Tyco Typhoon Hovercraft

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Typhoon Hovercraft

Seriously, a Radio Controlled (RC) hovercraft… A F****** RC HOVERCRAFT! Who does that? This is a kids/teen toy? Some toy drones today, 20’s don’t compete with this RC boat. Very cool! 90’s tech gadgets/toys… above all else, it works! Nostalgia? A yearning, an itch perhaps?

This thing could rip through land obstacles, various water traps, sand and lake ice. Never had the heart to try the hovercraft in snow. A perfect RC for beginners, NOOBS and your avid RC race fans. If, and a big if, if you could get your hands on one of these RC boats, would you choose the Typhoon? Perhaps not, but this was very cool back in the day.

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