Conflict of Nations: WWIII


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CoN:WWIII – Conflict of Nations World War III is the new app on the street, our street… team up with a friend, make a friendly coalition and conquer the US or the World; long and short (4 hour) games available.

As usual, games are not at the top of the list, but when they do hit my list… it’s on. I’ve teamed up with the Ivy to conquer the world. This is my second go around, where Ivy has been going strong for weeks if not months. More on Clash of Clan shortly, I was just looking for a long term, Stratego type game wrapped up into a quick, easy to use war game. By the way, you can play more than one game at once, I’ve got two going at once now, one in the US as a long-term game and world as a short (4 hour). Give it a go, check out the game play photos below.

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Ham Radio Study

Use The HamRadioExam App

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HamRadioExam – Technicians License. Those of you looking for Ham Radio study guides, licensing questions, study help etc. go no further… give Roy W.’s app HamRadioExam a try.

Although time seems to fly by, need to find time to study, test and pass this exam. Also, as with most secondary actions or things you might ‘want’ to do, don’t continue to push off the testing… Try the Ham Radio Exam App – Technician License for yourself. With a swipe of a finger, test your knowledge, take practice tests and practice quizzes on the side. Clash of Clans, Conflict of Nations WW3 aside… most of our time has been practicing for this exam. Overkill? Maybe, but like many certifications, licensing, there are times when you just need to know the basics. In this case, Ham Radio operators have to take a greater responsibility with their hobby per say. Why? The FCC fines…

Let’s start with ARRL membership, not needed… but have a look before you dive into the FCC licensing funnel. Anyhow ongoing testing is worth the days, weeks or few months to master the knowledge base required to pass your exam via HamRadioExam – Technician License now. Just took a peak at the local exam schedule – ARRL (Amateur Radio Assoc.) for our own testing time. More importantly, if you have not started the process, start here on the ARRL site, learn why you should earn your Ham Radio License.

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Law Content Creators

Share Your Opinion On Law Content Creators

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Would you be open to learning more about law content creators? Share below:

More Online Video Content via YouTube, Rumble, Bitchute, Twitch, etc.

Stepping out the shadows, a poll should help… Do we want more law content online?

The LockPicking Lawyer

Shout Out – Lockpicking Lawyer

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The LockPicking Lawyer remains high on the list of tubers I watch on a month-to-month basis. Sometimes weekly or even daily. Depends of course on how long it’s been since I last viewed videos producted by the LockPicking Lawyer. I’ve not seen all the videos just yet, but definetely worth a few videos before you get ‘hooked’. Opinion, The LockPicking Lawyer top of the list, as part of my list of lawyer content creators on the interwebs – Rekieta, Law of Self Defense, Outdoor Boys(Luke is now a full-time Youtuber), I believe he is no longer practicing, however, Luke was a DUI attorney in the VA/DC area).

Starting with the LockPicking Lawyer, he covers just a ton of locksmithing stuff, tools – some self-made while others are industry standard, an indepth lock analysis, an insiders look at locks, locking mechanisms, how-to and the ‘safety’ one might provide. The list goes on and on, which is why I wanted to cover his content first. May be we will roll out a ‘Law Content Creators’ series where we can cover the online phenomon of law-tube. For now, and with all intense and purposes, the LockPicking Lawyer, his shop – Covert Instruments and now adding nearly 18k subs on Rumble – LockPicking Lawyer.

We’ll keep this one short as the LockingPicking Lawyers offers hundreds if not thousands (1400), 2 – 3 min walkthroughs, product overview, the ‘action’ to bypass a locks defense, his takeaways/thoughts;a sharp, quick video with a purpose. To me, it’s still ‘magical’ like an illusionist, to watch him work. It’s like street magic, I recommend the ‘cut away’ videos. I’ll wrap the post with a comment on the cut away series(not a great teaser, as there is probably a better description for a detailed look at the internal structure of a lock), the LockPicking Lawyers offers an inside look at a locking mechanism by cutting away metal, housing or wite materials might contain the locking mechanism. Very cool. This helps to demistify the illusion and see the talent this guy has when ‘picking’ a lock. Also, check out the tools over on Covert Instruments, as mentioned above; very cool offerings. Get yourself some swag, Covert Companion tools or Lishi tools. Check out the great deals over on Covert Instruments.

If you would like to learn more about the law content creators* (*all bs aside, thick skin required – as we would cover the full gamut) – Rekieta Law, Law of Self Defense, Law and Crime, Good Lawgic, Legal Mindset, DUI Guy, OutDoor Boys, LegalBytes, and/or Cold Beer Confessional. I’m sure there are more, again, it would be opinionated, coming from a good place, don’t hate the messenger.

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Merch Update

October Gear Update

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Get yourself some new gear, Sallee Technology gear features The Game, Zippo, Yeti, Columbia, Champion, Flex-fit and more

A full listing to come, however, a sneak peak may serve its weight in gold here… Check out the latest merchandise, give us a shout if you would like to purchase our gear – new products next quarter. Currently, some swag is on backorder i.e. out some USB devices, stickers, magnets etc. and will return depending on demand. Let us know what you think about the merch, or if your looking for something special, one off, special order.

* Small orders, large orders, don’t care – Happy to accommodate where applicable… just let us know what your thinking. Backend baseball, logistics are pretty crazy right now, ordering can be abit of a pain which is why we are manually offering items to the public. Most are at the mercy of product, production and shipping, we are trying to stay on the edge of those issues. Let’s chat, happy to work with you to find what it is your looking for.
Gear Color Quantity Status
The Game “TECH” Hats White 9 In Stock
Champion (Summer Mesh and Rain) Black 2 In Stock, 4 Production
FlexFit Trucker (Primary Logo or Secondary Logo) Black 4 In Stock
Dark Camo FlexFit Dark Camo 5 Production
Athletic Polos Navy 4 Mens, 1 Womens In Stock
Columbia Jacket Full Zip Grey/Black 4 Production
Yeti 10oz Nordic Blue 10 In Stock
Yeti 20oz Nordic Blue, Black 9 Instock
Zippo Lighter White 6 In Stock
Sallee Technology Zippo Lighter ST THE GAME New Design - The GAME 2



Apple iPhone 12, Work Phone Upgrade

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Need an upgrade? Make the jump, follow along with our own iPhone8/iPhone11 upgrade – iPhone 12

Let’s start with this, no, the need didn’t meet the demand for an ‘upgrade’ per-say… this is more about keeping up with the other Apple products in house. Want/Need ended up being more of a test like anything else… Don’t judge the messenger here, simple cost/benefit, over want/need, So, the choice was made to go with the newer iPhone 12. Not the latest, but newer than the iPhone11. Here is the meat and potatoes; with a recent move to the SG215g for our personal ‘stuff’ it was time for a work update. That said, the move was set forth, the Apple iPhone 12 was in-hand just before the hurricane…

Not ideal, but I’ll make it short. A need to do work, work phone needed an upgrade… As stated above, iPhone 11 to 12 was a quick and dirty upgrade with it’s problems. The goal was to buy a hardened, newer device, keeping it old school, bare minimum, limited data share, no health or home IoT software etc etc with the iPhone 8. Might be the best phone made by Apple by the way. Don’t let this lead you astray, I’ve used the iPhone 8 since it came out for work, travel etc. never let me down. Thus the high mark. This is pre 10 and the XR garbage with AI/Face AI not a fan, at least this is our thought.

Making the jump from 8 to 11 was a good jump sans Apple Bloatware – Health, Homekit, Siri (again, very annoying to have bloat-ware on the platform) now iOS requirements. Short-term feedback processing power, better screen time, hotspot support and what seems like manageable privacy/security ‘settings’ provided to the user. Seems like this device is always on, sharing data which in my mind is not a good thing. More power, more is better; to do what? And does that benefit the customer? This iPhone 12 is our work option, couldn’t justify the move to the 13 or 14.

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ADT Wiring

ADT Touch Screen Systems

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Archived For Future Reference, which one was the red wire again? Need help? Just remember, always take a quick picture for historical backup value.

In all honest, this helps for future wiring/rewiring exercised etc, a picture at times is worth a 1000 words… so here it is, in simple form. Have an ADT Touchscreen security system, having issues? Need to move the screen? Reminder, don’t forget which one is + and which one is negative, 50/50 shot at this… no fail way to move this unit to another spot.

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FAA Hurricane Update

FAA Hurricane Ian Update

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Know What To Do Pre/Post Hurricane Ian – Before you fly, know what’s going on in the sky above you… FAA Hurricane Update. Reminder, the drone space continues to evolve, grow and maturate…

Drone folks gonna drone. The ‘dronedom’ (Drone/autonomous fiefdom). This year the FAA has amassed a safety awareness day c, federal representatives, educators, ‘droonies'(as in droggies, but drone people) and more… June 18, 2022 is the day to gather with your fellow droonies… June 18th is FAA Drone Safety Day – join, support and/or host click here. This message is in reference to FAA notice number” NOTC2405.

For those of you who are interested in learning more about open FAA communications, licensed drone updates etc. give us a shout or leave a comment below

Galaxy Series Reset (De-OS)

Galaxy Reset or New – Privacy, Backups, Access and More

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Before we move onto our dual-sim experiments, I wanted to share a few Samsung Tips or Tricks that might help you debloat your Galaxy series devices.

Let’s jump into it, a quick deep dive in the world of ‘de-bloating’ we had a good run there for awhile, yes, there has always been native apps included on various platforms, OS, iOS etc. But, for awhile now, it’s been 90’s PC sales all over again. That goes for both Android and iOS device types. Until we have a userfriendly Linux based mobile os, or an open soruce mobile kernel in which we can bloat or debloat based on our own needs; we’ve got this. Mobile phones tied up with Google bloatware, same with iOS, when did Homekit, Health, Health Sensors and Siri come preinstalled ‘on’ all the time with a million hoops to jump through to stop the madness. Good luck essemtially, cause it ‘ain’t’ going away. However, as of late, I’ve been trying new settings, os specfic knobs and switches with the goal of reducing bloat, bloatwarez, de-googlizing access, de-bloating Samsung Galaxy series phones with the latest OS. Whether it’s a fresh Galaxy S22, 215g or 10, or perhaps later… we’ve got some new ways to help take back your device. Diving right into it, whether you’ve got a new phone or now, Hard Reset is required… backup what you need, store it some place safe. Most of the time it’s auto saved somewhere, and we plan to take back that control and manually take steps to move the process forward. The time to de-googleize, de-samsungize or de-bloat your device is right now.

Short Tutorial(updated):
Fresh Hard Reset an existing phone or take your new phone out and start with the basics… First, do NOT add or allow any Samsung, Google or non-platform service you don’t want running regardless of power status. The big, bright red sign says “don’t sign in nor allow data transfer to any external services” that are not native to the system or required.

NEXT, disable any and all permissions by app, stop and remove permissions and alerts for unwanted apps, this is key as we don’t approve of the input/output by any of those particular apps we don’t approve of. Especially those that are third party, external and considered bloat, to track and find what you allow. We need to turn all of those apps or systems apps off. More over, move all apps around how or where you see fit, we typically combine those Samsung native apps that are required, place those in a seperate folder with other Samsung apps, or Google apps. Do NOT turn on cloud services, sign in or log in to those (any) systems you will want later.. so not just yet.

Moving on then, we move into customization, customizing the base os and apps native to the phone, once the native and general IOS services have been disabled, force stopped and/or disabled i.e. Facebook, Netflix etc… Let’s start with keyboard and home gestures… add one handed app later, sounds… vib basic beep beep and vib, connections before sounds… turn off connections you dont need like such as nfc or bluetooth assuming BT is not applicable, control notifications. Once this has been completed, then we can move into non-native apps which will require you to sign in Google play… remember, only check the boxes that are required, removing any and all extra services, connections or space provided by the platform. Download apps that you desire, repeating the above steps for all apps downloaded and installed moving forward. This will keep you a baseline, a one time downlaod all assuming all apps saved in library, move apps to desired locale, wallpaper blank. We recommend one hand companion for running apps, navigation and such, more on that later…

Tasks… with the ‘baseline’ in tack, we want to maintain that baseline, or non-bloat state. Back in the settings menu.w. we want to sign out of Google and any google services and remove Google Play. I like to think when it’s not installed or running we are cutting down what data can be transmitted legally. Work on your home and lock screens… if you so choose or want dynamic backgrounds etc. we don’t, cause it chews into performance, same for biometrics. Turn off bio-security, this helps to curtail privacy intrusive apps, hooks, api’s, services and so on. I spent alot of time here, delete all ids, services not allowing any permissions… TURN OFF ANY AND ALL PERMISSIONS, when pressed, turn off precise location then the general permissions allowed for all apps, account, google, advanced turn all off, go through all panels… i mean all of them. Again this is key to combat geo-fencing, location hungry wifi, hotspots, anything that would be used to capture device names, ids, IMEI etc.

Finally, and time for reintroducing existing settings, we want to re-import contacts, any bookmarks or saved ‘behavioral’ help settings that are a must, and that goes for the Google/Samsung requests to access the phone; which remain a no. Clean up the homescreen to your liking, add email accounts (preferrably non-Samsung/Google accounts), remember iOS you need to add an app password from your apple acct., Browser settings when your ready, no go on Chrome, Google or Samsung Internet, we use brave with all turned off..

DONT FORGET THIS, make sure privacy settings are changed to match your needs

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URL Fuzzer

Who Called The Fuzz

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“WHOOP WHOOP That’s the sound of the police” The URL Police… As always, we press on, continuing our testing effort utilizing a number of testing apps, websites and testing consoles starting with The URL Fuzzer, GTMetrix, JMeter, LoadRunner, Selenium, validation tools and Google Admin Console

…testing …testing …testing in progress. Testing marches on as you read this (well, when I wrote this post and of course, when you read it. Fingers crossed, same year (might as well be totally separate but you get the point)… More over, solutions need to protect our investments online and pentests/vulnerability scanning tools might just be the ticket.

For the purposes of story telling, two are running now, one from Pentest-Tools and the other (nothing so far, these have been running for a few mins now, which may or may not be a good sign or way to predict the outcome. Ultimately, let’s cover few more, including Selenium, LoadRunner, JMeter, QTP, HTML/JS/PHP (PHP Unit) Validators, Guru99 a few others… but let’s start here.

Free tools below, so, keep this in mind when looking through the results once compiled and reported (said service provider). Additionally, free-premium tools don’t usually present the full picture, grain of salt; use multiple tools or pay the premium price… Testing multiples, a/b (a/b/c) a mixture of free-premium services and validators.

URLFuzzer, good to test the lite version… Scantrics, good to test lite version… Don’t forget to run your web entities through the toolbox, Toolbox – Google Admin

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