D90 Firmware 1.1

D90 Firmware 2.0

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D90 Archived Update

Update time, a few years now… D90 has been archived, check out the details on the Nikon D90 Archival pages for details. Sharing a few snaps of the D90 a.k.a “Dub9” DSLR. Can I say “Workhorse”? Certainly not the top of the market today, but with a little love, T.L.C and a few minutes… bring your D90 up-to-date with the firmware 1.1 update. Assuming update links, firmware used, memory cards (note, new Micro-SD are not recognized; shameful, but this is how it goes). Don’t forget to become a member! Also, a few “gotchas” during the process.

Moving along, we use the camera for video, video back; where necessary!

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D90 Firmware Update Process 2 D90 Firmware Update Process 3 D90 Firmware Update Process 4