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‘Tinkerers Mindset’ – Problem Solving Method

Hypothesize // Test, Learn & Apply

In short, our ‘mindset’ is based on the problem solving method, ‘design or product’ thinking and holistic solutions – Hypothesize // Test, Learn & Apply. Long-term, sustainable growth, while providing best in class service since ’00. Please find a list of distinguished clients below. For specifics, please reach out directly connect now. Happy to connect and share project success.

Florida //

Lenore Treiman Realtor®, MBA, Real Estate Consultant & Marketing Specialist, Klein Swim Academy, Sarasota Swim Academy, Sue Nami Swims 501c3, Brian Wood, PLLC – Realtor®

Ohio & Texas //

Clapboard Video, Medicgeek, Cincinnati Entrepreneurial Group, OINKPUG, Larry Madorsky & Associates, Kennedy Lacrosse, Supreme Bar Review – Marc Rossen, Gastronics, Attorney At Law, LLC, FIT Friendship in Teams, Shaker Heights Country Club, University School, Greater Cleveland Lacrosse, Cleveland Demons, Cleveland Lacrosse Club, FIT, Talented Young, City Year, The Xpat Desk

D.C. , Maryland & Virginia //

Special Olympics – Marymount University, Once Okay Twice (band), Garrett’s Restaurant and Railroad Tavern, The Expanded Form (band), Alexandria Commission for the Arts, Macky’s Bayside Bar and Grill, ORC-Worldwide (now Mercer)

CT, ID, Chicago, Dallas & NY //

RGWay Contracting, Lefty Lacrosse Company, Douglas and the Goodharts (band), Continental Indoor Lacrosse League (now BLL Box Lacrosse League)

Pro Bono //

Fortune Meadows Inc, Sue Nami Swims 501c3, Jon Schomburg – JSchomburg Music, Johnny Mouradian – ABLA (American Box Lacrosse Association), Denis Lauzon Photography, Ivy, NEOUPA (Northeast Ohio Chapter of the International Usability Professionals’ Association), AIGA Cleveland (The Professional Association for Design), HCreative Landscaping, OHPASCO, Shaker School District

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