’ve won this game. Still in my Top 15 NES games. For nothing more than a reminder just how awesome 80’s Karate/MMA was in the US. Again, for a beat ’em up game you kick, sweep kick, jump kick and punch, fairly simple. Watch out various insects, knife-throwers and ceiling crawlers. At times this game can be tedious a painful reminder of arcade button-smashers. makes quick work of Contra… It’s been sometime, may be 10+ year or so. Might have caught a game or two in college, may be… since I’ve played Kungfu or played myself. Might be one of my top 3 of 10 NES games of all time. Honestly, the video is pure gold… and it pains me to say it, I was never very good at Kungfu, which is probably why it sits on my Top NES games of all time *for the games I had the privilege to play growing up.

Don’t forget to check out @NintendoComplete, the YouTube Channel and more. Without content like those shared here, historic gameplay/memories would just be that; memories. Click subscribe, use the bell ‘thingy’ for notifications for all these channels… do what you can to help out content ‘creators’, ‘YouTubers’, ‘Gamers’ (whatever you want to go as).

Kings Collection

King | Doctor Sleep, Dark Towers, The Stand and Joyland

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Unplug, unless you use Kindle, Kindly App, Apple Books etc., we choose paper when appropriate. In this case, snagged Doctor Sleep via the Kindle app. The others are paperback (Mass Paperback)… recommend the book for future reading or passing a book along to someone else. There is wide range of tales, phenomenons, scary stories, haunting short stories etc. in the collection. Enjoy.

By no means is this our collection, there are plenty to go around… some 150 some books, need to get 11//22/63 on the short list of ‘to-do’s. While there are others, that may not make the ‘to read’ listing, either because of the content of the book, age of the work or just lack of interest. There are a few we just wrapped up, not all inclusive but we’d like to pass along – Insomnia, IT, Tommyknockers are currently on the reading list, while the Billy Hodges Series, Cycle of The Werewolf Illustration/Graphic Novel, Institute, Colorado Kid, Later, Elevation, Saloms’ Lot, The Button Box series, have been moved over to the ‘read/re-read’ column. Last comment, Stephen’s work is not for everyone, that’s for you to decide; however, after so many years… his work continues to drive our fictional interests.


Learn & Apply

Learn & Apply

Learn & Apply
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Finally, Learn & Apply… What was your hyphothesis, how did you test? What did you glean from your test results? Did you retest and test again? Do you need to test again? Or is it time to apply those finding and make that change. Does it sound this simple? It does and it is. You, your business, your people, your brand can make a change. We start with a ‘doable’ change, we test… we test until testing is no longer needed. We learn from the behaviors, test results and analysis and apply those things to your change.



Test, Test and Retest
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On to our fifth message, this message is around ‘testing’… Test, test and retest. Retest as many times as you can; adjust your hypothesis, adjust your trajectory of change. Then we learn & apply our findings.


Hypothesis: Change Or Not To Change?

Hypothesize = Change Or Be Changed
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Representing our brand with a variation or spin on the scientific method is just another ‘way to cut the cake’… You’ll want to change, where do you start? How do you start? Who will do the change etc. etc? The point here is you have to change, when its time start with something you can change; small or large. You have to put it to words, this is why hypothesizing is key. So, change or not to change? Question might be at what cost, risks and benefits do we earn by making this ‘doable’ change? What costs are we deflecting by modifying this ‘doable’ change?



Going Wayback
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We go, way, way, wayback… Check out your business, your online presense, what the web is to your customers. We do, by using the Wayback Machine we constantly look for new, innovative ways to represent our clients vision, this requires research. What better way, then using the Wayback Machine. We use this in as a form of humor, but more about learning from your past. Look into what failures might be and turn those into to wins. We look from within, in this case circa 2000 internet… We used simple, effective tools, to communicate, operate and compete. Sound simple? Simplify.



Partners - Find A Fit
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Partners; why partners? As the second message of our foundational message, we welcome new partners and celebrate our past; we evolve from garage to startup to small business. Someday we welcome the next step, whatever or whenever that may be. Until then, we encourage you, today, right now… try something new, test your business strategy to fit and finish. What can change? What is considered low hanging fruit or easy change max benefit, limited expense vs limited benefit, max expense…

There is something there, right there in front of you that which can be tried. Try something today. We did, and we thank those who have been advocates of ours for many years. We celebrate our early freelancing business partners, Justin Davis with Davis and Sallee Design Ltd., Sallee Corporation clients in our teen years and the Sallee Technology folks earned today. We also want to recognize those who came before us, those who make this possible everyday. Those who provided the vision, a strategy and a never quit business strategy, NABRAN Enterprises, Inc. Soon we will hope to launch an effort, 501c3 to help others in need.

Thank you.



Growth - Grow Today
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We chose growth as our first of 6 foundational messages; growth is the possibility of change. Inspire growth, try something today, right or wrong, there is growth to be had. Doing something with a CBA (Cost-to-Benefit) driven backlog is leading by change, scalable and ever present in a growth oriented, ‘next step’ business.

What is odd about growth? Anyone can grow, change or improve. We use a rather well known method for improvement, ideally we learn from both the scientific method, acknowledgment of failures and empirical evidence. Nothing new, nothing transformative from a business model perspective, we find successful change is steeply rooted in change, change based on what you know today; empirical evidence.

There are boat loads of studies, years management courses and years of learning to implement, work and excel in any one for the 15 flavors of Waterfall, Agile, Agile At Scale, Scrum etc etc. why so many? Yes, we recognize systems do require scaling from garage to enterprise. But, we beg to ask why? Why so many variants? The answer is simple, making a system fit your organization… Could be bad, good and down right ugly. Hire the right people, require skills beyond tasks to be completed, team members own work and complete work – hypothesize, test, learn and apply. Is it that simple? Yes, we think that it is.

Lastly, we think there is a pragmatic approach to incremental change or in this case incremental growth. Again, we will always say failures are terrible, but the difference here is the learning piece. Yes, if you fail and don’t learn; then yes it’s truly a loss. The sliver of light is the change that can come out of the the learning regardless of perspective. We think that is the micro-growth needed to improve your business no matter what size, level or challenge.

What problems can we help you solve today?