BurmPy & R

BurmPy & R

Burmpy Landing
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Mentioned a few weeks back, almost seems more than a month ago now… we have a few things ‘on the bench’ i.e. work bench; burmpy.com and our R Programming deep dive.

No need to get out the pitchforks for this Burmese Python. As our educational series goes, we want to add Python and R to the mix. These two languages are ‘on the bench’ now, meaning we are adding to the site every day. One of which, both will be available via our Github site “borg2borg” – burmPy and RProject. Caveat, ((good news)) we’ve started to convert burmPy to it’s future ‘home’ in our educational series burmpy.com. This entity will also carry on the TWBS Bootstrap testcase, using Bootstrap v.5. So, more to come on that in the coming weeks/months. Keep your eyes pealed.

More pictures are coming, please excuse the mess… shifting a our Github code and ghists are always available, unfortunately, working in the background to finish Burmpy screenshots, cleaned up and prepped for consumption.

Burmpy Next Step
Burmpy Github
rProject - 10.18



ASCII Code Guide
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ASCII Characters and Binary code…. got to love this stuff. Back in the day, we (I) would spend hours creating the best ascii art there was to offer. Days of the past, I know. But still, fun while it lasted. Here’s a listing of all the characters and binary codes to make your next pic of ASCII artwork. Don’t be shy, don’t keep your ASCII art to oneself!

RAW ASCII (has spacing issues, we know… #$#$@ browser… may repost if it doesn’t work)

Oh, and before I forget, we aren’t talking about ‘ascii’ generator artwork… we are talking the good, the bad and the unusual character art. My personal fav is the local “Skunk Ape”, “Grassman” or “Alien ‘Big Foot’ Hunter”. Just a few I recall from back in the day. Rules were broken below when ‘creating’ these ascii images. ((SHOUT OUT)) to the artist who converted these TUX and Dwight images to ASCII. The TUX ‘piece’ may need to find it’s way onto a t-shirt or hat.

Dwight from The Office

Oracle VBox – Virtual Appliances

Virtual Appliances, VImages, VDI’s, ISO’s

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Oracle Virtual Box, get it now… assuming you’ve not run into a time when you needed a system other than the one you might be using, stuck with or have issues running native apps. VirtualBox is a great place to start. Make sure you scope out the latest and greatest virtualized products… Ideally, it’s a great ‘virtual’ appliance to have around the old shop, run VDI’s – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or ISO – Copy (of the) Optical Disc Image. Stumbled across an article about this prior as I’ve written about this before, when testing other OS, OS Variants, Solutions, Drone Flight sims, Flight Configs etc. Believe you me, this Virtual Box stuff comes in handy when testing for just about any and all compute/browser combinations. In our case, we like the Oracle product for non Windows needs, Boot Camp covers Windows environments pretty well. We will cover those another time, but for now check out this handy https://virtualboxes.org/images/ link for OS options. Your choice – BSD, Fedora, Linux Varietals and more. Other image offering can be found here:These OS Boxes Linux Images.

REMEMBER DO YOUR HOMEWORK, check what’s there, it may take many, many, many try(s) to get this stuff to work in an optimal fashion but you’ll get it soon enough. Testing is key, Donate where you can!

A few other notes, I’m sure you have your own process, but we use Virtual Box for lots of stuff*… testing, games, browser ‘wars’, IoT stuff* and more stuff*. Below you will find a few screenshots of Virtual Box and MS Remote Desktop. The goal was to cover as many systems, device varieties, OS images and tools… Always remember, just have fun. Next, please note, since the screenshots were taken/shared, we’ve added Virtual Box to MacOs, running a litany of ISOs. Those can be found here, included for your convenience! We certainly enjoy using this method for just about anything. Last point, these virtual environments can be used for IoT testing (please see posting Debian Buster) starting with the Ubuntu IoT ISOs.

Boot Android Image
Android Image At Startup


COLETTI Bozeman Camp Pot/Perc

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Big fan of my camp perc., used for everything coffee. Lifetime guarneeed. If your looking for a simple, no fuss coffee pot, look no further. We throw out the old Keurig, what a mess… The COLETTI percolator was the answer and has been now for a little under the year mark. Simple 5, 7 or 9 cup pot, stainless, no friles, glass perc. top. THE MOST IMPORTANT PIECE OF THIS CONTRAPTION! That makes this campPerc a go anywhere pot you might need in the office, outdoors or on your next campsite. This pot has been primarily used indoors, stove top, making no less than 9 cups a round. Of course you might choose the 12 cup for a few dollars more, ~$45 bucks w tax/shipping etc. Check out the link via Amazon –

We know, we know, not another appliance type gadget… Give this thing a try, you will not regret the purchase. We’ve used it nearly every day since the original purchase sans the days between perc glass top replacement. Seriously, one pot to rule them all. This is the one, the COLETTI Bozeman 9cup Coffee Pot Percolator. It’s fantastic, fire no problem, simple cleaning, easy care/maintenance… beats the auto coffee maker.