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@Peg (3.5M views) makes quick work of Contra… It’s been sometime, may be 20+ years since I’ve seen Contra or played myself. Might be one of my top 3 of 10 NES games of all time. Honestly, the video is pure gold… and it pains me to say it, I was never very good at video games.

Super C (NES), Street Fighter 3 (SNES/Dreamcast), Soul Calibur (Dreamcast) were different. I didn’t have time as a kid, and the time I earned to play was pure torture! College, sure… we had all the time in the world to waste on FIFA, Soul Calibur, SSX Tricky, Golden Eye, Mario Kart and more.

Ah, one other item to note here, I think there are only a few games that remind me of OG (Original Gamer) Games (of which I played, so there is much smaller number of games to notate). Yes, this is subjective and limited to the games I could play around town. Contra is one of those, post arcade, post Pong, early at home gaming systems. NES only, Track & Field | T&F 2, Super Contra, Excitbike, Mario (Super Mario 1/2 & 3), Duckhunt, RBI Baseball, Hockey, Tecmo Bowl/Super Tecmo Bowl, Zelda, Link, Double Dragon, Kungfu (previous posts), Tetris. Didn’t have time to go over the Sega or Jaguar systems. Some other day, in some future land… There are far to games to remember, count, rank for which one or 100 are in the top 10. Just wanted to cover a few games that might spark an interest. Finally, for the record, this subjective of course, I’m sure you have your reasons for listing other games, fighting, first-person shooters or beat’em up games. Please share!

Finally, I’ll continue to post updates here, more NES, SEGA, SNES games and the likes. We will try arcade, computer games as well, assuming there is YouTube content to cover. Only reason I say this, is simply access to video content for games I don’t have. The goal will be simple, post a few games here and there, starting with the games I’m most familiar with and so on. I’ll try and stay out of the weeds… All joking aside, after losing so many d*(# times… This feels almost cathartic, a purge It did take practice, time and patience. 2 of 3 took time and with time, time heals all. Or I guess you take your licking and keep trying.

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