Kings Collection

King | Doctor Sleep, Dark Towers, The Stand and Joyland

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Unplug, unless you use Kindle, Kindly App, Apple Books etc., we choose paper when appropriate. In this case, snagged Doctor Sleep via the Kindle app. The others are paperback (Mass Paperback)… recommend the book for future reading or passing a book along to someone else. There is wide range of tales, phenomenons, scary stories, haunting short stories etc. in the collection. Enjoy.

By no means is this our collection, there are plenty to go around… some 150 some books, need to get 11//22/63 on the short list of ‘to-do’s. While there are others, that may not make the ‘to read’ listing, either because of the content of the book, age of the work or just lack of interest. There are a few we just wrapped up, not all inclusive but we’d like to pass along – Insomnia, IT, Tommyknockers are currently on the reading list, while the Billy Hodges Series, Cycle of The Werewolf Illustration/Graphic Novel, Institute, Colorado Kid, Later, Elevation, Saloms’ Lot, The Button Box series, have been moved over to the ‘read/re-read’ column. Last comment, Stephen’s work is not for everyone, that’s for you to decide; however, after so many years… his work continues to drive our fictional interests.