Who needs matches or a lighter, when you got a UST BLASTMATCH

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EDC Camping Accessories – USTBlast Match – Have a look, take your pick, WE USE THIS ONE ;0 – USTBlast Match. Looking for a last minute gift?

Used from time to time, even the times when we are sharing a beverage around the campfire. Although, campfires have been on hold, a winter hiatus if you will. But any case, these blast matches are fantastic in a pinch or in leisure as stated above. There are plenty of videos, product reviews out there, we want bore you with another ‘product plug’; but we will encourage you to have one handy.

Take your time with the contraption, the rod can shift side-to-side when striking the intended surface that would cause a ‘shower of sparks’. Stick with it, it will be worth it, certainly more practical than a fire bow of sorts or empty lighter. Just for the record, we always tuck a few Bic lighters in various pockets of the camping pack and ‘wearable’ clothing. Again, typically there is a lighter on my person as a daily carry item. Some will tuck a lighter, some cotton balls, an EDC (every day carry) knife or camp knife. Key is to be prepared if you are camping, trekking, on-the-trail or stuck in a situation where you might need a light. Good luck.

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