iRobot Roomba 900 Series Teardown

iRobot Roomba 900 Series Teardown

iRobot Roomba 900 Series Teardown
iRobot Roomba 900 Series Teardown
iRobot Roomba 900 Series Teardown
iRobot Roomba 900 Series Teardown
iRobot Roomba 900 Series Teardown
iRobot Roomba 900 Series Teardown
iRobot Roomba 900 Series Teardown
#RoombaSensei #iRobot #900Series #tearDownThisRobot #robotDrop //

Got broken robot? We do! Some might say that’s the worst!

Let’s get this thing fixed. The beautiful part of iRobot/Roomba products (for now), it’s easy fixings! Unless the board is fried, the main housing is smashed to pieces or plastics are wasted. Even then, (this one in particular took a hard spill) parts are fairly easy to come by. The key is to source, clean, install and maintain what you do have. Most, if not all of this particular Roomba was fine, a good cleaning at the end of the repair was worth its weight in gold.

For those of you who don’t maintain electronics, robots etc. weekly, month or ‘NEVER’… friendly reminder, whatever the electronic might be, they do yeoman’s work if you care for the machine after every one or two uses. Also, the more you maintain, the less you throw out. Remember, No pain, no gain.

A few tools to call out below, overall again noting the comment above, these are fairly simple to fix…

  • Philips Screwdriver (Rechargeable Drill* DeWalt 20v)
  • iRobot – Brushes, collector rollers, caster wheel and filter
  • Cleaner – Windex
  • Cleaner – Sprayway
  • Compressed Air

…for now. This is a huge plus for iRobot

iPad Mini4 – Screen/Digitizer Swap

iPad Mini4 – Screen Swap

iPad Mini4 - Screen Swap
iPad Mini4 - Screen Swap
iPad Mini4 - Screen Swap
iPad Mini4 - Screen Swap
iPad Mini4 - Screen Swap
iPad Mini4 - Screen Swap
iPad Mini4 - Screen Swap
iPad Mini4 - Screen Swap
iPad Mini4 - Screen Swap
#apple #iPad #iPad4Mini #screenSwap #crackedScreen #crackedDigitizer //

A glimpse under the hood, check out the iPad Mini 4 screen/digitizer replacement timeline. From tape to power-up, quick 20-30 mins and done. Please note make sure you remove the power flex connector first, and not the screen/digitizer flex connections. We placed a follow up picture in the timeline showing the preferred tools and method when removing those flex connections. Also, the button assembly housing, home button… be precise, caring for that button/button assembly housing and connections will go along way.

  • Packing Tape
  • Heating Element – Water Based, or Heat Gun
  • Pryor triangles
  • Suction Cup/Pry Clamps
  • Tech Screwdriver set
  • Curved Tweezers
  • Pressurized Air
  • Anti-static Wipes

Let us know what your thoughts are, ~20 mins start to finish. If you have issues, trouble or run into a snag. Give us a shout, as we are happy to help!

D90 Firmware 1.1

D90 Firmware 2.0

D90 Firmware Update
D90 Firmware Update Process
D90 Firmware Update Process 2
D90 Firmware Update Process 4
#Nikon #D90 #Dub9 #Dub92.0 //

Update time, a few years now… D90 has been archived, check out the details on the Nikon D90 Archival pages for details. Sharing a few snaps of the D90 a.k.a “Dub9” DSLR. Can I say “Workhorse”? Certainly not the top of the market today, but with a little love, T.L.C and a few minutes… bring your D90 up-to-date with the firmware 1.1 update. We will probably post the process over on MBEMO for other to check out. Assuming update links, firmware used, memory cards (note, new Micro-SD are not recognized; shameful, but this is how it goes). Don’t forget to become a member! Also, a few “gotchas” during the process.

Moving along, we use the camera for video, video back; where necessary!

Late ’13 MacBook Pro 15″ Battery Swap

Late ’13 MacBook Pro 15″ Battery Swap

Macbook Pro Battery Replacement Kit
Macbook Pro Battery Replacement Unscrew, Pull-back battery cover, Pop-off Battery Connection
Macbook Pro Battery Replacement - Un-glue Battery process
Macbook Pro Battery Replacement - Un-glue Battery process 2
Macbook Pro Battery Replacement - Un-glue Battery process clean up
Macbook Pro Battery Replacement
Macbook Pro Battery Replacement
Macbook Pro Battery Replacement
#macbookPro #macBatterySwap #MBPBattery #batteryFail #late’13//

Quick late ’13 Macbook Pro Battery Swap, let’s take a peek… Take note, we have a 2013 Macbook Pro “15 Retina laptop, new battery (please make sure you have selected the right replacement parts). A Jakemy tool kit, glue release, gloves, safety glasses, glue adhesive and a welding/soldering mat. All useful, bare minimum, glue release, tech screwdriver set and glue adhesive.

Looking for parts? Looking for more detail, check out IOS certification Apple Certs. And, lastly, have a look at this particular Macbook Pro “15 Retina tear-down via Ifixit MacBook Pro “15 Retina Late ’13 Tear Down

PHPBB Updates


#phpbb #phpbbUpdateFail #phpbbSkin #PHPBBREDUX #PHPbbRewind //

Short and sweet… So, we lost our updates/phpbb mods… (( POOOF )) PHPBB was miraculously turned back to it’s former self (Base/Prosilver theme). Lost the design, lost the skin mods, GA/GA plugin id; everything but the base code, base skins, base php code and add-in plugins. We can go over the plug in fiasco another day, anonymous aliens throw me for a loop enough for one day. In fact, I thought ‘aliens’ truly invaded the admin panel over… “Anonymous” came home to roost. Pictures above, this will make sense in due time. Anyway, 5/3, site vanished… We will continue to provide feedback and comments over on the board, find us here Don’t forget to become a member!

We pick up the story in the PHPBB Admin Maintenance Area => Admin Logs; systems log shows “Anonymous” – username, [blank] User IP, Mon May 03, 2021 4:54am – Updated Database from version 3.3.3 to version 3.3.4. I guess this is where I thought aliens really do exist? No ip address for 5 entries… ((WHAM)) Not really aliens, just that it dawned on me updates rewrite skins and mods directly in the root directory. LAME. By the way, we still need to find away to add our changes to the Styles section, makes no sense. Maybe time to hack a skin mod of our own. Short term goal, reduce ‘anonymous’ alien interactions and auto-code deployments. Again, I want to reiterate this… the code (( POOF )) gone. Ironically enough, we didn’t have the pleasure of a rewrite as we were hacked, phished and spammed into oblivion only a few months back. Another day, perhaps.

Moving along, spent sometime online/interwebs, ‘relearn process initiated’. Found a few articles, on stylesheet manipulation and cracked open Firefox with Dev Tools… and off we went. Side by side, the hack job began. Inspect, mod and push… inspect, mod and push. 25 or so mods later, 2 style sheets specifically colours.css and common.css. We can start with the logo, place/push your logo to the root directory/styles/***placeholder**/theme/images; replace ***placeholder** with the appropriate theme folder/name you phpbb site has been ‘skinned’ in. Side note, we touch on this more below, direct the browser to the logo on the colours.css file, should be the class=”site_logo” as shown below: EXAMPLE REPLACE LOGO IN COLOURS.CSS* replace placeholderImgFile.png with your logo /** Updated **********/ .site_logo { background-image: url(“./images/placeholderImgFile.png”); } /** Updated **********/

Make sense? I’ll stop there, FTP/SFTP access (file access provided by your hosting service provider) is required. Note, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and Text Pad/Editor:

  • FTP – Putty, Cyberduck, Filezilla
  • Text Editor – Sublime Text, GNU, ATOM, Native Text Pad/Editor

Regardless of choice or combinations, both are required to pull down, modify and push changes. Unless you choose to use the built in editors within CPanel. We don’t recommend this, but you got to do what you got to do. We use Cyberduck, CPanel File/Folder Viewer (hosting view) and Sublime Text with projects plugin. Again, caveat here, If you don’t have either one of these, you need to hop on the ole’ horn or Youtube for directions and figure out who has the information and request access. Tangent there, now back to the show…

2 Stylesheets colours.css and common.css; we start with the comments, future forward comments. We like to place comments in and around the styles we edit on the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) files, especially when modifying the files. Also, while we are hacking away at core files, you may want to quickly snag a back up of those two files and store the files in a safe area… We DON’T as you can tell, but probably should. That’s our lesson learned for the day. I’m not going to go in great detail here, however, comments in CSS are /* */ forward slashes and asterisks; both are required to open and close the comment. The browser will ignore all within the comment unless both elements are included. Multi-line comments are similar, you will see we add multi-lined asterisk stars for visual effect… same for the additional asterisks between a description of the ‘modification’ and open and close comment tags. Example – /** Updated **********/ Furthermore, we will start working down the CSS/Stylesheet on each id/class requiring change. One screen, Firefox Dev Tools => Inspect, other modifying css file. If you don’t know CSS by now, good luck… we all start somewhere! Today is the day you learn… we counted some ~20 changes with a few, minor inner class changes via colours.css, plus the 4 or so on the common.css file. Of course, we took the minimal change approach… we lost a lot of work on 5/3/21, more than what we put back into this re-skining effort.Finally, we will continue to add/modify said files as we get back up to speed. Also, we have this article for future help and support.

We will end with ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’, un-minify here =>

<-------------------- COLOURS.CSS ----------------------- 16 changes ---------------------- COLOURS.CSS ---------------------- > 1. Updating the background,body,with a smoke grey/black with a graphing paper textile html{background-color:transparent;background:#131321;background-image:linear-gradient(rgba(0, 255, 255, .1) .1em, transparent .01em), linear-gradient( 90deg , rgba(0, 255, 255, .1) .1em, transparent .01em);background-size:0.75em 0.75em}2.(a/b) Changing colors of the link and hover action on the link a{color:#ff6d31}a:hover{opacity:0.8}3. Next we have the wrap and div/class box elements Style Removed .wrap{}.forumbg,4. Style Removed .headerbar{}5. Color change .forabg{background-color:#247980}6. Color change .navbar{background-color:#247980}7. Color change .panel{background-color:#247980;color:#28313F}8. (A/B) Color and Opacity change .bg1{background-color:#2479;opacity:0.8}.bg2{background-color:#247980;opacity:0.8}9. Update Site Logo/Image .site_logo{background-image:url(“./images/fileName.png”)}10. Changed background color ul.forums{background-color:#1111}11. Commented out color,I want to keep this for future usage ul.topiclist li{}12. Change color and opacity li.row:hover{background-color:#Ffff;opacity:0.8}13. Color Change .content{color:#fff}14. Color and border updates .signature{border-top-color:#CCCCCC;color:#fff}15. Color Change .pagination{color:#fff}16. (A/B) Color and border changes,improve visibility .postprofile{color:#ff6d31;border-color:#FFFFFF}.postprofile strong{color:#fff}<---------------------- COLOURS.CSS ---------------------- >
<-------------------- COMMON.CSS -------------------------- 4 changes ---------------------- COMMON.CSS ------------------------- > 1. Color and margin change p{line-height:1.3em;font-size:1.1em;margin-bottom:1.5em;color:#ff6d31}2. Reduced logo spacing .logo{float:left;width:auto;padding:12px 3px 0 10px}3. Changed size,or space around where the new logo will live .site_logo{background-repeat:no-repeat;display:inline-block;width:33px;height:33px}4. Reduced width and padding to tighten up logo,h1 and site description,so it feels like one element .site-description{float:left;width:65%;padding:1em} <---------------------- COMMON.CSS ---------------------->

Projects Forthcoming


#MitreSaw #LongLiveNikon – d90 #MicronsSakura #LogitechBoard #airTools #Welder #IvyFM #painting6000 #HardCase #StarWars #NeatNES #UseTheSource #Seinfeld #GAUpdates #BrowserStack #MbemoAirmaps #HostgatorDebacle #cantStandEnduranceGroupSurveys #BOOEnduranceHosting #BetaFlight(2) #nerds #FAAFlightOverPeople #youTubersGallore #phpBBTestCase #chatMe #1Fyr #validators #W3c #HTML5BS #videoCompressionBS #videoBleepBloops #NB574 #bernzOMatic #Strat-O-caster #tshirtPolos //

(flashback)… Jan something, face-in-hands “…need more content”…

What feels like many moons later, months of heads-down work, rework (more rework to fill time) and a little magic; VOILA! More stuff, stuff to read, view and whatever else you do on the interwebs. All coming your way mid ’21.

Got some juicy StarWars stuff, sans – cartoons, one offs, Mandalorian, figures/toys/collectables and comic books. By the way, code is a fun thing… love Starwars, just check the source or is it “Use the Source!” Great holiday gifts include the Seinfeld series, power tools, hosting issues (boo on Hostgator, Blue host and Endurance). While we are at it, need to build some Lego stuff, maybe crack open the RPi4 for some nonsense. GA(Google Analytics what?). Maybe some WrdP Add includes. Anyhow, you can find fire videos over on |

By the way, Mbemo already got hacked HA! F*$(#* SPAMMERS! Anyway, It’s back up, running… deleted a bunch of posts, forums and general whatnot. Resetting the system does the trick this time, cleaned up/purged all the ‘non-real’ peps using the boards. Future-self, perhaps can move some of these topics to the BB Mbemo BB’s boards.

PHPBB Hacked

PHPBB Hacked (now what?)

Code PHPBB Purge
PhpMyAdmin DB's
Purged Posts
#deleteSpammers #deleteSpammerPosts_BS_ETC ETC #phpbbHelp #phpBBForumsPermissions #resetphpMyAdmin #ResetCounter //

Anyone got phpbb? Anyone been hacked? Well we did, and here is the process for getting back to pre-spammer days.

Yes, yes I know… you’ve been hacked, now what do you do? First, what was hacked, is it the same ip address? Username? Regardless of the current state, it’s time to trim forum permissions in PHPBB. Login, cut all permissions, you can do so by going to ‘group forum permissions’ select each usergroup type (not including Admins)all and submit. Next screen you will be prompted to select a forum, we recommend selecting ‘all forums’ since we need to cut proverbial spammers loose. You can do that here. Once All forums have been selected, work your way through each forum, while selecting ‘all NO’. This will seemingly remove all permissions by user on each forum. Check and see if access has been revoke for all usergroup types. All errors aside, you should be to perform this change by usergroup by forum for all users. Check your progress, simply crack open another browser and try the login process. I do have different usergroup types saved for testing purposes only, if you don’t…. create a few test accounts. Fast-forward, assuming you’ve done this correctly, the BB’s will be closed down to all users(again, accept Admins). Time to purge posts, users, spammers, fake ‘pr0n’ links, Viagra and casino ads/links from the system. Another article in the future, but you will have to take sometime and dig into the posts, when posts were submitted and ‘all purge’. Here’s a handy link from the folks over at phpbbservices for my explicit detail. I’ve used the link a few times for reference. Ultimately, posting it here for future references and spam attacks.

Cathartic. Anyway, once you feel all users, posts and b.s. has been removed. The old ‘post counter’ still reads some astronomical number associated with the spam posted to your bb’s and making the post count that less relevant or meaningless in our case. Ok, time to crack open phpMyAdmin. Second of all, back up your databases before you continue. (First of All or Second?) Please don’t make that mistake, learn from our PAIN!

So, lets move onto ‘post counts’… myPhpAdmin is your friend here, certainly the most directly way to clean up posts tied to your phpbb install. Head on over to your hosting services, specifically phpMyAdmin… find the db(database) attached to your phpbb install. We are looking for ‘posts’ or ‘bb_posts’ within the database mentioned a second ago. Once there, it’s a quick purge to clean up post counts: update bb_posts set post_postcount=1

That’s it… a little refresh on the page count will do the trick. Don’t forget to run through the system auto purge tools as well. Those seem to help as well. See screenshots above.

Top Gun NES //

Top Gun

Missed Landing - Top Gun NES
Up!! Up!! - Top Gun NES
Landed - Top Gun NES
Landed, Never Happened - Top Gun NES
#NES #SnapbackWill #NintendoComplete #LordKayoss #TopGun #LandingFail #Refuel #GameFail #Up!Up! #Right!Right!//

@Snapbackwill, check this out… this guy made it past Mission 1. What a nightmare! Maybe 80’s nostalgia to me or that real-life shooting pain in your hands (flashback)… you awaken, clinching your hand when recalling the horror of Top Gun. Landing was such a nightmare, same for game play. A nightmare only an 80’s child can recall after hour upon hour of wasted time trying to land the d#&@ aircraft on any mission, if you made it past Mission 1.

@NintendoComplete, shares the ultimate kick to the gut, this play-through is pure genius (no voice over, just the game and all of its glory). Glory of which I never had. The game still to this day, remains one of my favorite games besides may be Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!, Contra, Track & Field II, Kung Fu, Duckhunt. Hell there are to many games for a Top 10. Don’t forget Friday the 13th, here is @lordkayoss “Howdy Folks, LK on the Tube…”. This guy gets it. Great narrative, game play, tips/tricks for Friday the 13th and more. Give his YT channel a look, subscribe, click the bell. You know the drill.

Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out! //

NES Punch-Out! (( IRON MIKE ))

#NES #MikeTyson’sPunch-Out #Top10NES #2678537538 #SummoningSalt //

@SummoningSalt No words; childhood pain… SummoningSalt rips through this classic, Just Awesome. No #GameGenie or code book here. Side note, I only beat this game a handful of times maybe a few more. I don’t recall the issues with the other “Punch-Out” games in the series. But this game was and still is awesome. I just remember thinking, what is this? Who is Mac? Mike Tyson? What a game! Additionally, @SummoningSalt Punch-Out! is at 4.77M views or more by now. YouTuber doesn’t get knocked down until Sandman, some 11 characters deep in the game ~16:50 min mark. The Tyson bout starts around the ~19.19 min mark.

@SummoningSalt, great content, see more like this one over on the channel. Checking out the Mr. Dream bout as well.



Fisher Space Pen
#Tools #FavoritePen #ArtSupplies //

Anyone got a pen? Please, a pen? ((Oh, what is this I ask…)) A Fisher SPACE PEN? What gives? Is this some kind of…. SPACE PEN!

Yes, yes it is a Fisher Space Pen. Get yours here, just click the Fisher hyperlink and off you go! This might increase my bounce rates, but at this point who is counting? I’m sure there are other ways to purchase these pens, but manufactures website works for me. Additionally, Fisher makes great pens, emblems, NASA Anniversary or Commemorative Pens. Check out the NASA Fisher collection. Heck, I use these pens for just about all my ‘writing/drawing’ needs – writing, drawing, shading, point/pointillism, sketch lines, home improvement and more (open boxes, random drone part bags). Don’t forget, these pens were made to go into outer space… SPACE! Need I say more? Images found on

EMAX FC & Betaflight Config //

– FIXED: EMAX & Configurators –

BetaFlight Config.
#Betaflight #SolderingSham #EMAX_THS #EMAX_TH2 #WORSTSOLDERINGEVER #SolderThis //

Today, we (you and I) tackle some drone issues… make/model drone controller configs ((same drone, FRSKY controller profiles)), soldering/replacing EMAX AIO FC, and BETA config issues. Photos to follow. In the meantime, sit back and relax, enjoy… enjoy the pain, the torment, cause I’ve been at this for days… Literally, days. Nothing but borrowed time; borrowed not wasted! Link above will get you your very own Betaflight configurator via Chrome extension.

Like most things, there are more ways to make your cake and eat it. The Chrome extension is helpful when bouncing back-and-forth between systems/releases/drones etc. I run Big Sur MacOS, Ubuntu Linux and a Win Server 7… it’s handy here, as the config remains the same, helps to maintain a certain sense of sanity. Especially when you’re a NOOB. Two, from time to time, I run my Win7Server via MS Remote Desktop or Linux instance via Oracle’s Virtual Box. One advantage might be number of USB ports available… as you know, most MacBook Pros are limited to 3 of 4 USB-C ports. Unless you run usb ports, which I don’t care for (B.S. but that is for another day). Anyhow, regardless of how you run Betaflight, be aware of the nuances, versioning and pitfalls with each new iteration or release. Take notes, take screenshots, vlog about it… anything to help you remember the ‘deltas’ (change) over time. These will come in handy the next time you crash or repair your drones. Notes and support can be found here: Betaflight – Github Notes/Docs Moreover, issues came up when I swapped AIO boards, soldering power and reconfig’ing modes. For more information, I posted more about the config, various configs like EmuFlight and BLHeli, look for 8/17/2020 post – Hacker-A-Thon//

Betaflight Notes/Documentation
Betaflight PID Mode - Desktop View
Betaflight Receiver/Modes

Multimeter PDF //

Multimeter PDF //

Innova Multimeter PDF
#FutureNeeds #MultiMeterPDF #Innova //

Future self, click here Innova 3320 Multimeter Manual PDF (barcode not included).

Those of you who own an Innova 3320 Multimeter, here is the manual in pdf form. (( LOUD NOISES )) I don’t believe the manual was ever included in the original packaging… Buzz kill. However, QR codes help if you misplace yours… not preferred. One improvement from my perspective Innova… kindly provide a manual with purchase. Provide a QR code for lost manuals or backup.

Lego® Train Depot //

AF Train Depot

Wiring American Flyer Steam Loco
#ReWiring #LegoTrainDepot//

BOOM! Lego® Train Depot, always good to have Legos handy… especially since this train has a big smoke stack and weird oblong, unstable shape. Most of the time, the ‘casing’ was upside down where the electronics are housed.

train truck wheels Lego Depot
train electronic, resolder
Again, if you’ve read a few of the posts both pre/post, I’ll have you know… we enjoy having Legos, Legos pieces laying around the shop. As I’ve eluded to before, more Legos the better, more ‘free builds’ coming… So, keep your eyes peeled!!

AF 312 Wiring Schema //

AF 312 Wiring Schema //

Wiring American Flyer Steam Loco
#AmericanFlyer #ACGilbert #Wiring #LegoTrainDepot//

Thought this may come in handy for those of you out there, tinkering/wrenching on old model trains… trying to keep our historic, scale models running without issue. Recently, needed to rewire a 50’s AF 312 Locomotive and Tinder. Also, for ones future use, two other models are shared within the diagrammatic illustration.

train truck wheels2
train electronic, resolder
(( SHOUT OUT ))Favorite use of Lego® bricks to make a train repair depot… Keep your eyes peeled. Let me know what you think Connect now.