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Need a pen? Anyone got a pen? Please, a pen? ((Oh, what is this I ask…)) A Fisher SPACE PEN? What gives? Is this some kind of…. SPACE PEN!

Yes, yes it is a Fisher Space Pen. Get yours here, just click the Fisher hyperlink and off you go! This might increase my bounce rates, but at this point who is counting? I’m sure there are other ways to purchase these pens, but manufactures website works for me. Additionally, Fisher makes great pens, emblems, NASA Anniversary or Commemorative Pens. Check out the NASA Fisher collection. Heck, I use these pens for just about all my ‘writing/drawing’ needs – writing, drawing, shading, point/pointillism, sketch lines, home improvement and more (open boxes, random drone part bags). Don’t forget, these pens were made to go into outer space… SPACE! Need I say more? Images found on

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