Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays to you and your family… We wish all of you a happy and healthy New Year.

Just a few more days remain here in 2022, the holiday season near it’s apex; holiday season in full swing. As we reflect on the year, the ups and downs, stuggles and wins. We are thankful for our family, friends, customers and those who share in our lives. While the holidays come and go, stay warm, try something new!

We want to wish all Happy Holidays – Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukka and a Happy New Year.

CoC: Legend League Update

CoC: Legend League at 5000+ Trophies

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Legend League Updates – Level 15, Hero Updates… Legend League. The trophy push has ended for now, topping 5095 for now. No need to continue as I’ve got upgrades: heros, defensive troops/buildings, new pets to upgrade.

Picking up where we left off, the latest post being the new level 15 TH upgrade, new characters, pets and more… Since then, we’ve been fighting out, making a strong trophy push, a push to see where we can go without trouble. Legend league is different than normal play, with limitations on battles per day, trophy retention etc. “We battled around, and found out”. Quickly finding out, our clan or TH status is not ready for primetime. The Legend League it self is different, fun* and another interesting take on the game… *fun being relative here, the league is no joke. We are able to maintain ~100 without losing or gaining trophies, but this kills upgrades. As far as our th/clan setup, it’s not ready for primetime as mentioned above. It needs some work as it is not ready for the onward and upward slog within the league.

This particular profile is unique to my others, probably used the most, certainly has the most troops upgrades. That said, any one and everyone can make the Legen League with some stipulations… Although any CoC member can trophy push past the 5000+ mark, the catch; there are far more players maxed out waiting to ‘take your lunch money’. CBA (Cost-to-Benefit)/ROI (Return of Investment) whichever one you want to use here – Mild benefit with a non-maxed clan, no gold lost… If you need to upgrade, my suggestion is to drop out and farm until you can max your clan. Of course, you can’t make money, elixir or dark elixir to max your TH either. 8 battles a day, you get what you earn during those battles… at the end of the day, trophies earned or taken are added/subtracted from your total and those who remain above the 5000+ threshold remain. Caveat, I’m now just below 4800 trophies, on my way down… still, I remain in the league. This was a good test for my clan/th, much more work needs to be done to get this profile up to the level needed to compete in the Legend League. Enjoy, Clash On.

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Creality – Endur, Halot (Resin) or Prusa 3d

3d Printers/Resin Printers – Creality or Prusa

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With the holiday season in full swing, thought it might be worth while to do our research on a 3d printer… Extruded filament or resin? Which brand should we choose? Cost/Benefit?

We found one that fit our needs, more information once the device has been recieved, we’ll post an update on the device, 3d lab startup, first runs etc.

Let me know in the comments below, do I go Prusa or Creality Endur series or Halot Series… There are a couple different models, filament types, series etc. to choose from; we are looking at the Ender 5 Plus, Halot Series (Resin) vs the Prusa I3 MK3S+. Perhaps some other tools to go with the printer as well, wash/cure, filament, bed, boxes/enclosures etc. Lot’s of etc etc. The point is we are looking for the best option for us, help us understrand why and what might have been part of your decision to purchase a 3d printer. Should we choose something else? Dremel, MakerBot, Ultimaker, LulzBot… more out there, but we cut the list down to the two noted above.

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Schumacher 100Amp 100/30/6/2

Schumacher SC1308 100/30/6/2 Amp – Charger/Starter

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In the field, around the shop, need a jump? Give Schumacher a try… tremendous help in a pinch, supports longterm life and care for your car, marine or small atv/SxS batteries.

100 A engine start | 30 A boost | 6<> 2 A charge/maintain for advanced diagnostic testing, engine starting and charging – Powerful enough for starting SUVs, trucks and large batteries – Battery and alternator tester ─ provides charge level and helps diagnose electrical problems – Digital display, LED indicators and button controls ─ for ease and accuracy – Microprocessor controlled ─ automatically adjusts the amperage rate to charge and maintain – Multi-stage charging for added precision, safety and battery life – Float mode monitoring ─ automatically maintains optimum battery charge – Auto voltage detection ─ 6 or 12 volt – Reverse hook-up protection ─ charger will not operate if clamps are reversed; LED will flash}

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CoN: S.A. Coalition Win


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Coalition Win – 4th Place

…Game over… ending with a win, 4th place. In this case, the South American Coalition won, propellting me to a 4th Place overall finish. JMVH taking home 1st with 3414 provinces and cities conquered. Check out CoN:WWIII online now… We’ll be back online later this week, perhaps next for our next game. Also, look up my username – ‘sudosen’ for more details.

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AppleTV 4K, MagSafe Battery Pack

AppleTV 4K, MagSafe Batter Backup

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Update: AppleTV 4k

Running an older AppleTV 4K to compliment the 4k monitors; time for an upgrade. Today is that day… I’ve decided to update the office AppleTV to AppleTV 4K so to match resolutions, color etc via dual screens, used as separate displays. The purpose, MBP has some shortcomings, as you may or may not know, first is the limitation of dual-monitors or multi monitors NOT Apple branded. Again, a new limiation per say, not sure why this might be the case; you might be able to guess. So, I’ll leave that to your imagination or decression to suss out. The goal really is to use the new (4K) version so that I’m not required to adjust resolutions 3840 x 2160 over multi monitors (more than one) while reducing resolution/reducing pixel space via MBP settings for desktop views, apps, windows etc. That said, the new MBP still needs some work, I will be frank… I’m not a fan of the limited HDMI connections without Apple specific dongles or Apple Monitors. Ultimately, I need to do something about this at the hardware level while desiring to run dual screens without Apple branded screens, monitors, tv’s. Again, this is self imposed limitation without dongles. Unfortunately, I’ve tried multiple dongles or HDMI extender hardware/software without issue. iCreate products have their own limitations, screen observations etc. meaning Apple OS updates create software problems by iCreate device for months… when the idea is simple, simply run multiple screens, as separate screens with the same resolution. More on the AppleTV 4K to come. In the meantimed, let’s cover the MagSafe Battery Pack

Trips, Travel in your near future? Tired of shorterm battery usage, removing apps and settings to preserve battery life? Add a Apple Mag Safe Battery Pack. I(we) added the Apple Mag Safe for long-term battery needs, away from the office, travel, to the store… This is a great idea for those of you running ‘hot’, you know, those of you running Netflix, Peer to Peer Gaming etc. those kinds of things while not tethered to a wall jack. Let’s start there, buy one… I’ll give you my final ‘verdict’ in a couple weeks, check back soon.

As usual leave a comment below. Have feedback on the MagSafe Batter Pack? Apple TV 4K, MBP? Let us know what you’re thinking?

iPhone Dual Sim

Dual Sim iPhone

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Running a dual sim cards(eSim) iPhone 12

Latest move on the mobile phone front, next month we will continue our iPhone 12 testing series while utilizing dual sims (one phone, two numbers), 1 onboard sim card and a new eSim (virtual). So far, so good. It’s not as burdensome per say to juggle two numbers on one phone vs, two phones, two separete OS. Nor exhausting to change between the two mobile singles, wifi etc etc… We want to try out the auto switch and manual switches between the two numbers, volume of calls and call clarity. Had some trouble with the Samsung G series signal moving between cities or town-to-town. Regardles, a few tips on utilizing dual sim cards – updates required iOS (15+ or higher), it states iOS 16 or + or combination of newer device and iOS. Made the move from Samsung down to an iPhone 8, updated/upgraded to iOS 15 and took down the latest software patches. Once those actions had been completed, a simple switch of the bluetooth, agreement of transfer and confirmation. Activation is required, when moving to that eSim, I think once converted then it can be moved accordingly. Don’ quote me on that, as we will prepare a separte series on the tweaks, changes and option in the upcoming months.

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CoC Updates

CoC: Clash of Clans

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Clash Updates – Level 15, Hero Updates, Electro Titans, Monolyth and more

With the latest Super Cell update, Clash goes magical… the theme change is pretty good, satisfactory or more. Upgrades are held to a minimum, while Heros, Electro Titans and Monolyth updates fill out the update. New Hero Pets in the pet house, Frosty, Diggy, Lizard and Phoenix, cool little add with the magical features brought forth in this update. Although, Frosty, Diggy and the other pets are a few weeks out in my games, the pets are a great way to compliment hero attacks, attack strategy and types of attacks. These days farming remains core to the game as Level 15 has been reached… however the other games are down in the TH11 space and even TH6. Those of you just starting keep to the build strategy hero and defensive upgrades first, gold/elixir/dark elixir and army camps, and so on. Don’t forget to upgrade your troops as often as you can as your storage capacity increases with what I would call the secondary upgrades. Third, bombs, air bombs, walls etc. tend to come last. Plus, from my own experience, those walls and extra defensice measures are easier to upgrade last cause there is extra cash/elixir in the bank.

Lastly, there are a few more added benefits with the update, O.T.T.O over in the builder hall, same with the high level battle machine. We don’t cover it all, more so covering what we think might be more reason to stick it out while you might be an early player or new to the game. There is hope! Enjoy, Clash On.

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Conflict of Nations: WWIII


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CoN:WWIII – Conflict of Nations World War III is the new app on the street, our street… team up with a friend, make a friendly coalition and conquer the US or the World; long and short (4 hour) games available.

As usual, games are not at the top of the list, but when they do hit my list… it’s on. I’ve teamed up with the Ivy to conquer the world. This is my second go around, where Ivy has been going strong for weeks if not months. More on Clash of Clan shortly, I was just looking for a long term, Stratego type game wrapped up into a quick, easy to use war game. By the way, you can play more than one game at once, I’ve got two going at once now, one in the US as a long-term game and world as a short (4 hour). Give it a go, check out the game play photos below.

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Ham Radio Study

Use The HamRadioExam App

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HamRadioExam – Technicians License. Those of you looking for Ham Radio study guides, licensing questions, study help etc. go no further… give Roy W.’s app HamRadioExam a try.

Although time seems to fly by, need to find time to study, test and pass this exam. Also, as with most secondary actions or things you might ‘want’ to do, don’t continue to push off the testing… Try the Ham Radio Exam App – Technician License for yourself. With a swipe of a finger, test your knowledge, take practice tests and practice quizzes on the side. Clash of Clans, Conflict of Nations WW3 aside… most of our time has been practicing for this exam. Overkill? Maybe, but like many certifications, licensing, there are times when you just need to know the basics. In this case, Ham Radio operators have to take a greater responsibility with their hobby per say. Why? The FCC fines…

Let’s start with ARRL membership, not needed… but have a look before you dive into the FCC licensing funnel. Anyhow ongoing testing is worth the days, weeks or few months to master the knowledge base required to pass your exam via HamRadioExam – Technician License now. Just took a peak at the local exam schedule – ARRL (Amateur Radio Assoc.) for our own testing time. More importantly, if you have not started the process, start here on the ARRL site, learn why you should earn your Ham Radio License.

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