Samsung Galaxy S215G

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Our S21 Experience – More performance, less pain to privacy with optional dual sim card capability. Choose wisely young Skywalker; Pain-to-Privacy, Cost-to-Performance, our take on the matter.

Update* The decision was changed, while the S205G over iPhone11/iPhone12/S21/S22 idea worked in theory… The reality here is dual sim cards are a ‘go’ on S10 and S22, not on the S20. Quick U Turn here as the s20 swap takes place, swapped out for the S21. Ultimately, the choice is the standard size, S22+ or Ultra not an ideal size for our needs. Again, the device is not the latest, nor the greatest; it’s the best for our needs.

Galaxy Series 22 | 22+, here is the comparison page that’s nice to started with –
S Model Comparison – 22 Ultra, 22+ and S21

After many, many, many months of testing; many… retesting and learning more about eSims or electronic sim cards, allowing for us to maintain ownership of the latest software, hardware etc. Again, ultimately pulling the ripcord based on performance/cost and decided on the S21…. better battery life than the S10 (w dual sim option or hybrid sim option allowing for multiple numbers on a single device), 5g cellular service, upgrades to the hardware – display, camera, when comparing other S Models, None Samsung devices – Pixel, Xperia, iPhone and other Samsung models like the Flip or Fold. S Model remains affordable in tough device saturated market, top of it’s class as far as usability, user experience, control, privacy* and blot…

Moving onto the ROI, comparable ROI in the market when comparing price/performance. An *asterisk on privacy, goal is to maintain/secure the device as much as possible without relying on Samsung, Google or other third party hacks to maintain security. A lot of work, but worth the pain/privacy ratio.. this pain/privacy is quickly becoming the ‘elephants in the room’.

Anyhow, check out comments, do you research… iOS 16 is out now, good luck!