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SalleeTech Merch – Yeti Mugs, Fleeces and Hats

Mugs and Pie - 1
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More on the way, got a few left in the merch bin… Wha’cha think? Like the new mug run? Yeti® mugs? Want one? Give me a shout via email, right now 20oz Tumblers are $42.

Fleece jackets fresh off the embroidery press, those are a little more, Columbia® – Dark Blue w Sallee Technology: $80 each (two remain) all other swag is being ordered as we speak. We will get those up on the site soon as well. We have a few here, give us a shout if you want one of those as well.

What’s this hats are still in stock, tumblers? Fleece jackets? The short answer is yes, we ‘got merch’. See listing below:

Merch & Gear Listing
  • Yeti® 20oz Tumbler – $42 Black/Steel (raw) Logo
  • Columbia® Fleece, Full Zip – $80 Dark Blue Logo: S, M, L, Xl, XXl
  • Champion® Jersey Material – $25 Black/Orange Logo: One Size, Velcro Back
  • Champion® Sport Material – $25 Black/Orange Logo: One Size, Velcro Back
  • Flexfit (Yupoong®) Mesh Trucker – $20 Faded Salmon Logo – Black: One Size, Fitted
  • 110 Flexfit (Yupoong®) – $20 Faded Salmon Square Logo w/o text – Black: One Size, Velcro Back out of stock
Mugs and Pie - 2
Close Up Mugs - 1
Close Up Mugs - 2
Close Up Mugs - 3