FAA Hurricane Update

FAA Hurricane Ian Update

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Know What To Do Pre/Post Hurricane Ian – Before you fly, know what’s going on in the sky above you… FAA Hurricane Update. Reminder, the drone space continues to evolve, grow and maturate…

Drone folks gonna drone. The ‘dronedom’ (Drone/autonomous fiefdom). This year the FAA has amassed a safety awareness day c, federal representatives, educators, ‘droonies'(as in droggies, but drone people) and more… June 18, 2022 is the day to gather with your fellow droonies… June 18th is FAA Drone Safety Day – join, support and/or host click here. This message is in reference to FAA notice number” NOTC2405.

For those of you who are interested in learning more about open FAA communications, licensed drone updates etc. give us a shout or leave a comment below

Galaxy Series Reset (De-OS)

Galaxy Reset or New – Privacy, Backups, Access and More

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Before we move onto our dual-sim experiments, I wanted to share a few Samsung Tips or Tricks that might help you debloat your Galaxy series devices.

Let’s jump into it, a quick deep dive in the world of ‘de-bloating’ we had a good run there for awhile, yes, there has always been native apps included on various platforms, OS, iOS etc. But, for awhile now, it’s been 90’s PC sales all over again. That goes for both Android and iOS device types. Until we have a userfriendly Linux based mobile os, or an open soruce mobile kernel in which we can bloat or debloat based on our own needs; we’ve got this. Mobile phones tied up with Google bloatware, same with iOS, when did Homekit, Health, Health Sensors and Siri come preinstalled ‘on’ all the time with a million hoops to jump through to stop the madness. Good luck essemtially, cause it ‘ain’t’ going away. However, as of late, I’ve been trying new settings, os specfic knobs and switches with the goal of reducing bloat, bloatwarez, de-googlizing access, de-bloating Samsung Galaxy series phones with the latest OS. Whether it’s a fresh Galaxy S22, 215g or 10, or perhaps later… we’ve got some new ways to help take back your device. Diving right into it, whether you’ve got a new phone or now, Hard Reset is required… backup what you need, store it some place safe. Most of the time it’s auto saved somewhere, and we plan to take back that control and manually take steps to move the process forward. The time to de-googleize, de-samsungize or de-bloat your device is right now.

Short Tutorial(updated):
Fresh Hard Reset an existing phone or take your new phone out and start with the basics… First, do NOT add or allow any Samsung, Google or non-platform service you don’t want running regardless of power status. The big, bright red sign says “don’t sign in nor allow data transfer to any external services” that are not native to the system or required.

NEXT, disable any and all permissions by app, stop and remove permissions and alerts for unwanted apps, this is key as we don’t approve of the input/output by any of those particular apps we don’t approve of. Especially those that are third party, external and considered bloat, to track and find what you allow. We need to turn all of those apps or systems apps off. More over, move all apps around how or where you see fit, we typically combine those Samsung native apps that are required, place those in a seperate folder with other Samsung apps, or Google apps. Do NOT turn on cloud services, sign in or log in to those (any) systems you will want later.. so not just yet.

Moving on then, we move into customization, customizing the base os and apps native to the phone, once the native and general IOS services have been disabled, force stopped and/or disabled i.e. Facebook, Netflix etc… Let’s start with keyboard and home gestures… add one handed app later, sounds… vib basic beep beep and vib, connections before sounds… turn off connections you dont need like such as nfc or bluetooth assuming BT is not applicable, control notifications. Once this has been completed, then we can move into non-native apps which will require you to sign in Google play… remember, only check the boxes that are required, removing any and all extra services, connections or space provided by the platform. Download apps that you desire, repeating the above steps for all apps downloaded and installed moving forward. This will keep you a baseline, a one time downlaod all assuming all apps saved in library, move apps to desired locale, wallpaper blank. We recommend one hand companion for running apps, navigation and such, more on that later…

Tasks… with the ‘baseline’ in tack, we want to maintain that baseline, or non-bloat state. Back in the settings menu.w. we want to sign out of Google and any google services and remove Google Play. I like to think when it’s not installed or running we are cutting down what data can be transmitted legally. Work on your home and lock screens… if you so choose or want dynamic backgrounds etc. we don’t, cause it chews into performance, same for biometrics. Turn off bio-security, this helps to curtail privacy intrusive apps, hooks, api’s, services and so on. I spent alot of time here, delete all ids, services not allowing any permissions… TURN OFF ANY AND ALL PERMISSIONS, when pressed, turn off precise location then the general permissions allowed for all apps, account, google, advanced turn all off, go through all panels… i mean all of them. Again this is key to combat geo-fencing, location hungry wifi, hotspots, anything that would be used to capture device names, ids, IMEI etc.

Finally, and time for reintroducing existing settings, we want to re-import contacts, any bookmarks or saved ‘behavioral’ help settings that are a must, and that goes for the Google/Samsung requests to access the phone; which remain a no. Clean up the homescreen to your liking, add email accounts (preferrably non-Samsung/Google accounts), remember iOS you need to add an app password from your apple acct., Browser settings when your ready, no go on Chrome, Google or Samsung Internet, we use brave with all turned off..

DONT FORGET THIS, make sure privacy settings are changed to match your needs

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URL Fuzzer

Who Called The Fuzz

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“WHOOP WHOOP That’s the sound of the police” The URL Police… As always, we press on, continuing our testing effort utilizing a number of testing apps, websites and testing consoles starting with The URL Fuzzer, GTMetrix, JMeter, LoadRunner, Selenium, validation tools and Google Admin Console

…testing …testing …testing in progress. Testing marches on as you read this (well, when I wrote this post and of course, when you read it. Fingers crossed, same year (might as well be totally separate but you get the point)… More over, solutions need to protect our investments online and pentests/vulnerability scanning tools might just be the ticket.

For the purposes of story telling, two are running now, one from Pentest-Tools and the other Scantrics.io (nothing so far, these have been running for a few mins now, which may or may not be a good sign or way to predict the outcome. Ultimately, let’s cover few more, including Selenium, LoadRunner, JMeter, QTP, HTML/JS/PHP (PHP Unit) Validators, Guru99 a few others… but let’s start here.

Free tools below, so, keep this in mind when looking through the results once compiled and reported (said service provider). Additionally, free-premium tools don’t usually present the full picture, grain of salt; use multiple tools or pay the premium price… Testing multiples, a/b (a/b/c) a mixture of free-premium services and validators.

URLFuzzer, good to test the lite version… Scantrics, good to test lite version… Don’t forget to run your web entities through the toolbox, Toolbox – Google Admin

As usual leave a comment below, let us know what you’re thinking?

New ’22 Merch

New Midyear Merch – Sallee Technology LLC Merchandise

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New merch means busy times, very busy! Check out what’s headed to our merch shop. New for this year, new drink ware, throwback snap-backs, fitted dark-camo Flex-fit and spring/athletic caps. Full zip fleece jackets and polos with pockets.

Drinkware options are about 2 weeks out – design, production and shipments around the corner. More Yeti? Check out our Yeti® Ramblers – 10 (10oz) and 20 (20oz). Two, The Game® collegiate hats are due by the end of ~September (depending on which user portal status holds true). Great throw-back hat option, Polos and Columbia® Fleece outerwear are a week out; sew outs are also in production now. Gear pictures will be up here shortly, but in the meantime, logistics/products remain at the mercy of time i.e. production, inventory and logistics… Stay tuned, most posts coming shortly, that update my friends will include the latest pictures.

Check our merch… Call for details, sizes, quantities, color etc. Give us a shout.

Sous Vide Smorgasbord

Sous Vide Success

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Hungry? Prep, cook and service using an Anova Precision Cooker. Work up an appetite while you prep, cook and serve for an all day picnic. Fish, poultry, beef… Anova does it all

Skills test, put the Anova Sous Vide precision cooker to the test… Fish, shrimp, lamb, beef, chicken, pork… pork butt, all in a days time, prepare the feast for the masses or an all day picnic. 2+ pounds or more of our honey glazed, thick-cut bacon, a bbq inspired beef brisket, Italian sweet sausage with all the fixins’… chile, lime and garlic chicken and peppered beef burgers, and simple beef hot dogs. Although time is irrelevant when you’re having fun, new to precision cooking? Start early, early enough that the beef has time to cook, chicken prepped for a final sear; ready the offer prior to ‘game time’.

Typically speaking, a safe, four or five hour window, some of those who have more experience might choose a tighter window. With more experience, more time, the window would be much more refined(smaller). Duration aside, the options are limitless.

Try it all, reduce cooking times on the grill. No need to make a mess around with just the grill or stove top, whichever one you might have. Just be prepared, a precision cooker cooks to perfection. When finished on a hot griddle grill, you are your own chef at home. More on the griddle later.

For now, the feast is prepared, churning out smorgasbord after smorgasbord around that 130 degree mark. Give or take a few modifications, trial test runs… You’ll quickly learn how temperature and duration affect the outcome of your choice of protein or veggie alternatives. See what works for you. The most important thing to remember here is to seal your bags appropriately. Season your entrees with the freshest ingredients you can find, herbs and all the fixings as well. This is a great way to change up how, where and with whom you cook. What’s for dessert?

Can a sous vide precision cooker be used for desserts? More to come.Leave us a comment below, tell us what you’ve cooked via your sous vide.

Anova - Choice Anova - Choice Anova - Choice



Samsung Galaxy S215G

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Our S21 Experience – More performance, less pain to privacy with optional dual sim card capability. Choose wisely young Skywalker; Pain-to-Privacy, Cost-to-Performance, our take on the matter.

Update* The decision was changed, while the S205G over iPhone11/iPhone12/S21/S22 idea worked in theory… The reality here is dual sim cards are a ‘go’ on S10 and S22, not on the S20. Quick U Turn here as the s20 swap takes place, swapped out for the S21. Ultimately, the choice is the standard size, S22+ or Ultra not an ideal size for our needs. Again, the device is not the latest, nor the greatest; it’s the best for our needs.

Galaxy Series 22 | 22+, here is the comparison page that’s nice to started with –
S Model Comparison – 22 Ultra, 22+ and S21

After many, many, many months of testing; many… retesting and learning more about eSims or electronic sim cards, allowing for us to maintain ownership of the latest software, hardware etc. Again, ultimately pulling the ripcord based on performance/cost and decided on the S21…. better battery life than the S10 (w dual sim option or hybrid sim option allowing for multiple numbers on a single device), 5g cellular service, upgrades to the hardware – display, camera, when comparing other S Models, None Samsung devices – Pixel, Xperia, iPhone and other Samsung models like the Flip or Fold. S Model remains affordable in tough device saturated market, top of it’s class as far as usability, user experience, control, privacy* and blot…

Moving onto the ROI, comparable ROI in the market when comparing price/performance. An *asterisk on privacy, goal is to maintain/secure the device as much as possible without relying on Samsung, Google or other third party hacks to maintain security. A lot of work, but worth the pain/privacy ratio.. this pain/privacy is quickly becoming the ‘elephants in the room’.

Anyhow, check out comments, do you research… iOS 16 is out now, good luck!

HRCC – Ham Study

Ham Study with HRCC: Ham Radio Crash Course

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“Want to Get Your Ham Radio License?” with HRCC, learn on your time, when you want and how you want. Give HRCC – Ham Radio Crash Course a look-over.

I wanted to tee up another Ham study tool/series for those who are interested in learning the in’s and out’s associated with ham radios, operation and the fundamentals required to earn your ham license. We added this as part of our ‘lab work’ category, you can file it however you’d like… ideally, it’s there for future use, study etc. Give HRCC – Ham Radio Crash Course a shot.

As usual leave a comment below, let us know what you’re thinking?

Apple Mouse

The So, So-Magical Mouse

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Work mouse; and more on it’s back up/EDC Logitech M525, cause the Apple Mouse has been all but useless at times

Welp. It’s time to finally share a few things about the Apple Magic Mouse… First of all, we love the design, slimline, usability (like touchscreen gestures and the like). Second, it’s got a nice weight to it, not to light and certainly not to heavy. The problem that we are having, after a few hours of work… we have to stop everything and charge the device; and we have to do it more often lately. I’m not sure of any bugs or ‘battery’ issues, but it’s a world of pain when you have to charge it. SO, as we are charging the Apple Mouse at this very instant (seriously, I’ve got the Logictech mouse on, clicking away… Thirdly, we got the Magic Mouse – Multi-Touch Surface a few months back and are increasingly learning to not want to use it. Again, love the gesturing, touch surface options, but every 8 hrs I’ve got to plug this thing in. What about the next 4 to 6 hours? We are talking paperweight for a good 1.5 hrs while the device charges up.

Onto the M525, no gestures, just a plain Jane type of mouse… bluetooth/usb, heavier I’m assuming cause of the batteries and a handy little internal storage area for the usb dongle when not in use. It’s got a wheel, laser for tracking and it works. It’s a stalwart of a mouse and remains in my EDC bag/desk for work.

Final Thought, if you want to over spend on an Apple mouse, get the trackpad, skip the mouse… always carry a secondary pointer device in a pinch. We do, and that is the Logictech M525. Buy one today…

Charging the Magic MouseC Logitech M525 Wireless Mouse


Samsung Galaxy S205G

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Time to switch? iPhone-to-Galaxy? Or LinuxOS? We think so, we test and make our decision… we share why we made the decision we did. The decision is in. S205G over iPhone11/iPhone12/S21/S22… latest. We are not talking the latest Galaxy Series or the Z-Fold, or the iPhone 13

It’s taken many months, hell it’s taken years of ‘practice’ per-say to change, make the decision to switch; ultimately practice makes perfect. Well, let’s stick with practice, practice and more practice!

Nothing like everything MacOS/iOS, Yes, everything MacOS, iOS… So, what comes with the decision? Yes the UI familiarity, did I mention all the machines we use on a day-to-day basis are MacOS? Yes, we are certified to service these machines? Yes, comfort, it’s what we’ve always done… Safety, security, battery life, ease of use… on and on and on. Yes, all true including the use of iPhone/iOS products and services since 2006.

Practice, makes more practice. That’s a lot of practice in my book. Quickly, historically speaking, and assuming my memory is correct, we made the initial jump from the Blackberry and Blackberry Products specifically – Blackberry 8100 (’06) series and the 8300 (’07) Series to the iPhone… and for what reason and one reason alone? Touchscreen keys, the main reason at the time was incompatible, or lack of practice with onscreen-typing or touchscreen services. No can do, not down with the Blackberry touch model (whatever it was called). I’ll touch on a story real quick… Many moons ago, I remember sitting in a multi-million dollar test lab (usability lab), testing the latest UI designs/services etc…. and a user was ‘testing’ via the Blackberry Storm… I’ll spare you the pain, let’s just say during that specific test, the Blackberry touch devices were out, iPhone was in. Iphone 3G. Yes, it was early on, yes it was a Blackberry (the workhorse of many business years), yes, in a controlled lab experiment; it failed. Back to the reality, specific to iOS/iPhones, it’s been many, many year of practice, perhaps too many. I included in the link above, the specifically comparing the iPhone 13, 11 and iPhone 6s in the for those who want a quick glimpse into how the greater iOS device ecosystem has changed over the years… However, this is where those years of experience came to an interesting fork in the road.

Sometime in that 2017 2nd/3rd Quarter timeframe, the Samsung Galaxy made sense… road warrior tested, first the S9, s10 and moving quickly to 2022; the s205G model. I carried a work phone iOS device, the Galaxy and a few laptops with various OS platforms, etc. Yes, what a pain. In any case, I will spare you the details. Eventually, after the 100% travel, multi-device, same hotel staying… it was time to move on and although a few months behind schedule today, with the S20 we made the switch. Living life on the road, traveling for clients, nearly broke the iPhone spell if you will… those formed over years and years of costly iPhone devices, turn over and damage control. I think I mentioned this above, also the testing dollars, studying time and the certification time spent on learning, applying and maintaining iOS products, services, and the need to ‘fix’ iOS devices. Before I move off this point, we didn’t buy new, we didn’t buy direct and $1k saved made a difference in this experiment.

Buying new may be your thing, today it wasn’t ours nor is it moving forward. Matter of fact, you yourself can pick up many of our favorite devices second hand or ‘renewed’ today. So, not to belabor the point, you might ask – how did we come to buy the S205G? ((Panic)) The process was long and arduous. No, we simply had to test what was out there. We made the choice to buy the right product, put my money on the best option for me. What better way than trying everything on the market? We tried them all (mostly all). Everything from barebones, stripped Android/iOS and Linux older generational phones like the iPhone 8/11 series, Galaxy S9/S10, S20, old school Nokia 3300, the LightPhone2 and came back to the S20 model. Honestly, let’s touch on the Linux OS option first, until we have a Linux OS Linux based phone that can serve the masses. More here, check out these options Ubuntu Touch or Sailfsh or Pure. Beyond the scope of OS brands or builds, the device spread is fairly limited – OnePlus, Fairphone, Google Pixel 3 (3a), Pine, and Librem… So, limitation. Second point, do your research, before you buy of course… yes, buyer beware. Use caution, learn how to use command line code, service your own device, install via working code branch, OS varietals etc. Additionally, for now and until those Linux devices are ‘EDC’ (Everyday Carry) ready, and I mean not suited for the Developer class, it’s the Galaxy series phones… Not talking the 20+, Ultra or the S21 series.

Let’s wrap this up, I guess the meat and potatoes is this. We did it, doesn’t mean it is right or wrong, do what you think make sense for your budget, way of life and protection/security. The main reason for the switch is ‘control’, battery life, screen, performance and SIRI. Can’t stand SIRI, more over… Samsung has maintained a normal growth pattern, where (in our opinion) iOS hides, changes buttons/connection types/cases/materials pretty regularly, same with the auto ‘on’ features for data collection… Yes, Yes, I know this could be a preference, this is much the same for all devices. Crazy, how in just over 17 years, iOS is everywhere. Oh, and one last point. Did I mention, this is not a plug for any device/devices of choice, more a reminder to do the ‘testing’ part before you buy. Hopefully, this article helps to promote that step toward ‘testing’ what’s on the market.

Sous Vide

Do You Sous Vide?

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Anova Precision® Series Sous Vide – Have you tried a sous vide machine? We cover the Anova Precision® Series Sous Vide. Say what? Sous Vide? What’s a sous vide? Give the Anova Sous Vide a go. A sous vide, you say? Have you used one yet? We went with the Anova brand sous vide cooker. Specifically the Anova Precision® system with the 16 liter container. (( SHOUT OUT )) @IHR, we got a tip from a local restaurateur (awesome guy, awesome stuff blasting out of the kitchen by the way), the sous vide is a great way to step up your kitchen game. These Anova cookers can be found at your local Anova. Listen, there are days when you need a little pick me up, special sauce; a little kitchen magic if you will… a little magic to whip up something special in the kitchen, and those of us who wish we had some real skills or talent in the kitchen*. The sous vide machine just might do the trick.

Taco proteins – Beef, Chicken, Pork, Fish, Shirmp etc., Briskets, Duck to Corned Beef, you name it, the sous vide does it. The only caveat is time. If you can set aside time for prep, create your entrees and sides, vacuum seal the pouches and done. Generally, we set aside a 30-60 mins for prep, 2 – 10 hours for cooking. This of course depends on the type of beef, we’ve tried the toughest, unfriendly kind and this sous vide machine kicks it’s *#$. Meaning, regardless of the time the meat took a bath, the result is what we’ve come to know as excellent.

We say kick the tires, have at it, the sous vide makes it easy to prep both sides and entrees, heat and cook dishes at an exact temperature. If you want, you can control the temperature home or away with the Anova app (we don’t use it now), helpful when starting down the path of bathwater cooking. Whatever meat, veggie, protein etc. is submerged will be kept at the temperature you want. This beast does it all. If you have time and the patience to learn how this thing works… May be a few cuts of beef or chicken, some cleaned/de-veined shrimp or a breast of duck. 3 easy steps, let the machine do it’s thing… you’re upping your kitchen game from zero skills to an arbiter of food stardom. This machine does require sealed packaging, from zipper bags to vacuum sealed bags – check out Anova’s Vacuum Sealer or Amazon – Anova Sealer.

World Changing for us. Listen, there are many kitchen gadgets, gimmicks, tricks, secrets, family recipes etc. that can spice up your game. We believe this sous vide machine is a long-term investment, and thought you might want to have a go at it too. We did and it made a whole lot of difference. We share a few shots of our kitchen setup, prep gear, finishing and clean up.

*Don’t beat us up in the comments, we are simply stating ‘we’ wanted to be better in and around the kitchen; we needed serious help LOL. So we found some!

Anova Precision® Anova Precision® Anova Precision®