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Imagine. Create. Control. Manage sustainable grow for your business.

Everything starts with a desire to change; adapt. We guide the team through practical steps to improve and resolve issues. Solutions must have measurable goals, goals based on today’s state and future state. Two, we partner with you to break down cultural barriers, removing systemic problems with speed and accuracy. Finally, through our collaboration and effort, teams will identify corrective actions and measurable improvements to establish boost long-term success and validate your improvements


Clients since 2000

Over the course of the 17+ years experience, we aim to maintain relationships with those we have worked with in the past. The goal is a long-term partnership; a relationship with sustainable success.


Satisfaction Rate

We take feedback very seriously, if you’re not happy… we want to make it right. Percentage of satisfaction determined and discussed before work is complete. Both clients and customers surveyed to determine satisfaction.


Satisfied Customers

Number of clients remains the same, we aim to please. Each year we look to increase our client base, learn from our past experiences and building on the relationship.


We service clients national market, servicing clients from Since early 2000, Sallee Technology LLC has been providing best in class service, nationally with consistency. Please find a partial list of distinguished clients both past and present. We look forward to our partnership with you, learning with you; solving problems for long-term, sustainable success.

HCreative Landscaping
The Xpat Desk
The University School
City Year
Shaker Heights Country Club
Greater Cleveland Lacrosse
Cleveland Demons
Cleveland Lacrosse Club
Nicole Gerami llc
FIT Friendship in Teams
Supreme Bar Review – Marc Rossen, Attorney At Law, LLC
Larry Madorsky & Associates Co
Continental Indoor Lacrosse League
Douglas and the Goodhearts (band)
Clapboard Video
Kennedy Lacrosse Company
Lefty Lacrosse Company
RGWay Contracting
Macky’s Bayside Bar & Grill
ORC-DC now Mercer
Alexandria Commission for the Arts
The Expanded Form (band)
Garrets Restaurant and Railroad Tavern
Once Okay Twice (band)
Special Olympics, Marymount University


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Engaged. Strategic. Analytical. We aim to be Engaged, we work with you to bring definition to real world problems. Strategic in our approach, define measurable goals for long-term, sustainable success. Inspecting and improving our deliverables, remaining true to our analytical ways and managing control.


We are available Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm*

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Your Partner, Your Sustainable Success.

With over 35 satisfied clients, partnering with Sallee Technology LLC. Effectively improving 100’s of thousands of customers, customer experience and bottom-line change.
Sallee Technology LLC is your partner for long-term, sustainable results.

Staying Power.

Sallee Technology LLC continues to grow as part of a long-line of company tradition, rich history and world class service; Nabran Enterprises Inc., Davis & Sallee Design Ltd… and Sallee Corporation LLC.

Focus on Business Problems

The goal is to focus in on the problems, real problems that can be changed; affective change for long term change.

Ready to Use Data

Sallee Technology LLC partners with you, your data and leadership to encourage and promote desired change, data-driven issues/problems with measurable results; root cause analysis is key.

Solving Problems with Data-Driven Solutions

We collaborate, placing a value on critical issues, problems that require change. Our goal is to help bring a voice to those problems; highlighting the root cause with maximum benefit/impact.

Long-Term, Sustainable Results

Team members and leaders agree to do work, implement practical IT and Business solutions with measurable goals to ensure long term and sustainable success.