BurmPy & R

BurmPy & R

Burmpy Landing
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Mentioned a few weeks back, almost seems more than a month ago now… we have a few things ‘on the bench’ i.e. work bench; burmpy.com and our R Programming deep dive.

No need to get out the pitchforks for this Burmese Python. As our educational series goes, we want to add Python and R to the mix. These two languages are ‘on the bench’ now, meaning we are adding to the site every day. One of which, both will be available via our Github site “borg2borg” – burmPy and RProject. Caveat, ((good news)) we’ve started to convert burmPy to it’s future ‘home’ in our educational series burmpy.com. This entity will also carry on the TWBS Bootstrap testcase, using Bootstrap v.5. So, more to come on that in the coming weeks/months. Keep your eyes pealed.

More pictures are coming, please excuse the mess… shifting a our Github code and ghists are always available, unfortunately, working in the background to finish Burmpy screenshots, cleaned up and prepped for consumption.

Burmpy Next Step
Burmpy Github
rProject - 10.18

borg2borg v7

borg2borg v7

borg2borg v7
#borg2borg #RaiseOfTheBorgs #Bootstrapv4.6 #Bootstrapv5(i.e. burmPy coming soon) //

Bootstrap’n Journey number 412 version 7

Need to get this out of my brain for awhile now, seeing that version 5 has been out for sometime. Regardless of time, it’s been posted to the web. We have three offerings at this point, giving 3 different flavors of Bootstrap:

  • 1fyr.com – BS v3
  • borg2borg.com – BS v4
  • burmpy.com – BS v5, with a focus on Python
    • These are meant to be reference materials, working templates for anyone to use. We will also convert all private/secret Ghists to public here in the near future… probably 2 months or so, once we convert this over to dynamic data via php and a db (database) connection and all. However, this might be ‘jumping the shark’ as I want to get a working version of Django up on the ole’ web-server and see what we can do from there. Lots and lots of things to do, clearly… not enough time in the world to work on these side projects. We will get there one day at a time. Enjoy!

      borg2borg v7 - Containers
      borg2borg v7 - Basics
      borg2borg v7 - Advanced
      borg2borg v7 - Reference

D90 Firmware 1.1

D90 Firmware 2.0

D90 Firmware Update
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Update time, a few years now… D90 has been archived, check out the details on the Nikon D90 Archival pages for details. Sharing a few snaps of the D90 a.k.a “Dub9” DSLR. Can I say “Workhorse”? Certainly not the top of the market today, but with a little love, T.L.C and a few minutes… bring your D90 up-to-date with the firmware 1.1 update. We will probably post the process over on MBEMO www.mbemo.com for other to check out. Assuming update links, firmware used, memory cards (note, new Micro-SD are not recognized; shameful, but this is how it goes). Don’t forget to become a member! Also, a few “gotchas” during the process.

Moving along, we use the camera for video, video back; where necessary!

D90 Firmware Update Process
D90 Firmware Update Process 2
D90 Firmware Update Process 4


1Fyr.com – 1 Fire Or More Monthly

Siesta Key, FL
Evening time, early night.

#1fyr.com #campfire #backyardFire #bbqTools #Welders //

Test case, SOLVED. Let’s bring you up to speed… (<< REWIND) We were looking for ways to tinker around with our cameras, light/exposure and to enhance our film at dusk. Dusk, post twilight being the most painful of the bunch. You may not know, but some of the best light is during twilight, 'sunset light' here on the coast has some of the most dramatic colors, shapes and light 'texture' capture images or videos. Texture being those subtle and stark contrasts of color. (>> FF) Experiments continue and share a little fun while we are at it. Campfire, music, food… what more could you ask for?

As you will see, fires are unpredictable, especially at dusk. We enjoy the process (build, stoke, enjoy and extinguish a fire) every month or more. Fire up a few burgers, grilled sandwiches, hotdogs and smores, if we are lucky. VOILA! INTERWEB CONTENT!

I’d like to see us get to a point where we can post more videos, more often, weather permitting. Anyhow, the goal of this test was to capture and correct lighting affects. We use Premiere (Not A Sponsor) and share with you via the interwebs. We’ll post some Premiere content in next quarter or so. That might make some good content as the video/editing process is a hit or miss process as a noob. You know the sunlight, sun angle, twilight and how/what device captured the subject; meaning what device or camera was used to capture said subject. We chose fire, of course. Caveat, (loophole) we don’t see snow here in the South… Snow can be fun to film. All too often I forget/fail to mention the rainy season as well. Pre/Post rain storms can create dramatics, drama that’s what we need!

Before I move onto the section subject of this posting (yes, side tangent…) Don’t forget to check out 1fyr.com

Next test case will include steel, torches and welders, yet to be purchased… Still trying to iron out what that might look like on ‘film’. But we have a few contenders to start, need to fix the campfire toolset. Specifically the shovel has all but worn through its welds and sits in two. Campfire brush is worn out to say the least, adding that to the refresh pile. Campfire grilling surface (an old repurposed baking rack) might need a little attention as well. There are more, but hopefully we’ve captured your attention.

Thought we would share our little monthly experiments with you all, enjoy! Don’t forget we are encouraging you to sign on and post on Mbemo – Mbemo Tools – Welders. Let us know what you use to tool around i.e. LE 140 or some of those Harbor Freight Titanium 200 or Chicago Electric – Magnetic Welding Holder jobbers.. Perhaps, more importantly ‘WHAT NOT TO USE’ cause it’s garbage!

Lastly, we will probably review some gear, welders, torches, protective clothing etc etc. Leaving you with a cliff hanger of sorts. More to come…

1Fyr.com - Desktop View
1Fyr.com - Desktop View 2
 1Fyr.com - Mobile View
1Fyr.com - Mobile View 2
1Fyr.com - Sunset
1Fyr.com - Twilight
1Fyr.com - Dusk Zoom
1Fyr.com - Dusk

FAA Flight Over People

FAA Flight Over People

FAA Safety Email - Flying At Night
#FAASafety #FlightOverPeople #Part107_Pilots //

New Training Notice – Notice Number: NOTC1758

Time for some training for you Part 107 license holders… Waiver updates coming April 21, requirements for flight at night and/or over people or moving vehicles still require waivers until said date. However, moving forward waivers and requirements needed additional ‘clarification’. My assumption after a few conversations with the FAA, licensing and testing is set to change here at somepoint. Additional assumption, licensing might be handled more like boat licensing here in the State of Fl. Class, cert… fly. Let’s see what makes it through as far as updates, updated regs. Not comfortable at this time speculating on what is going to change, how and when. You be the judge!

Side note, we continue to use and test Airmaps as described on MBEMO – Airmaps(lost some forum responses in a purge, hit by a spammer attack, posting below), FAA’s Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) B4UFLY App, FAA DroneZone, ring the ole’ FAA tele or email for clarification. Fairly straight forward.

MBEMO - Airmaps
FAA DroneZone

Projects Forthcoming


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(flashback)… Jan something, face-in-hands “…need more content”…

What feels like many moons later, months of heads-down work, rework (more rework to fill time) and a little magic; VOILA! More stuff, stuff to read, view and whatever else you do on the interwebs. All coming your way mid ’21.

Got some juicy StarWars stuff, sans – cartoons, one offs, Mandalorian, figures/toys/collectables and comic books. By the way, code is a fun thing… love Starwars, just check the source or is it “Use the Source!” Great holiday gifts include the Seinfeld series, power tools, hosting issues (boo on Hostgator, Blue host and Endurance). While we are at it, need to build some Lego stuff, maybe crack open the RPi4 for some nonsense. GA(Google Analytics what?). Maybe some WrdP Add includes. Anyhow, you can find fire videos over on 1Fyr.com | mbemo.com.

By the way, Mbemo already got hacked HA! F*$(#* SPAMMERS! Anyway, It’s back up, running… deleted a bunch of posts, forums and general whatnot. Resetting the system does the trick this time, cleaned up/purged all the ‘non-real’ peps using the boards. Future-self, perhaps can move some of these topics to the BB Mbemo BB’s boards.

PHPBB Hacked

PHPBB Hacked (now what?)

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Anyone got phpbb? Anyone been hacked? Well we did, and here is the process for getting back to pre-spammer days.

Yes, yes I know… you’ve been hacked, now what do you do? First, what was hacked, is it the same ip address? Username? Regardless of the current state, it’s time to trim forum permissions in PHPBB. Login, cut all permissions, you can do so by going to ‘group forum permissions’ select each usergroup type (not including Admins)all and submit. Next screen you will be prompted to select a forum, we recommend selecting ‘all forums’ since we need to cut proverbial spammers loose. You can do that here. Once All forums have been selected, work your way through each forum, while selecting ‘all NO’. This will seemingly remove all permissions by user on each forum. Check and see if access has been revoke for all usergroup types. All errors aside, you should be to perform this change by usergroup by forum for all users. Check your progress, simply crack open another browser and try the login process. I do have different usergroup types saved for testing purposes only, if you don’t…. create a few test accounts. Fast-forward, assuming you’ve done this correctly, the BB’s will be closed down to all users(again, accept Admins). Time to purge posts, users, spammers, fake ‘pr0n’ links, Viagra and casino ads/links from the system. Another article in the future, but you will have to take sometime and dig into the posts, when posts were submitted and ‘all purge’. Here’s a handy link from the folks over at phpbbservices for my explicit detail. I’ve used the link a few times for reference. Ultimately, posting it here for future references and spam attacks.

Cathartic. Anyway, once you feel all users, posts and b.s. has been removed. The old ‘post counter’ still reads some astronomical number associated with the spam posted to your bb’s and making the post count that less relevant or meaningless in our case. Ok, time to crack open phpMyAdmin. Second of all, back up your databases before you continue. (First of All or Second?) Please don’t make that mistake, learn from our PAIN!

So, lets move onto ‘post counts’… myPhpAdmin is your friend here, certainly the most directly way to clean up posts tied to your phpbb install. Head on over to your hosting services, specifically phpMyAdmin… find the db(database) attached to your phpbb install. We are looking for ‘posts’ or ‘bb_posts’ within the database mentioned a second ago. Once there, it’s a quick purge to clean up post counts: update bb_posts set post_postcount=1

That’s it… a little refresh on the page count will do the trick. Don’t forget to run through the system auto purge tools as well. Those seem to help as well. See screenshots above.

Code PHPBB Purge
PhpMyAdmin DB's
Purged Posts

Top Gun NES //

Top Gun

#NES #SnapbackWill #NintendoComplete #LordKayoss #TopGun #LandingFail #Refuel #GameFail #Up!Up! #Right!Right!//

@Snapbackwill, check this out… this guy made it past Mission 1. What a nightmare! Maybe 80’s nostalgia to me or that real-life shooting pain in your hands (flashback)… you awaken, clinching your hand when recalling the horror of Top Gun. Landing was such a nightmare, same for game play. A nightmare only an 80’s child can recall after hour upon hour of wasted time trying to land the d#&@ aircraft on any mission, if you made it past Mission 1.

@NintendoComplete, shares the ultimate kick to the gut, this play-through is pure genius (no voice over, just the game and all of its glory). Glory of which I never had. The game still to this day, remains one of my favorite games besides may be Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!, Contra, Track & Field II, Kung Fu, Duckhunt. Hell there are to many games for a Top 10. Don’t forget Friday the 13th, here is @lordkayoss “Howdy Folks, LK on the Tube…”. This guy gets it. Great narrative, game play, tips/tricks for Friday the 13th and more. Give his YT channel a look, subscribe, click the bell. You know the drill.

Missed Landing - Top Gun NES
Up!! Up!! - Top Gun NES
Landed - Top Gun NES
Landed, Never Happened - Top Gun NES

Contra NES //

C & Super C NES

#NES #NintendoEntertainmentSystem #Contra #Top10NES #UpUpDownDown #SelectStart #TwoPlayerFun //

@Peg (3.5M views) makes quick work of Contra… It’s been sometime, may be 20+ years since I’ve seen Contra or played myself. Might be one of my top 3 of 10 NES games of all time. Honestly, the video is pure gold… and it pains me to say it, I was never very good at video games. Super C (NES), Street Fighter 3 (SNES/Dreamcast), Soul Calibur (Dreamcast) were different. I didn’t have time as a kid, and the time I earned to play was pure torture! College, sure… we had all the time in the world to waste on FIFA, Soul Calibur, SSX Tricky, Golden Eye, Mario Kart and more.

Ah, one other item to note here, I think there are only a few games that remind me of OG (Original Gamer) Games (of which I played, so there is much smaller number of games to notate). Yes, this is subjective and limited to the games I could play around town. Contra is one of those, post arcade, post Pong, early at home gaming systems. NES only, Track & Field | T&F 2, Super Contra, Excitbike, Mario (Super Mario 1/2 & 3), Duckhunt, RBI Baseball, Hockey, Tecmo Bowl/Super Tecmo Bowl, Zelda, Link, Double Dragon, Kungfu (previous posts), Tetris. Didn’t have time to go over the Sega or Jaguar systems. Some other day, in some future land… There are far to games to remember, count, rank for which one or 100 are in the top 10. Just wanted to cover a few games that might spark an interest. Finally, for the record, this subjective of course, I’m sure you have your reasons for listing other games, fighting, first-person shooters or beat’em up games. Please share!

Finally, I’ll continue to post updates here, more NES, SEGA, SNES games and the likes. We will try arcade, computer games as well, assuming there is YouTube content to cover. Only reason I say this, is simply access to video content for games I don’t have. The goal will be simple, post a few games here and there, starting with the games I’m most familiar with and so on. I’ll try and stay out of the weeds… All joking aside, after losing so many d*(# times… This feels almost cathartic, a purge It did take practice, time and patience. 2 of 3 took time and with time, time heals all. Or I guess you take your licking and keep trying.

Lego Base Mod(s) #2 //

Workshop Side Projects (2)

Base Mod 2
#secondEditionLegobase #legoBaseMod #LEGOS #IterativeBuilds //

Lego® Base Mod update… it’s been awhile since I’ve posted any information or updates on the tablet/device base, so here it is base mod 2.

  • Situation – think fast, tablet housing. Need a handsfree, desktop friendly table housing.
  • Challenge – build a tablet housing (landscape orientation only) to house an iPad. Regardless of what model or make, we had an iPad, make something that will work in 5 mins.
  • Accessible materials – Legos®, Toothpicks, Pipe cleaners, various
  • Go!

While base mods are for prototyping only, we recommend getting your hands on the Brenthaven.

Pulling this content forward, second edition accounts for ‘tipping’ and/or stability issue, number of bricks, screen angle and orientation. Issues, devices would tip or fall forward/backward depending on how the user might set the device. Reduced a few bricks, however most were repurposed as support columns or ‘feet’ which helped acute screen angles. Moving forward, mod features portrait and landscape viewing. Caveat, charging cord need was nixed, user will have to set the tablet down when charging or charge in landscape only. There will come a point, at some point, we will include a charging cord mod down the road.

2nd Edition Lego Base Mod

Luthier Gauges //

Luthier Gauges //

Stewart MacDonald - Luthier Gauges
#Luthier #hobby #stewMac//

Someday, the billboard will scream ((‘Pro’ Luthier ))… until then, luthier gauges may be helpful, certainly when your cranking on a Stewmac S build type guitar. This handy tool/gauge et helps adjust the action on an acoustic or electric guitar. Great option for custom builds or pre-made guitar stock over at Stewmac shop.

Red Cross //

RedCross #Code //

Coupon - Red Cross Training
#Coupon #RedCross//

Time to certify, or perhaps re-certify like myself? It’s time to update my Adult, Child and Baby First Aid/CPR/AED… Cert/ReCert from anywhere, home, coffee shop or beach spot. Anyhow, time to learn the basics for school, pool training and more. Try this Red Cross online coupon code today!


Wayback Machine //

Wayback Machine //

  • Latest Sallee Technology llc
  • Sallee Tech '16
  • NBRAN Enterprises
  • Sallee Corp llc
  • Davis and Sallee Design ltd.
  • Pre '03 Logo
#Garage-Style //

Highlighting Growth with Past Partnerships and Named Entities; Sallee Technology llc ’18, Nabran Enterprises, Inc. ’17, Sallee Corporation ’14, Davis & Sallee Design Ltd ’07, Freelance ’03

Carrying on a tradition, perhaps… an idea. Somewhere between my daily commute to DC via the Orange/Blue and Red lines, startup business and today, this idea of doing work for people mattered. So, in some corner of the world, we put our mark on the world.

(( SHOUT OUT )) to my customers over the years, although the time and names have changed. Delivering scope on time within budget is the way to go. Fear not young grasshopper, reach out for help! Give me a shout Connect Today

Need My Space //

Need My Space //

NASA - Need My Space

Re-post, move in process, still moving items over from various websites and social media etc. Obviously, sticking to the basics here, coffee, coffee and more coffee… Thought this would go nicely with the more recent SpaceX | NASA launch here in the states. Plus, the coffee cup is simply massive, rather large compared to the ‘norm’ coffee cup. I would argue, argue that you buy one today… or tomorrow. But, I digress.

Also, please see below. See there, right here(pointing to the stack of books)… near the bottom of the cup. The Stand, Stephen King… Tommyknockers, Stephen King… Added a few more books to the collection, The Stand, Tommy Knockers, It, Shining, Doctor Sleep, Insomnia… (more)

Grumble Grumble //

Grumble, Grumble //

#NESLegendOfZelda #GoldNESCartridge //

“Grumble, Grumble” Everyone needs a little 80’s nostalgia, 80’s NES NOSTALGIA! May not be for everyone, certainly aiming to cover the 80/20 split, 20% being the hardcore gamers of the 80s/90’s. Those of you in the 80% or more, fair warning. You need some NES (this afternoon? tonight? all the time… people it’s LEGEND OF ZELDA). Could be a fan favorite, Top 5 of 10 NES games? Definitely at the top of the heap, may be top 3 or 4.