Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out! //

NES Punch-Out! (( IRON MIKE ))

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@SummoningSalt No words; childhood pain… SummoningSalt rips through this classic, Just Awesome. No #GameGenie or code book here. Side note, I only beat this game a handful of times maybe a few more. I don’t recall the issues with the other “Punch-Out” games in the series. But this game was and still is awesome. I just remember thinking, what is this? Who is Mac? Mike Tyson? What a game! Additionally, @SummoningSalt Punch-Out! is at 4.77M views or more by now. YouTuber doesn’t get knocked down until Sandman, some 11 characters deep in the game ~16:50 min mark. The Tyson bout starts around the ~19.19 min mark.

@SummoningSalt, great content, see more like this one over on the channel. Checking out the Mr. Dream bout as well.

Contra NES //

C & Super C NES

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@Peg (3.5M views) makes quick work of Contra… It’s been sometime, may be 20+ years since I’ve seen Contra or played myself. Might be one of my top 3 of 10 NES games of all time. Honestly, the video is pure gold… and it pains me to say it, I was never very good at video games. Super C (NES), Street Fighter 3 (SNES/Dreamcast), Soul Calibur (Dreamcast) were different. I didn’t have time as a kid, and the time I earned to play was pure torture! College, sure… we had all the time in the world to waste on FIFA, Soul Calibur, SSX Tricky, Golden Eye, Mario Kart and more.

Ah, one other item to note here, I think there are only a few games that remind me of OG (Original Gamer) Games (of which I played, so there is much smaller number of games to notate). Yes, this is subjective and limited to the games I could play around town. Contra is one of those, post arcade, post Pong, early at home gaming systems. NES only, Track & Field | T&F 2, Super Contra, Excitbike, Mario (Super Mario 1/2 & 3), Duckhunt, RBI Baseball, Hockey, Tecmo Bowl/Super Tecmo Bowl, Zelda, Link, Double Dragon, Kungfu (previous posts), Tetris. Didn’t have time to go over the Sega or Jaguar systems. Some other day, in some future land… There are far to games to remember, count, rank for which one or 100 are in the top 10. Just wanted to cover a few games that might spark an interest. Finally, for the record, this subjective of course, I’m sure you have your reasons for listing other games, fighting, first-person shooters or beat’em up games. Please share!

Finally, I’ll continue to post updates here, more NES, SEGA, SNES games and the likes. We will try arcade, computer games as well, assuming there is YouTube content to cover. Only reason I say this, is simply access to video content for games I don’t have. The goal will be simple, post a few games here and there, starting with the games I’m most familiar with and so on. I’ll try and stay out of the weeds… All joking aside, after losing so many d*(# times… This feels almost cathartic, a purge It did take practice, time and patience. 2 of 3 took time and with time, time heals all. Or I guess you take your licking and keep trying.



Fisher Space Pen
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Anyone got a pen? Please, a pen? ((Oh, what is this I ask…)) A Fisher SPACE PEN? What gives? Is this some kind of…. SPACE PEN!

Yes, yes it is a Fisher Space Pen. Get yours here, just click the Fisher hyperlink and off you go! This might increase my bounce rates, but at this point who is counting? I’m sure there are other ways to purchase these pens, but manufactures website works for me. Additionally, Fisher makes great pens, emblems, NASA Anniversary or Commemorative Pens. Check out the NASA Fisher collection. Heck, I use these pens for just about all my ‘writing/drawing’ needs – writing, drawing, shading, point/pointillism, sketch lines, home improvement and more (open boxes, random drone part bags). Don’t forget, these pens were made to go into outer space… SPACE! Need I say more? Images found on spacepen.com

Cut & Fit EMAX FC

– Cut/Refit: EMAX & Flight Board –

Re-Solder Emax THS
#SolderingSham #EMAX_THS #WORSTSOLDERINGEVER #SolderThis #UpAndFlying //

Thought I would follow up the previous post with a few more shots to cover the disassembly process, cut/solder, refit and test flight. Again, soldering/replacing EMAX AIO FC… Here are the photos…

New Parts - EMAX THS & TH2
Compare EMAX THSs
Un-screw Drone PC frame
Cut/Add Connection to Board
Re-Attach New Power Connector w Battery Carrier

EMAX FC/Betaflight //

– FIXED: EMAX & Configurators –

BetaFlight Config.
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Today, we (you and I) tackle some drone issues… make/model drone controller configs ((same drone, FRSKY controller profiles)), soldering/replacing EMAX AIO FC, and BETA config issues. Photos to follow. In the meantime, sit back and relax, enjoy… enjoy the pain, the torment, cause I’ve been at this for days… Literally, days. Nothing but borrowed time; borrowed not wasted! Link above will get you your very own Betaflight configurator via Chrome extension.

Like most things, there are more ways to make your cake and eat it. The Chrome extension is helpful when bouncing back-and-forth between systems/releases/drones etc. I run Big Sur MacOS, Ubuntu Linux and a Win Server 7… it’s handy here, as the config remains the same, helps to maintain a certain sense of sanity. Especially when you’re a NOOB. Two, from time to time, I run my Win7Server via MS Remote Desktop or Linux instance via Oracle’s Virtual Box. One advantage might be number of USB ports available… as you know, most MacBook Pros are limited to 3 of 4 USB-C ports. Unless you run usb ports, which I don’t care for (B.S. but that is for another day). Anyhow, regardless of how you run Betaflight, be aware of the nuances, versioning and pitfalls with each new iteration or release. Take notes, take screenshots, vlog about it… anything to help you remember the ‘deltas’ (change) over time. These will come in handy the next time you crash or repair your drones. Notes and support can be found here: Betaflight – Github Notes/Docs Moreover, issues came up when I swapped AIO boards, soldering power and reconfig’ing modes. For more information, I posted more about the config, various configs like EmuFlight and BLHeli, look for 8/17/2020 post – Hacker-A-Thon//

Betaflight Notes/Documentation
Betaflight PID Mode - Desktop View
Betaflight Receiver/Modes

Scales //

Scales //

#FutureSelf #FretboardMastery #GuitarNotes #Strings #guitarTabs //

All joking aside, the guitar has been a bear for me… 12 notes, sharps/flats, whatever that means. I’ve spent some 17 years trying to learn. Unfortunately, a majority of those years were spent sans guitar. I will admit, as tough is that is, it might have been a good idea to invest in a music teacher. But, since guitar ownership was never in the cards… Since then, guitar in hand… I’ve been using @GuitarZoom – @SteveStine and @JustinGuitar. Interested? If so, here is a look at one of my favorites for fretboard work.

Lego Base Mod(s) #2 //

Workshop Side Projects (2)

Base Mod 2
#secondEditionLegobase #legoBaseMod #LEGOS #IterativeBuilds //

Lego® Base Mod update… it’s been awhile since I’ve posted any information or updates on the tablet/device base, so here it is base mod 2.

  • Situation – think fast, tablet housing. Need a handsfree, desktop friendly table housing.
  • Challenge – build a tablet housing (landscape orientation only) to house an iPad. Regardless of what model or make, we had an iPad, make something that will work in 5 mins.
  • Accessible materials – Legos®, Toothpicks, Pipe cleaners, various
  • Go!

While base mods are for prototyping only, we recommend getting your hands on the Brenthaven.

Pulling this content forward, second edition accounts for ‘tipping’ and/or stability issue, number of bricks, screen angle and orientation. Issues, devices would tip or fall forward/backward depending on how the user might set the device. Reduced a few bricks, however most were repurposed as support columns or ‘feet’ which helped acute screen angles. Moving forward, mod features portrait and landscape viewing. Caveat, charging cord need was nixed, user will have to set the tablet down when charging or charge in landscape only. There will come a point, at some point, we will include a charging cord mod down the road.

2nd Edition Lego Base Mod

Multimeter PDF //

Multimeter PDF //

Innova Multimeter PDF
#FutureNeeds #MultiMeterPDF #Innova //

Future self, click here Innova 3320 Multimeter Manual PDF (barcode not included).

Those of you who own an Innova 3320 Multimeter, here is the manual in pdf form. (( LOUD NOISES )) I don’t believe the manual was ever included in the original packaging… Buzz kill. However, QR codes help if you misplace yours… not preferred. One improvement from my perspective Innova… kindly provide a manual with purchase. Provide a QR code for lost manuals or backup.

Lego® Train Depot //

AF Train Depot

Wiring American Flyer Steam Loco
#ReWiring #LegoTrainDepot//

BOOM! Lego® Train Depot, always good to have Legos handy… especially since this train has a big smoke stack and weird oblong, unstable shape. Most of the time, the ‘casing’ was upside down where the electronics are housed.

train truck wheels Lego Depot
train electronic, resolder
Again, if you’ve read a few of the posts both pre/post, I’ll have you know… we enjoy having Legos, Legos pieces laying around the shop. As I’ve eluded to before, more Legos the better, more ‘free builds’ coming… So, keep your eyes peeled!!

AF 312 Wiring Schema //

AF 312 Wiring Schema //

Wiring American Flyer Steam Loco
#AmericanFlyer #ACGilbert #Wiring #LegoTrainDepot//

Thought this may come in handy for those of you out there, tinkering/wrenching on old model trains… trying to keep our historic, scale models running without issue. Recently, needed to rewire a 50’s AF 312 Locomotive and Tinder. Also, for ones future use, two other models are shared within the diagrammatic illustration.

train truck wheels2
train electronic, resolder
(( SHOUT OUT ))Favorite use of Lego® bricks to make a train repair depot… Keep your eyes peeled. Let me know what you think Connect now.

Luthier Gauges //

Luthier Gauges //

Stewart MacDonald - Luthier Gauges
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Someday, the billboard will scream ((‘Pro’ Luthier ))… until then, luthier gauges may be helpful, certainly when your cranking on a Stewmac S build type guitar. This handy tool/gauge et helps adjust the action on an acoustic or electric guitar. Great option for custom builds or pre-made guitar stock over at Stewmac shop.

Debian Buster //

Debian Buster //

Debain Buster
#Debian #Linaro #SnapDragon #R_Pi #OracleVirtualBox //

Full Update: #Debian Buster upgraded, installed and running on the #Qualcomm Snapdragon 410c. With anything, problems come and go. Ran into an apt-secure(8) issue, among other open source hardware/software compatibility issues.

All in all, things are running as expected. Next on the chopping block, full upgrade/update for the Ole’ #Rasberry_Pi_4B or R_Pi4B. More to come in the next few weeks.

Red Cross //

RedCross #Code //

Coupon - Red Cross Training
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Time to certify, or perhaps re-certify like myself? It’s time to update my Adult, Child and Baby First Aid/CPR/AED… Cert/ReCert from anywhere, home, coffee shop or beach spot. Anyhow, time to learn the basics for school, pool training and more. Try this Red Cross online coupon code today!


SpaceX | NASA //


#SpaceX #BackInSpace //

#Elon #SpaceX Back in SPACE Sat. 5.30.2020. Sharing a little venture across the FL peninsula to the Space Coast. We had a chance to see #spaceX #NASA back in the game here on US soil. Great to be apart of it from a distance, if only for a brief min…

(( SHOUT OUT )) spaceX/NASA Return to Space here on the Space Coast. We will keep our ears and eyes peeled for other launches in ’20 – ’21 and beyond.