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You like electronics, dig the latest, next gen. toys? Well, you might be in luck. Here is a small glimpse of the toys on the market circa 05/20. Nothing particularly significant about the date. More curious to know if the items contained within the YT video make the Christmas 20′ list for some of you. I’m sure there will be something here, you might find interesting, some far more. Check out the #nextF****level tech toys and gadgets, not judging… just have a look around.

Two, I’ll post some 80’s/90’s gadgets, gear and games. We can make short work of early 80s/90s gadgets. Some good, some bad, some ugly… Top Gun, Gyromite, Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!, Blades of Steel, Golf, Duckhunt, Kungfu, Pro Wrestling, Slalom, Rampage, Ice Climber, Tetris, Kid Icarus, Hogans Ally, MegaMan, Metroid…

Full Listing via Wikipedia NES Games Altered Beast, Contra, Super Contra, Donkey Kong, After Burner, Sonic, Out Run, Gauntlet, Golden Axe, Hang-On, Lemmings, Ninja Gaiden, Paperboy, R-Type, Shinobi, Super Off Road…

Full Listing via Wikipedia Sega Master System Games. Referenced both NES and Sega System games for time as I could go on for hours… Lastly, today is your lucky day (easter egg). Remember the old Sega Master System game cartridge case design… look familiar? Simple design, 10/1985… May be someday we can discuss, SNES, Dreamcast, Playstation, Xbox… Scooby Do and the gang, Mask and Micro Machines.