Campfires, Bonfires and Lasting Memories

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Lasting Memories, Do you miss those days down on the farm, sharing smores and stories by the firs?

Way back when, farm fires i.e. bonfires at the fire pit were a weekend treat. After a long week of hard work, sweat and dirt, a campfire by the lake was where we would be. Family, friends, most have come and gone… Remembering those days is just as important as looking ahead to the days we spend around a future fireplace, campfire, bonfire or firepit.

I wanted to do a throwback post about the days of past, only to quickly refocus that energy on the future, a future time with friends and family. In the new year, stay safe, be well and enjoy time with people you care about most. We thank those of you who support our efforts, our vision, our families. We will be bringing back 1fyr videos once the pool cage is complete… It’s been along time, some 8 months since our last video post to So, if it’s a campfire that brings back a memory (a fawn memory down on the farm); it did for us. Enjoy the New Year, be safe, be well. Happy New Year.

We miss those days, sharing with friends and family around the campfire. Have a favorite story or campfire activity leave a comment below, let us know what you’re thinking?