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The So, So-Magical Mouse

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Work mouse; and more on it’s back up/EDC Logitech M525, cause the Apple Mouse has been all but useless at times

Welp. It’s time to finally share a few things about the Apple Magic Mouse… First of all, we love the design, slimline, usability (like touchscreen gestures and the like). Second, it’s got a nice weight to it, not to light and certainly not to heavy. The problem that we are having, after a few hours of work… we have to stop everything and charge the device; and we have to do it more often lately. I’m not sure of any bugs or ‘battery’ issues, but it’s a world of pain when you have to charge it. SO, as we are charging the Apple Mouse at this very instant (seriously, I’ve got the Logictech mouse on, clicking away… Thirdly, we got the Magic Mouse – Multi-Touch Surface a few months back and are increasingly learning to not want to use it. Again, love the gesturing, touch surface options, but every 8 hrs I’ve got to plug this thing in. What about the next 4 to 6 hours? We are talking paperweight for a good 1.5 hrs while the device charges up.

Onto the M525, no gestures, just a plain Jane type of mouse… bluetooth/usb, heavier I’m assuming cause of the batteries and a handy little internal storage area for the usb dongle when not in use. It’s got a wheel, laser for tracking and it works. It’s a stalwart of a mouse and remains in my EDC bag/desk for work.

Final Thought, if you want to over spend on an Apple mouse, get the trackpad, skip the mouse… always carry a secondary pointer device in a pinch. We do, and that is the Logictech M525. Buy one today…

Charging the Magic MouseC Logitech M525 Wireless Mouse