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Forthcoming Q4 ’21 & Early ’22

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(flashback)… Jan something, face-in-hands “…need more content”…

What feels like many moons later, months of heads-down work, rework (more rework to fill time) and a little magic; VOILA! More stuff, stuff to read, view and whatever else you do on the interwebs. All coming your way mid ’21.

Got some juicy StarWars stuff, sans – cartoons, one offs, Mandalorian, figures/toys/collectables and comic books. By the way, code is a fun thing… love Starwars, just check the source or is it “Use the Source!” Great holiday gifts include the Seinfeld series, power tools, hosting issues (boo on Hostgator, Blue host and Endurance). While we are at it, need to build some Lego stuff, maybe crack open the RPi4 for some nonsense. GA(Google Analytics what?). Maybe some WrdP Add includes. Anyhow, you can find fire videos over on |

By the way, Mbemo already got hacked HA! F*$(#* SPAMMERS! Anyway, It’s back up, running… deleted a bunch of posts, forums and general whatnot. Resetting the system does the trick this time, cleaned up/purged all the ‘non-real’ peps using the boards. Future-self, perhaps can move some of these topics to the BB Mbemo BB’s boards.

Favorite part of ‘keeping up with the new’, focusing on the old or retro! Some new stuff coming this year. Anything from iPhone | Android game apps, tools and ‘hackery’. Some good, some bad, but most are ugly…

Cut & Fit EMAX FC

Cut/Refit: EMAX & Flight Board

Re-Solder Emax THS
#SolderingSham #EMAX_THS #WORSTSOLDERINGEVER #SolderThis #UpAndFlying //

Thought I would follow up the previous post with a few more shots to cover the disassembly process, cut/solder, refit and test flight. Again, soldering/replacing EMAX AIO FC… Here are the photos…

New Parts - EMAX THS & TH2
Compare EMAX THSs
Un-screw Drone PC frame
Cut/Add Connection to Board
Re-Attach New Power Connector w Battery Carrier

EMAX FC/Betaflight

– FIXED: EMAX & Configurators –

BetaFlight Config.
#Betaflight #SolderingSham #EMAX_THS #EMAX_TH2 #WORSTSOLDERINGEVER #SolderThis //

Today, we (you and I) tackle some drone issues… make/model drone controller configs ((same drone, FRSKY controller profiles)), soldering/replacing EMAX AIO FC, and BETA config issues. Photos to follow. In the meantime, sit back and relax, enjoy… enjoy the pain, the torment, cause I’ve been at this for days… Literally, days. Nothing but borrowed time; borrowed not wasted! Link above will get you your very own Betaflight configurator via Chrome extension.

Like most things, there are more ways to make your cake and eat it. The Chrome extension is helpful when bouncing back-and-forth between systems/releases/drones etc. I run Big Sur MacOS, Ubuntu Linux and a Win Server 7… it’s handy here, as the config remains the same, helps to maintain a certain sense of sanity. Especially when you’re a NOOB. Two, from time to time, I run my Win7Server via MS Remote Desktop or Linux instance via Oracle’s Virtual Box. One advantage might be number of USB ports available… as you know, most MacBook Pros are limited to 3 of 4 USB-C ports. Unless you run usb ports, which I don’t care for (B.S. but that is for another day). Anyhow, regardless of how you run Betaflight, be aware of the nuances, versioning and pitfalls with each new iteration or release. Take notes, take screenshots, vlog about it… anything to help you remember the ‘deltas’ (change) over time. These will come in handy the next time you crash or repair your drones. Notes and support can be found here: Betaflight – Github Notes/Docs Moreover, issues came up when I swapped AIO boards, soldering power and reconfig’ing modes. For more information, I posted more about the config, various configs like EmuFlight and BLHeli, look for 8/17/2020 post – Hacker-A-Thon//

Betaflight Receiver/Modes
Betaflight PID Mode - Desktop View
Betaflight Notes/Documentation

Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine //

  • Latest Sallee Technology llc
  • Sallee Tech '16
  • NBRAN Enterprises
  • Sallee Corp llc
  • Davis and Sallee Design ltd.
  • Pre '03 Logo
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Highlighting Growth with Past Partnerships and Named Entities; Sallee Technology llc ’18, Nabran Enterprises, Inc. ’17, Sallee Corporation ’14, Davis & Sallee Design Ltd ’07, Freelance ’03

Carrying on a tradition, perhaps… an idea. Somewhere between my daily commute to DC via the Orange/Blue and Red lines, startup business and today, this idea of doing work for people mattered. So, in some corner of the world, we put our mark on the world.

(( SHOUT OUT )) to my customers over the years, although the time and names have changed. Delivering scope on time within budget is the way to go. Fear not young grasshopper, reach out for help! Give me a shout Connect Today


Hacker-A-Thon (2)

#AirfieldFodder #TinyHawkFodder #SolderingSham #Solder_101//

Back from the airfield, part 2… practice makes perfection. Not in my case. Soldering these nano/micro drones takes serious patience. However, got into some trouble, minor issues:

  • 2 LED strips out, severed
  • Antennae, severed
  • Power lead loose (+positive lead)
  • Burned/malformed poly frame
  • Fix – clipped and prepped for new wires, new led strips, new poly frame ordered, replaced antennae, re-soldered leads and shrink wrapped wires were applicable.

EMAX TH2 Flight, LED resolder
LED ReSolder
LED ReSolder 2
LED ReSolder 3



#AirfieldFodder #TinyHawkFodder #SolderingSham #Solder_101//

Back from the airfield, part 1… what a day, got the TH2 out/up in the air no problems. The landing and the flight was another story. Damage report, minor issues:

  • 2 LED strips out, severed
  • Antennae, severed
  • Power lead loose (+positive lead)
  • Burned/malformed poly frame
  • Fix – clipped and prepped for new wires, new led strips, new poly frame ordered, replaced antennae, re-soldered leads and shrink wrapped wires were applicable.

EMAX Antennae Resolder 2
EMAX Antennae Resolder 2
Actively Soldering Antennae
Solder Power to Engines
Prep Work, Prepping Wires for Resolder
Actively Soldering
LED Prep, All corners prepped
LED Resolder

FRSky Taranis Q

Taranis-‘SAURUS’ QX7S ((ROAR))

FRSky Switch Replacement
#FrSkyRC #EMAX_USA #TaranisQX7S #TaranisSaurusRex//

Time well spent over at the @GetFPV shop located in Sarasota, Fl. Always appreciate the help, good people and endless options for drone hobbyist/enthusiasts. After a few clicks, a few questions and some tinkering around… Added the @FrSkyRC Taranis Q X7S + Hall Sensor Gimbals to the drone arsenal.

Punchline – After dropping the remote, bummer… added a new switch, pretty easy switch remove/replace. Plus this particular model has the Ni-MH charger, so no need to remove the battery pack to charge. Handy, reduces ‘accidents’ or my case just a simple recharging. Again, a bummer… but it was good to get under the ‘hood’ and fix the switch. If you need to tighten or loosen up the gimbal pressure clips, you might crank on those while the cover is off.

Goal: price, serviceability, scalability – 1 to many, (fixed wing, hybrid – FV-31 Cypher micro quads including the @emax_usa TH2, 2 x @emax_usa TH S). Perhaps there are other Diatone Cinewhoop, tiny whoops or quadcopters you might bind to this remote. Have at it!

Cover On Taranis Q
Blown Top, Internal Guts of the Taranis Q

Flight Test

Flight Test

Gimbal Issues Fixed - Flight Test with New Lens
#DroneFootage #DJIPH4PROV2 #Airfield #VeniceFlyers #Panning_Reveal #Orbit_Overhead//

Fixed Gimbal, flight test sequence begin… need to put the drone through its paces…

Reveal - Lens On
Landing Pad - Takeoff

Airfield Bound

RC Airfield

Gimbal Issues
#DroneFootage #DJIPH4PROV2 #Airfield #VeniceFlyers #Panning_Reveal #Orbit_Overhead//

Fixed Gimbal, freshly removed from the DJI packaging and repacked for the airfield… Airfield BOUND! Re-posted. Nice to see the drone back in working order, taking to the sky again. Must do, need to put the drone through its paces…

I don’t normally call out manufactures content or help videos, however, added a few drone shots, The Reveal, Panning, Orbit and Overhead Flight. DJI has nice article on drone shots, and how you might incorporate those shots into your flying arsenal.

Fresh Flying Day


Gimbal Issues, Gimbal Motor Replacement

Gimbal Issues
#DJIGimbal #DJIGimbalIssues #PH4PROV2

Airfield day is here… After 25+ days or so, received this beaut in the mail. A package arrived with some sense of anxiety. What was fixed? How long would it take to get the drone fixed if this didn’t get fixed the first time? What was added to my drone? Is this my drone, or some other drone? IS THIS MY DJI P4ProV2, and is it in working condition… are the gimbal, gimbal motors fixed. Will the gimbal motors fail again? I hope not, cause it is field day.

Update to come, will include video of the airfield, highlight different maneuvers and views. Or just check the above post… Also a repost.

DJI Gimbal Grumble

DJI Blunders, Days Wasted and More

Gimbal Issues
#DJI #GimbalGrumble #GimbalTroubles //

Diagnosis bleak…camera, camera gimbal inoperable, the 45° gimbal tilt, right of center is a known issue coming out of the factory… Gimbal alignment, gimbal motor trouble(s). So, I thought I would re-post this ‘dm’ which included a 24+ day duration from workshop-to-DJI and back.

Keep in mind, ‘repair days’ are only calculated as ‘days in repair’ when the device is received by a DJI facility here in the US (CA? Maybe) or abroad (** the total # of repair days do not include ‘in transit’ days and not included in the UI status tracker **). Bummer! What malarkey! Good to know now folks! Yes, from a customers perspective, this was a nightmare. ‘Hey, we don’t count the time it take to and from customer to DJI and back, sorry about that…’ Also, assuming most of you, me included, we just don’t have a second Phantom 4 ProV2 just laying around the shop. Say, something like a defective gimbal, defective gimbal motor(s)? Moreover, a brand new drone was shipped back to DJI for repair. A nightmare I would prefer to not have again.

Power Down DJI PH4
Repack For Repair - DJI PH4


EMAX TH2 Unboxing & Test Flight (night flight)

Base Mod 2
#EMAX_TH2 #TH2TestFlight //

Pulling this off the ‘heap of old’ posts, archive posts if you will. While looking over now decommissioned social media posts… thought I would share the (( GEM )), here is the EMAX Tiny Hawk 2 unboxing from early ’20.

EMAX TH2 Night Flight
EMAX TH2 Parts
EMAX TH2 Night Flight

PH4ProV2 Drone Shots

Views, Shots and Maneuvers

PH4 Flight Test - Overhead
#DroneFootage #DJIPH4PROV2 #Airfield #VeniceFlyers #Panning_Reveal #Orbit_Overhead//

New Drone, new gear, ‘ENGAGE’ (Cap. Jean-Luc Picard)… StarTrek Fan? No? Look it up. Pushing the drone through it’s paces…

PH4 - Air Strip Front View
Air Strip, 75% View
RC Flight - In Flight
Flight Test - Flight Deck
Air Strip, Up in the Clouds
PH4 Overhead