MS VMs & the Boot Camp Revival

VM’s & Boot Camp

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Need a different OS… try a VM

Not a fan of using PC’s so when the old server kicked the can… it was time to wash away the pain, start new and revive Boot Camp. Boot Camp is not my favorite, but does run rather nicely on the Macbook Pro Mid/Late ’19 model. FYI, for those of you who would prefer just to use MS Virtual Machines, go here: MS Test Virtual Machines or the latest VM, WIN11, here: WIN 11. What spawned this post was a few interesting errors, received a few days ago when selecting an IE8 test case, specifically the ‘IE8 on Win 7’ image from the VM dropdown menu.

Blob/Error message: This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. BlobNotFound The specified blob does not exist. RequestId:8c56e3a7-301e-0015-20ac-36e629000000 Time:2021-04-21T12:45:28.6504892Z

Below, I will share a few screenshots, that’s a bunch of bologna… hogwash. What is that about. Same experience here with another test case. We got this ‘sweet’ 404 message though! Lol, time to update our 404 game!

MS VM Dropdown WIN11 VM Boot Volume Start Boot Camp Process Boot Partition 2