iPhone Dual Sim

Dual Sim iPhone

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Running a dual sim cards(eSim) iPhone 12

Latest move on the mobile phone front, next month we will continue our iPhone 12 testing series while utilizing dual sims (one phone, two numbers), 1 onboard sim card and a new eSim (virtual). So far, so good. It’s not as burdensome per say to juggle two numbers on one phone vs, two phones, two separete OS. Nor exhausting to change between the two mobile singles, wifi etc etc… We want to try out the auto switch and manual switches between the two numbers, volume of calls and call clarity. Had some trouble with the Samsung G series signal moving between cities or town-to-town. Regardles, a few tips on utilizing dual sim cards – updates required iOS (15+ or higher), it states iOS 16 or + or combination of newer device and iOS. Made the move from Samsung down to an iPhone 8, updated/upgraded to iOS 15 and took down the latest software patches. Once those actions had been completed, a simple switch of the bluetooth, agreement of transfer and confirmation. Activation is required, when moving to that eSim, I think once converted then it can be moved accordingly. Don’ quote me on that, as we will prepare a separte series on the tweaks, changes and option in the upcoming months.

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CoC Updates

CoC: Clash of Clans

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Clash Updates – Level 15, Hero Updates, Electro Titans, Monolyth and more

With the latest Super Cell update, Clash goes magical… the theme change is pretty good, satisfactory or more. Upgrades are held to a minimum, while Heros, Electro Titans and Monolyth updates fill out the update. New Hero Pets in the pet house, Frosty, Diggy, Lizard and Phoenix, cool little add with the magical features brought forth in this update. Although, Frosty, Diggy and the other pets are a few weeks out in my games, the pets are a great way to compliment hero attacks, attack strategy and types of attacks. These days farming remains core to the game as Level 15 has been reached… however the other games are down in the TH11 space and even TH6. Those of you just starting keep to the build strategy hero and defensive upgrades first, gold/elixir/dark elixir and army camps, and so on. Don’t forget to upgrade your troops as often as you can as your storage capacity increases with what I would call the secondary upgrades. Third, bombs, air bombs, walls etc. tend to come last. Plus, from my own experience, those walls and extra defensice measures are easier to upgrade last cause there is extra cash/elixir in the bank.

Lastly, there are a few more added benefits with the update, O.T.T.O over in the builder hall, same with the high level battle machine. We don’t cover it all, more so covering what we think might be more reason to stick it out while you might be an early player or new to the game. There is hope! Enjoy, Clash On.

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Clash Screens Clash Screens Clash Screens Clash Screens Clash Screens Clash Screens Clash Screens Clash Screens Clash Screens

Conflict of Nations: WWIII


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CoN:WWIII – Conflict of Nations World War III is the new app on the street, our street… team up with a friend, make a friendly coalition and conquer the US or the World; long and short (4 hour) games available.

As usual, games are not at the top of the list, but when they do hit my list… it’s on. I’ve teamed up with the Ivy to conquer the world. This is my second go around, where Ivy has been going strong for weeks if not months. More on Clash of Clan shortly, I was just looking for a long term, Stratego type game wrapped up into a quick, easy to use war game. By the way, you can play more than one game at once, I’ve got two going at once now, one in the US as a long-term game and world as a short (4 hour). Give it a go, check out the game play photos below.

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Ham Radio Study

Use The HamRadioExam App

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HamRadioExam – Technicians License. Those of you looking for Ham Radio study guides, licensing questions, study help etc. go no further… give Roy W.’s app HamRadioExam a try.

Although time seems to fly by, need to find time to study, test and pass this exam. Also, as with most secondary actions or things you might ‘want’ to do, don’t continue to push off the testing… Try the Ham Radio Exam App – Technician License for yourself. With a swipe of a finger, test your knowledge, take practice tests and practice quizzes on the side. Clash of Clans, Conflict of Nations WW3 aside… most of our time has been practicing for this exam. Overkill? Maybe, but like many certifications, licensing, there are times when you just need to know the basics. In this case, Ham Radio operators have to take a greater responsibility with their hobby per say. Why? The FCC fines…

Let’s start with ARRL membership, not needed… but have a look before you dive into the FCC licensing funnel. Anyhow ongoing testing is worth the days, weeks or few months to master the knowledge base required to pass your exam via HamRadioExam – Technician License now. Just took a peak at the local exam schedule – ARRL (Amateur Radio Assoc.) for our own testing time. More importantly, if you have not started the process, start here on the ARRL site, learn why you should earn your Ham Radio License.

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The LockPicking Lawyer

Shout Out – Lockpicking Lawyer

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The LockPicking Lawyer remains high on the list of tubers I watch on a month-to-month basis. Sometimes weekly or even daily. Depends of course on how long it’s been since I last viewed videos producted by the LockPicking Lawyer. I’ve not seen all the videos just yet, but definetely worth a few videos before you get ‘hooked’. Opinion, The LockPicking Lawyer top of the list, as part of my list of lawyer content creators on the interwebs – Rekieta, Law of Self Defense, Outdoor Boys(Luke is now a full-time Youtuber), I believe he is no longer practicing, however, Luke was a DUI attorney in the VA/DC area).

Starting with the LockPicking Lawyer, he covers just a ton of locksmithing stuff, tools – some self-made while others are industry standard, an indepth lock analysis, an insiders look at locks, locking mechanisms, how-to and the ‘safety’ one might provide. The list goes on and on, which is why I wanted to cover his content first. May be we will roll out a ‘Law Content Creators’ series where we can cover the online phenomon of law-tube. For now, and with all intense and purposes, the LockPicking Lawyer, his shop – Covert Instruments and now adding nearly 18k subs on Rumble – LockPicking Lawyer.

We’ll keep this one short as the LockingPicking Lawyers offers hundreds if not thousands (1400), 2 – 3 min walkthroughs, product overview, the ‘action’ to bypass a locks defense, his takeaways/thoughts;a sharp, quick video with a purpose. To me, it’s still ‘magical’ like an illusionist, to watch him work. It’s like street magic, I recommend the ‘cut away’ videos. I’ll wrap the post with a comment on the cut away series(not a great teaser, as there is probably a better description for a detailed look at the internal structure of a lock), the LockPicking Lawyers offers an inside look at a locking mechanism by cutting away metal, housing or wite materials might contain the locking mechanism. Very cool. This helps to demistify the illusion and see the talent this guy has when ‘picking’ a lock. Also, check out the tools over on Covert Instruments, as mentioned above; very cool offerings. Get yourself some swag, Covert Companion tools or Lishi tools. Check out the great deals over on Covert Instruments.

If you would like to learn more about the law content creators* (*all bs aside, thick skin required – as we would cover the full gamut) – Rekieta Law, Law of Self Defense, Law and Crime, Good Lawgic, Legal Mindset, DUI Guy, OutDoor Boys, LegalBytes, and/or Cold Beer Confessional. I’m sure there are more, again, it would be opinionated, coming from a good place, don’t hate the messenger.

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ADT Wiring

ADT Touch Screen Systems

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Archived For Future Reference, which one was the red wire again? Need help? Just remember, always take a quick picture for historical backup value.

In all honest, this helps for future wiring/rewiring exercised etc, a picture at times is worth a 1000 words… so here it is, in simple form. Have an ADT Touchscreen security system, having issues? Need to move the screen? Reminder, don’t forget which one is + and which one is negative, 50/50 shot at this… no fail way to move this unit to another spot.

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URL Fuzzer

Who Called The Fuzz

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“WHOOP WHOOP That’s the sound of the police” The URL Police… As always, we press on, continuing our testing effort utilizing a number of testing apps, websites and testing consoles starting with The URL Fuzzer, GTMetrix, JMeter, LoadRunner, Selenium, validation tools and Google Admin Console

…testing …testing …testing in progress. Testing marches on as you read this (well, when I wrote this post and of course, when you read it. Fingers crossed, same year (might as well be totally separate but you get the point)… More over, solutions need to protect our investments online and pentests/vulnerability scanning tools might just be the ticket.

For the purposes of story telling, two are running now, one from Pentest-Tools and the other Scantrics.io (nothing so far, these have been running for a few mins now, which may or may not be a good sign or way to predict the outcome. Ultimately, let’s cover few more, including Selenium, LoadRunner, JMeter, QTP, HTML/JS/PHP (PHP Unit) Validators, Guru99 a few others… but let’s start here.

Free tools below, so, keep this in mind when looking through the results once compiled and reported (said service provider). Additionally, free-premium tools don’t usually present the full picture, grain of salt; use multiple tools or pay the premium price… Testing multiples, a/b (a/b/c) a mixture of free-premium services and validators.

URLFuzzer, good to test the lite version… Scantrics, good to test lite version… Don’t forget to run your web entities through the toolbox, Toolbox – Google Admin

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New ’22 Merch

New Midyear Merch – Sallee Technology LLC Merchandise

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New merch means busy times, very busy! Check out what’s headed to our merch shop. New for this year, new drink ware, throwback snap-backs, fitted dark-camo Flex-fit and spring/athletic caps. Full zip fleece jackets and polos with pockets.

Drinkware options are about 2 weeks out – design, production and shipments around the corner. More Yeti? Check out our Yeti® Ramblers – 10 (10oz) and 20 (20oz). Two, The Game® collegiate hats are due by the end of ~September (depending on which user portal status holds true). Great throw-back hat option, Polos and Columbia® Fleece outerwear are a week out; sew outs are also in production now. Gear pictures will be up here shortly, but in the meantime, logistics/products remain at the mercy of time i.e. production, inventory and logistics… Stay tuned, most posts coming shortly, that update my friends will include the latest pictures.

Check our merch… Call for details, sizes, quantities, color etc. Give us a shout.

Sous Vide Smorgasbord

Sous Vide Success

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Hungry? Prep, cook and service using an Anova Precision Cooker. Work up an appetite while you prep, cook and serve for an all day picnic. Fish, poultry, beef… Anova does it all

Skills test, put the Anova Sous Vide precision cooker to the test… Fish, shrimp, lamb, beef, chicken, pork… pork butt, all in a days time, prepare the feast for the masses or an all day picnic. 2+ pounds or more of our honey glazed, thick-cut bacon, a bbq inspired beef brisket, Italian sweet sausage with all the fixins’… chile, lime and garlic chicken and peppered beef burgers, and simple beef hot dogs. Although time is irrelevant when you’re having fun, new to precision cooking? Start early, early enough that the beef has time to cook, chicken prepped for a final sear; ready the offer prior to ‘game time’.

Typically speaking, a safe, four or five hour window, some of those who have more experience might choose a tighter window. With more experience, more time, the window would be much more refined(smaller). Duration aside, the options are limitless.

Try it all, reduce cooking times on the grill. No need to make a mess around with just the grill or stove top, whichever one you might have. Just be prepared, a precision cooker cooks to perfection. When finished on a hot griddle grill, you are your own chef at home. More on the griddle later.

For now, the feast is prepared, churning out smorgasbord after smorgasbord around that 130 degree mark. Give or take a few modifications, trial test runs… You’ll quickly learn how temperature and duration affect the outcome of your choice of protein or veggie alternatives. See what works for you. The most important thing to remember here is to seal your bags appropriately. Season your entrees with the freshest ingredients you can find, herbs and all the fixings as well. This is a great way to change up how, where and with whom you cook. What’s for dessert?

Can a sous vide precision cooker be used for desserts? More to come.Leave us a comment below, tell us what you’ve cooked via your sous vide.

Anova - Choice Anova - Choice Anova - Choice



Samsung Galaxy S215G

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Our S21 Experience – More performance, less pain to privacy with optional dual sim card capability. Choose wisely young Skywalker; Pain-to-Privacy, Cost-to-Performance, our take on the matter.

Update* The decision was changed, while the S205G over iPhone11/iPhone12/S21/S22 idea worked in theory… The reality here is dual sim cards are a ‘go’ on S10 and S22, not on the S20. Quick U Turn here as the s20 swap takes place, swapped out for the S21. Ultimately, the choice is the standard size, S22+ or Ultra not an ideal size for our needs. Again, the device is not the latest, nor the greatest; it’s the best for our needs.

Galaxy Series 22 | 22+, here is the comparison page that’s nice to started with –
S Model Comparison – 22 Ultra, 22+ and S21

After many, many, many months of testing; many… retesting and learning more about eSims or electronic sim cards, allowing for us to maintain ownership of the latest software, hardware etc. Again, ultimately pulling the ripcord based on performance/cost and decided on the S21…. better battery life than the S10 (w dual sim option or hybrid sim option allowing for multiple numbers on a single device), 5g cellular service, upgrades to the hardware – display, camera, when comparing other S Models, None Samsung devices – Pixel, Xperia, iPhone and other Samsung models like the Flip or Fold. S Model remains affordable in tough device saturated market, top of it’s class as far as usability, user experience, control, privacy* and blot…

Moving onto the ROI, comparable ROI in the market when comparing price/performance. An *asterisk on privacy, goal is to maintain/secure the device as much as possible without relying on Samsung, Google or other third party hacks to maintain security. A lot of work, but worth the pain/privacy ratio.. this pain/privacy is quickly becoming the ‘elephants in the room’.

Anyhow, check out comments, do you research… iOS 16 is out now, good luck!