Apple iPhone 12, Work Phone Upgrade

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Need an upgrade? Make the jump, follow along with our own iPhone8/iPhone11 upgrade – iPhone 12

Let’s start with this, no, the need didn’t meet the demand for an ‘upgrade’ per-say… this is more about keeping up with the other Apple products in house. Want/Need ended up being more of a test like anything else… Don’t judge the messenger here, simple cost/benefit, over want/need, So, the choice was made to go with the newer iPhone 12. Not the latest, but newer than the iPhone11. Here is the meat and potatoes; with a recent move to the SG215g for our personal ‘stuff’ it was time for a work update. That said, the move was set forth, the Apple iPhone 12 was in-hand just before the hurricane…

Not ideal, but I’ll make it short. A need to do work, work phone needed an upgrade… As stated above, iPhone 11 to 12 was a quick and dirty upgrade with it’s problems. The goal was to buy a hardened, newer device, keeping it old school, bare minimum, limited data share, no health or home IoT software etc etc with the iPhone 8. Might be the best phone made by Apple by the way. Don’t let this lead you astray, I’ve used the iPhone 8 since it came out for work, travel etc. never let me down. Thus the high mark. This is pre 10 and the XR garbage with AI/Face AI not a fan, at least this is our thought.

Making the jump from 8 to 11 was a good jump sans Apple Bloatware – Health, Homekit, Siri (again, very annoying to have bloat-ware on the platform) now iOS requirements. Short-term feedback processing power, better screen time, hotspot support and what seems like manageable privacy/security ‘settings’ provided to the user. Seems like this device is always on, sharing data which in my mind is not a good thing. More power, more is better; to do what? And does that benefit the customer? This iPhone 12 is our work option, couldn’t justify the move to the 13 or 14.

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