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Heart Roasters – Bodum French Press

…running low, DANGEROUSLY LOW on coffee! Love this stuff by Heart Roasters. #PerqSRQ stop in the near future, feed the need. #HeartRoasters coffee.

My go to is the Ethopian variety, dubbed ‘Ethiopia Worka Sakaro’ (my opinion, the best I can get my hands on, week-over-week or when in a bind). Not a coffee snob per say, nor do I claim any such title, but this stuff brews well in the Bodum Chambord french press… its hanging around the office here… somewhere. You can pick this ‘frenchie p’ up for ~$40

Not a sponsored #Walmart link… you into Heart Roasters, Angel Roast? Leave a comment below, let us know what you’re thinking?

Dangerously Low on Coffee Last Drop